Longfellow Elementary

little red wagon – longfellow elementary

september 2030
previous update
Principal & 4th-6th grade: Lucy London
1st-3rd grade teacher: Oliver McCarthy
Prek-Kindergarten teacher: Miriam Siew

Dahlia, Wyatt, Mallory, Rita, Tillie, Toby, Tyson, Domenico
Mavis, Thomas, Dax, Penelope, Evan, Diego, Warren, Hatty, Eileen

This was the first year Mrs. Lucy would be teaching sixth graders, as the school district had recently voted to implement the change. She felt much too old to be dealing with these sorts of things, but she took it on the chin. Oliver would be graduating in the spring with his Masters in Education, and he was likely taking her place the upcoming year as principal.She would miss the students though, and walking the halls with their chattering and exciting stories.

Oliver enjoyed his mid-grade students, and he wouldn’t be taking over Lucy’s class. Originally his wife Brooklyn had wanted to switch to the elementary, but she was finally finding her groove at the high school that she wasn’t certain anymore.

All of the classes were historically low, and Oliver found he rather liked it. He was able to help Diego when he needed the assistance, which was fairly often.

Mavis was studious and not terribly social. He’d already spoke with her parents the previous year over it, encouraging her to try out for a club or instrument. Mavis seemed able to squash it as she hadn’t joined anything this new school year.

Diego seemed interested in making friends with her, but most of his attempts went unnoticed. Oliver would be surprised if she didn’t make valedictorian by the end.

Oliver still had two nieces and one nephew left in his class which he enjoyed now that he was more experienced in keeping control of his classroom. Hatty would be off to the upper grades the next year, and she was glad Lucy was retiring. Everyone knew Lucy kept a tight ship.

Oliver insisted Lucy was a great teacher, but Hatty was partial to her uncle.

She was a pretty good student most of the time too. Dax and Evan weren’t quite there. They wanted to do well though, they were eager to make their uncle proud, which meant a lot to Oliver.

The smaller class size meant they were moving through curriculum more thoroughly and quicker. Each student seemed to grasp the material too, which he couldn’t always be positive of when his classroom was at the maximum occupancy.

Miriam’s class was only kindergarten this year as there wasn’t any new students enrolled in the preschool program. She didn’t lose any students to first grade ether, so it felt a bit stale in the classroom without any new students.

She would miss them though when they all moved up the next fall. Lucy already knew of a few students enrolling so she’d at least have a class which was a relief. Miriam still enjoyed having her students play with real world type scenarios, she felt they learned and retained the best when they played.

Penelope still couldn’t make a muffin, but it didn’t stop her from trying.

Eileen preferred to play with the stuffed animals and dolls. She was her only shy student, but with her twin brother in the class, she wasn’t ever really uncomfortable.

All of her students got along, they were all friends actually, which was a nice change.

Out of all the classrooms, Lucy had it the hardest this year. Usually her students were well-equipped to handle their studies, capable of reading and being quiet when necessary, but several of her students were struggling with things at home, that it made her job more difficult.

Wyatt Siew was one student that should have moved up to the high school, but instead was kept in the new sixth grade class. He had started loitering off school property after getting off the bus, and strolling into class late.

Dahlia and Rita were also in sixth grade, and they weren’t disrupted by his late arrival.

His younger brother, Tyson was in a foul mood as well. He wasn’t sulky like Wyatt, but outright cantankerous. Tillie went to play a game with him, and he screamed at her. They’d all expected the boys to have a difficult time with the divorce and now marriage to Miriam, having a teacher become a step-Mom wasn’t easy when you attended the school. None were in her class anymore, but they had been, and there wasn’t exactly an escape from their reality when they saw her every day in the halls and recess.

Dahlia didn’t have any struggles at home, she was easy going and she liked learning. Lucy had taught both of her older sisters, and they were all quite unique in the classroom.

During lunch break, Dahlia was nice to all the other students including Domenico who was a fourth grader.

They no longer forced the younger students to sit at their own table, separate from all the other students, but they mostly did anyway.

Mavis was walking to lunch when she saw Wyatt looking sad in the hallway.

She tried to be friendly toward him, she wasn’t comfortable initiating things, but she was still a nice girl. Wyatt wasn’t interested in what she had to say or anyone for that matter.

Evan walked by the kindergartners and sort of missed being in Ms. Miriam’s class, playing with blocks and her brother Dax.

The lunch room had recently been redone, and all of the teachers were happier for the new flow and set up.

There were still long lines though, but they didn’t know how to help that with little kids.

Tillie was the last to finish eating and Lucy sat with her.

Recess was the kids’ favorite part of the day, and sometimes it was Miriam’s too. It was nice for the kids to burn some energy and for the teachers to catch up some too.

Miriam and Lucy caught up with their personal lives. Both Miriam and Oliver were trying to get pregnant with their spouses, but so far, it hadn’t panned out for any of them. Lucy herself had struggled with pregnancy, secondary infertility the doctors had called it. Her son had been IVF and then they’d adopted Itzel to complete their family.

Hatty helped push the younger kids on the swings, Thomas this time. She was the baby of her family, but everyone could see she’d make a great big sister if her parents ever had another.

Oliver pushed the kids on the merry-go-round, just as he’d always done.

Mavis brought out a library book to read while the other kids played. She insisted there wasn’t a surplus of energy inside her.

Eileen enjoys herself on the swing.

Evan and Penelope climb to the top of the tower and pretend there is a dragon in the area, and they are the lookout.

Some of the kids started up some games of sports. Wyatt was having fun with Toby despite his best efforts while Domenico and Diego played next to them.

When recess was over, Mallory was in the hallway throwing yet another tantrum.

Lucy knew it was going to be a long school year, she wouldn’t have minded an easy one, but perhaps this would keep her more enlivened albeit exhausted. At sixty-five, she was ready to pass on the torch.

Notes: This was Lucy’s last year teaching, she’ll retire and Oliver will take over as principal. There were 3 kids in aspiration failure, Mallory, Wyatt, and Tyson. All of them are in Lucy’s class, lucky lady!

I don’t know who will take over Lucy’s classroom yet. Simon was actually doing student teaching in this update, but I didn’t get any face shots of him. He’s a junior though, as well as Scarlett, so neither will be ready to jump in when Lucy retires. I’ll probably do some shuffling and looking at each sim to see who would be best at the high school and the elementary.

Both Miriam and Oliver are trying for a baby, and each couple rolled too high this month. It’s going to be difficult for Miriam.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “little red wagon – longfellow elementary”

  1. This update resonated quite a bit with real life in an elementary school, with all the different personalities and with the students who are having a hard time holding it together. I am going to miss seeing Lucy as principal, but it was fun to see a tiny bit of Miriam as a teacher, and of course, Oliver. I thought it was so cool that you had Simon doing student teaching, very good idea. The school and cafeteria look great; did you renovate the cafeteria or build a new school?

    You mentioned Wyatt should have gone up to 7th – did his birthday not fall before the school update? I wondered why you held him back in sixth grade.

    1. I did recently renovate the cafeteria, I’ve fixed up a few things on the lot a bit back. When I started over, I lost all my poster recolors, and when I went to track them down, I was weary of them. So a few rooms got freshened including the cafeteria. Simon did really well with the younger kids, I haven’t decided yet if he will come to the elementary or high school yet. I’ll look at a few personality traits and interest levels before I decide.

      My highschool used to be 6th-12th, now it’s 7th-12th. When I changed my teens from 11-18 to 12-18, it’s left Wyatt behind an extra year in game. I think Lucy would have enjoyed not having to deal with his foul mood on top of Tyson’s too. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Small classes are the best! Kindergarten classes here are supposed to be under 20 and it’s so ideal if the school can swing it. I have taught ESL/EALD as well and that’s usually under 10 and it’s even better. So I get Oliver here!

    LOL at Hatty being pleased Lucy is retiring! I’ll be curious to see who takes over her class. It would be funnier if it was someone who runs an even tighter ship than Lucy! Not funny for Hatty though, I suspect. 😉

    Aw, poor Mavis! She finally reaches out to someone and he rejects her. Wyatt has his own issues going on right now, so hopefully Mavis doesn’t take it too personally.

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