october birthdays 2030

Colleen McCarthy celebrates her first birthday with her maternal grandparents and Aunt Paige. It isn’t that Oliver’s family isn’t excited for Colleen’s birthday, as much as she is the only grandchild and niece for the Lange family, and they are that much more excited.

Trisha took vacation time from the law office so she could bake and shop for the special event. It’s Brooklyn’s birthday as well, so she doesn’t feel like it’s over celebrating. In her opinion, October is the best month for celebrations and baking without all the pressure of the holidays.

Brooklyn is happy Oliver agreed to celebrate with her family. She likes Oliver’s family fine, they are a bit much for her though. She grew up with a quiet family with only a sister, and he was one of seven! Oliver knew she was partial to her family, after all they were neighbors with her parents, and her sister, Paige just bought a house across the tiny town of Millwood, and the entire family was upset at the distance.

Trisha knew everything about Brooklyn, and that they had begun trying for another baby the previous month. Brooklyn told her it hadn’t happened yet, which was weird, since they hadn’t even tried for Colleen. She honestly thought this part would be the easiest. If she conceived this month, they were looking at a July due date, it was cutting it close with the school year.

She wasn’t sure if they should continue trying or wait until the following fall to try for the elusive summer baby. Trisha thought that was nonsense, have a baby whenever she was blessed with one, work has a way to work itself out.

Brooklyn wasn’t exactly convinced.

Paige fed Colleen her last infant bottle as the cake was brought out for the special event. She was hoping to have one of these in a quick minute if she could help it. She was thirty-four now, and she finally felt ready to have a baby, probably just one though.

Everyone whooped and cheered, and Colleen took it all in stride. They were pretty certain they had a little star-hungry girl on their hands, she never shied from strangers or attention.

Everyone remarked how much she looked like her Mom, to the point that Oliver was beginning to feel a bit wounded over his exclusion. Clearly her hair had come from him, and those brown eyes were from his Grandpa George, her Great-Grandpa.

Brooklyn gave him attention to feel better, remarking that her full face was likely from him, if she remembered his baby pictures correctly, which she wasn’t entirely sure she could. She didn’t feel the least sad that Colleen took after her family, his entire family looked so ‘McCarthy’ that she sometimes mixed up people’s kids!

While her parents were occupied, Colleen found Moose and gave him all her love. She’d grown up with her grandparents two large dog, and their own big dog, Roux, that this felt perfect to her little heart.

The next big event for the family was Paige’s wedding. Her and Trevor were over the moon excited about the big day. The sisters were both hoping to be pregnant together, but Paige didn’t have any dreams for a baby born during a specific season, so Brooklyn had to decide what was more important to her.

Comparison shot of Brooklyn and her parents. She really took after Brooklyn, Dad’s hair color, and Great-Grandpa George’s brown eyes (I love that!). Eye shape doesn’t look exactly like Brooklyn’s… but then she smiled different than her Mom in the photo. I’m thinking maybe a bit of Oliver’s face shape??? IDK.


Pete Steinman turns twenty down in the desert, back in Millwood his twin brother, Luke also celebrates his birthday. Pete isn’t too concerned with his brother though, as he’s enjoying a nice pancake breakfast with his girl, Zilla. She’s four years older than him, and he’s surprised she’s stuck with him.

They toast the fine day with mimosas.

The only problem Zilla has with Pete is that he got a job at the alien dig site, and she still hadn’t. She had the bachelor’s degree! She didn’t blame Pete for this though.

Which was good news for Pete, because he had a big question weighing on his mind.

And he was pretty anxious to ask. Zilla wasn’t always the most friendly, she was a bear every morning before she got her breakfast in, and she wasn’t exactly sentimental. She was more woman than he knew he wanted, but he did want her.

Zilla was pleased with the question, she’d had her own insecurities about being four years his senior. She’d started to wonder if he’d want to find someone his own age, and she was very happy he didn’t feel that way.

Zilla say yes was the best gift he’d ever received.

Immediately after Pete was off to work, and Zilla called home to tell her Mom. She’d never been too close with her family, but she’d grown very close to her Mom after she’d moved away. It seemed a phone relationship better suited them.

Nicole was thrilled; she insisted she’d be out the next year to visit and finally see her place. Zilla was okay if she didn’t keep her promise.


Lauren hits the second trimester still feeling a bit rocky. She had a fair amount of morning sickness but it had already subsided before she started showing. It was more of an internal unsettling.

She was still flinging cocktails and working the DJ booth, so far most of the drunks she served hadn’t even noticed her bump. Isaac had left the grocery business, and he had found an unusual job picking music for the local coffee house, Planet Java. It paid less than the grocery career, but he was more proud of this path, always having an interest in music if not an actual talent to create it.

They’d been married six years; it baffled Lauren’s mind. She knew she’d been unfaithful almost the entirety of their relationship, but she still felt subtly proud they’d made it so long. On the flipside, she also felt slightly strangled at the prospect of the new baby, his new job which paid less, and her ambitions to open her own nightclub. Mostly it was the prospect of growing older that had her feeling anxious.

Isaac was growing up to be an amazing man, even she could see it.

She didn’t want to mess things up, but she also needed to be sure she was making the right choice. Now that a baby was involved, there was this pressure to be good.

She called her Dad over to discuss her notions of goodness. Her Mother, Delaney was fine, but Lauren wasn’t close with her, and she definitely didn’t think she had done a good job at raising them. She’d worked second or third shift her entire childhood. Wasn’t she setting herself up for the same failures with a nightclub?

Her Dad didn’t think it was merely the hours one worked, but the time they invested outside of those hours. But a career in a nightclub would be difficult to manage once the baby was in school, that was when Delaney had lost touch with their kids.

Isaac prepared breakfast for them all, eavesdropping on the conversation. He didn’t have anything to add to Jared’s wisdom nor any questions. He wished he’d found a career earlier, that he might have been moving up an actual ladder or pay scale, but he accepted the things he couldn’t change.

Lauren didn’t feel better after their talk, but she appreciated his efforts.

The next day after Isaac had gone off to work, she decided to call Chad on a whim. She’d been thinking about it regularly for days, and she really needed to see him; she needed to know.

He looked and smelled as good as ever. Of all her flings, Chad and Isaac had always held a piece of her heart. They were each different, and she felt like a different version of herself with each of them.

Chad was in business, and afraid of moving out of his comfort zone; if his parents wanted him to be a business man, he would. But he was undeniably good, he’d be a great father, responsible, pay the bills, decorate his future home in the proper neutrals and insist on family dinners.

She could imagine herself living in a house with an actual lawn, having finer things in life.

Then there was Isaac, he did good, but he made mistakes like her. It’d taken him years to become the man he was, and they both still had growing to do. He accepted her, mistakes and all, and he was comfortable being himself with her. They were raw, undefined materials that somehow worked to make the other better.

Their baby was probably going to be messy too. Chad, he was going to be neat, with a nice family in a lovely home. And for the first time, Lauren didn’t regret not picking Chad. She let him give her attention, but she kept it in line. She felt a twinge of hope about the new baby, the new beginning her and Isaac had started, and excitement over where it might lead.


Ethan celebrates his sixty-ninth birthday in a coma. Doctors had urged the family to pull him off life-support, but Caitlyn has thus far refused. She is the only one who still visits daily.

It’s Ethan’s birthday, and Thomas has begged to come and bring a picture he’s drawn him. They pick up balloons too, but Caitlyn knows her Dad will never see Thomas’ gifts. All of her brothers believe it is time, they think it is cruel to leave him in limbo, and Caitlyn is beginning to feel they may be correct.

Not this month though, not October. It’s the same month her Dad had married Cynthia, and the same one she died. Caitlyn needed more time.

October Birthdays
Ethan Traver – 69 years
Zeke Traver – 47 years
Morgan Russo-Traver – 46 years
Marshal Krouse – 41 years
Reed Welsh – 40 years (pnpc)
Alice London – 28 years
Rosabella Steinman – 28 years (pnpc)
Bea Woodfolk – 19 years
Elodie Siew – 14 years
Molly Welsh – 14 years (pnpc)
Brooklyn Lange – 28 years
*Luke Steinman – 20 years (pnpc)
*Pete Steinman – 20 years (pnpc)
Colleen McCarthy – 1 year

October Anniversaries
Corbin & Barbara Gray – 27 years (pnpc)
Marshal & Lorelei Krouse – 10 years
Adam & Paloma Brindley – 2 years

Violet-Adele McCarthy – 8 months; due November
Lauren Gavigan – 3 month; due April

Notes: I think of the Lange family as pretty close, sort of like my husband’s extended family. Four generations lived just houses apart, those that are still living, still live that way. I think it’s pretty sweet, and I think the Lange’s would have liked Paige to buy a house by them, unfortunately all the real estate is taken or too expensive in that corner.

Colleen has a high interest in animals and is a nature sim, very high outgoing, I think of her as a little lovebug.

Paige used to date and dump Peter Schehl way back through high school and parts of college. She was older than him, and always dumped him when she graduated. He’s much happier with Elise. I’d say Paige will be much happier with Trevor too, they ACR a lot, and she’s a fortune sim, so she’s not always an easy girl to keep happy.

Zilla has been demoted to pnpc a while back, and she’s been dating Pete Steinman for quite a while. When she moved to the desert, he moved in with her. He is the younger brother to Rosabella Steinman (roommates to Hadley). The Steinmans are my daughter’s other family she created back in ’08, but she favors the Poppers.

Lauren had the want to invite Chad Sumner over (she’s shared him over the years with Hadley). He’s single and they are both in love with one another. He kept rolling to get engaged with her, flirt with her, but other than the initial want to invite him over, she rolled nothing for him. She was platonic, but would accept his flirts. I’d say she behaved very well for Lauren!

I roll for which month sims pass, and Ethan’s time is nearly here.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “october birthdays 2030”

  1. Trisha reminds me a lot of my daughter’s high school chemistry teacher, and not just her looks, but her dedication to her family and gentle, calm spirit. I have to say, though, that I side with Brooklyn on the advantage of timing babies (or puppies) in the summer as an educator. How else can you get 2 months free family leave??! The second best time is early November, since there are so many holidays already from Thanksgiving to the winter holiday.

    I also side with Brooklyn on being happy that Colleen took after Brooklyn’s side! Brooklyn has always been one of my favorites of your sims, and the McCarthy’s do all have such a resemblance already.

    It was fun to see Zilla a bit, and I still think it is SO cool that your daughter and you share Millwood.

    Lauren seemed to be quite future-oriented in this, compared to her usual, although at first I wondered when she invited Chad over. And it’s sad to think Ethan is going soon, but then, it has been really difficult for his family so maybe in another month, they will feel more ready.

    1. Oh man, I think puppies should definitely be in the summer. I’ve found puppies to be much more trying than babies in real life! I think Brooklyn would agree with you, and I’m planning for them to wait if they don’t get pregnant in the next month. Interesting on early November too, I have a December baby, and I think the entire time went by in a blur, so busy and so many colds, but I did love all the snuggling. 🙂

      Mmmhmm! I am so over the McCarthy gene’s currently. I hope their next kid has red hair and takes after Brooklyn’s side again. Fingers crossed!

      Zilla and Paige’s households have become some of my favorite to play recently. I’m always popping in at Zilla’s as she’s in my very empty desert hood, and it’s a good place to organize files and delete recolors. I do enjoy sharing the hood with my eldest, my littlest just told her big sister that she’s planning to make a family in my hood. It made me smile, I’m looking forward to helping her figure the game out for herself.

      Lauren had some interesting wants this time around, I was glad she didn’t cheat with Chad. She seems to be growing up which is nice. I’ve been surprised how well Isaac has done. I really should put him through the career system to see what matches for him, I haven’t had the time.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon, I hope you had a nice holiday!

  2. I totally agree with Trisha! It is easier (thinking of our school calendar) if you end up being due in January or February but even if you have a baby at any other time, they get a sub and everyone deals. They will sort it out if Brooklyn ends up being due at a slightly inconvenient time too.

    Brooklyn’s face is very distinctive and I find those traits *usually* are the ones that get passed on! It’s nice that Colleen inherited her dad’s colouring though, seeing she looks so much like her mother otherwise. To me, her face shape looks like Oliver’s too. Oliver’s face was quite round as a toddler but Colleen’s looks a bit narrower, like Brooklyn’s did.

    Oh wow, another wedding coming up! Exciting times! Have we seen Pete or Luke before? And another wow – Lauren and Isaac have been married for SIX YEARS?!

    Poor Caitlyn. She’s closest to her dad of all the siblings so this has to be hardest for her. 😦

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