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toddlers and vows

october 2030
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Oliver McCarthy (33 years), Brooklyn (28 years), Colleen (1 year)

Brooklyn and Oliver were immensely busy with their teaching positions, and also Oliver’s masters in education. He would graduate in May if things went accordingly, and he really intended them to as he couldn’t imagine having to repeat a single semester; he was completely done with the higher education system. There just wasn’t time for all the things he wanted to do when he had to keep his head in the books.

Colleen was crawling around on a mission to befriend every single animal on the street. Mostly she stuck to Roux, but they were certain if a skunk wandered on the lot, she’d definitely try to hug it.

Despite their efforts, she seemed hellbent on eating Roux’s food as well.

Roux didn’t mind sharing, the two seemed to become instant friends which was a comfort to Brooklyn, who still wasn’t pregnant.

Her Mom had counseled her to have the baby whenever they could have one, but Oliver and Brooklyn didn’t feel comfortable with that notion. They had decided to try one more month, than put a pin in it.

This felt right for her and Oliver with their teaching schedules. They both wanted to enjoy time off with the newest addition, plus as much as they were excited to have a sibling for Colleen, they were both a bit weary. Secretly, they were beginning to think not having another baby immediately might have been for the best.

Beside, Colleen crawled around the entire house playing with Roux and her toys, she seemed perfectly content. They had worried she’d want a sibling to play with, and that she might be more work without one, but they hadn’t found that to be the case.

Brooklyn was teaching her how to walk now that she was sufficient with crawling. As an educator, she was well aware of the academic issues that came from skipping crawling.

She could tell her daughter was bright though, she picked up on things instantly, and she could even handle sleeping in a toddler bed at only a year old. They tucked her in at night, and she would stay until morning.

When they weren’t too tired, they’d fix themselves a pizza dinner to have after Colleen was in bed. It was nice to catch up on things and enjoy one another.

There was always so much to discuss and plan, but they mostly let it slide from sheer exhaustion. Their biggest decision was mostly Brooklyn’s, did she want to join the elementary school?

The perks of carpooling together, teaching Colleen sooner than later, having lunches with her husband; it all sounded very appealing. However, she wasn’t convinced. She really did enjoy teaching the high school economics, and she would be eligible for a classroom promotion in a few years. She liked her friends, and coaching the soccer team.

In short, she hadn’t decided.

It wasn’t the highest of her priority ether as her big sister was getting married. After shopping around the local Millwood options, she decided on the Little Church, which was where everyone in Millwood got married, or their backyard, which Brooklyn did.

Colleen was an honorary flowergirl, still not stable on her feet, she wasn’t expected to walk down the aisle.

Paige was ready to have a family, and little Colleen fanned her baby fever.

Both sisters hoped to be pregnant at the same time, but with Brooklyn’s recent decisions to wait if they didn’t succeed this month, she felt it wasn’t likely. Their mother was thrilled both her daughters were settling down, and that there were more grandbabies on the horizon. She wasn’t retiring yet, but when she did, she intended to spend her time with her dogs and grandbabies.

In the sanctuary, Oliver explained how to shut down the sprinklers to Trevor, who struggled to appear interested. They had just closed on their first house the day before, but their sprinklers were already shut off for the season. He really didn’t have to trouble himself with that knowledge for another full year.

Oliver sensed he wasn’t interested, but somehow he couldn’t stop talking about the process. It was like he’d become his Dad, just rattling out things no one cares to hear.

Thankfully, it was time to start the service. They took a seat in the front pew together, and Colleen cheered on her Aunt Paige.

The ceremony was perfectly sweet, and everyone was happy Paige had finally found a man that kept her interest.

After the wedding everyone mingled. Paige and Trevor had opted out of a cake or reception, having spent all their spare money into their new house. They were on the edge of being housepoor, but they knew they’d put a dent into it quickly.

As they took the Lange family portrait, Trisha marveled that soon their family tree would be larger. Trent was thankful both his daughters had been frugal with their weddings while saving for their future homes.

As the month wound to a close, Brooklyn and Colleen decided to pay Paige a visit in her new home. Both Paige and Trevor had come from smaller dwellings, and Paige hadn’t found them fit for their new space, so it was quite empty.

Gently, Brooklyn suggested they focus on their house a bit before having a baby, but she couldn’t be sure if her intentions were a hundred percent pure.

Colleen entertained herself with the only toys her aunt had, pots and spoons.

Paige ignored her little sister’s advice, refusing to let anyone dampen her spirits. Afterall, when she did get pregnant, she’d have nine months to finish the house and the nursery. Brooklyn couldn’t resist talk of a nursery ether, though Colleen hadn’t had a proper one until she turned one. The nine months went by much quicker than she had expected.

She offered to give a hand whenever Paige needed one. She seemed a great distance away although only at the other end of Millwood. It wouldn’t be as easy to pop in as it was to their parents, which were her neighbors.

They both bid Paige goodbye and headed back home where there was Roux and Grandma’s two dogs when they wandered over, and all the leaves in the world for Colleen to play with.

Both sisters prepared for weekly calls from their Mom, wondering if they’d gotten pregnant yet.

Notes: I had done so well with playing and scheduled updates, oh well. I’m mostly back, I think it will take a spell for me to be consistent again, it’s been a bit challenging here with a few things in my life.

As for this couple. No pregnancy currently. Brooklyn keeps rolling too high with the ACR. I think she’d take Shannon’s advice and wait to have a summer baby, so she has one more month left to try before they wait. This works out decently well for me, as I have several sims wanting more babies including Erin so it should keep things manageable.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty smitten with Colleen. I’m SO glad she takes after Brooklyn… I am over the McCarthy genes currently. She has a pretty fun personality, she is outgoing, and I believe nice. She enjoys attention and crowds of people which is a nice change from a few of my very shy toddlers currently.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “toddlers and vows”

    1. Thanks for commenting Starr, I hope you and yours had a nice holiday season! I think it’d be adorable if these two had babies around the same time, I’m not sure if it will pan out with Brooklyn waiting until for a summer baby, Paige isn’t waiting for anything.

    1. Thanks Cathy! It was fun to do a nice and easy wedding without pulling a ton of sims to a lot. It’s my new favorite way to do weddings currently. đŸ˜‰ Roux is such a cute dog, it’s like my grandparent’s dog when I was growing up. Thanks for commenting Cathy, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

  1. Wow, it’s unusual (in my experience) for born-in-game sims to get a lot of nice points, so that’s really great with Colleen. She is going to be a great sim with her genes and personality. That’s so cool that she loves dogs so much already.

    Brooklyn must really love teaching high school to pass up the perks, but I can also really understand that too. Paige’s wedding was nice and it was funny (and true to life) how Oliver felt compelled to keep talking about sprinkler minutia. I thought it was so cute that Paige was holding Colleen at the reception, too.

    Are the toddler pots & pans with musical notes a photoshop or an actual recolor of the xylophone in game made by you or someone else? That is neat-o!

    It’s great to read another Millwood update. I hear you though about the playing & writing and keeping up. The Chevalier’s was my last queued post so I hope I get time to do a couple this week before returning to school so I can keep on a schedule.

    1. Have you had the nice point issue since moving to UC? I haven’t, which is why I asked. Perhaps I have some hack in my game, I’m really not sure. I appreciate not having the issue though. I know Carla rolls for baby personalities, and I only do it now if a baby has the exact same personality as anyone else in their household, which I’ve only done once since moving to UC.

      If Colleen didn’t love dogs, she would be a bit of an odd-duck on the Lange side of the family. Brooklyn and her sister grew up with large breed dogs, previously Trisha was breeding them (Grace Andersen got her dog from her), but I haven’t set up breeding since the rebuild for her. Right now she’s with a Bernese (like my irl pup) and an Irish Setter.

      I think Brooklyn is proud of her how she’s forged her own place, and she’s best friends with Rosabella (music teacher currently), she’d be giving up some of her own time to switch.

      Paige would not put Colleen down for anything, she hogs her every time they gather! The pots and pans are not made by me, I’m not that talented!

      Hopefully you’ve gotten sometime to write and play before school starts back up. I started back to work today and school starts tomorrow. Went too fast, but it was a nice break while it lasted. Thanks for commenting Shannon, I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  2. I’m glad you mentioned the UC and the nice point issue, because I haven’t taken note of it and I will, for sure! I wonder if either the UC or a hack you have randomizes which category gets the last points?

    The breaks always go so fast! We have a nice long one this time, we don’t go back till 1/7. I got a little time to play today and hope to keep on schedule with posts. I’ve never met a Bernese, but they look like great dogs. Your pup is probably pretty big already!

    Actually, I really understand Brooklyn not wanting to give up the place she’s earned at the high school. My husband tried to get me to move to his school a few years back and even though it would be a nice situation I am proud of the reputation and relationships I have at my school and don’t want to leave either. Having a best friend at school is really nice too.

    Happy New Year!

  3. The McCarthy clan have some strong genes, for sure! It’s nice that Colleen is representing her mum’s side so strongly.

    As a primary teacher, I 100% would never want to move to high school, so I can see why Brooklyn feels the same way about switching in the other direction. Even moving to a different school but with the same age group can be a huge change, which isn’t always welcome to everyone.

    I hope Brooklyn and Oliver’s baby plans go exactly the way they want them too. They’re still young, so there’s plenty of time if it doesn’t happen for them this coming month.

    Paige and Trevor’s wedding was lovely! Trisha Lange is Trisha Traveller from BV, right? Does that mean Paige was originally Tina? I’m not sure I ever got her to adult, so I can’t remember what she looks like when she’s older.

    Interesting info about the UC and the nice points issue. It’s weird that it doesn’t always seem to work out that way in my non-UC game though, with very low nice points. At least twice in my game, not too long ago, I’ve had parents with low nice points have a kid with fairly high nice points! Jude Clarke has 6, while his parents both have 2. Jonathan Novak is an even odder case – he has 10 nice points, while Lila has 1 and Connor has 3. And neither Jude or Jonathan is super low in the other traits and are in fact quite high in at least a couple. It struck me as strange that the game didn’t run out of points and still had enough left over at the end to dole out so many to the Nice trait!

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