november birthdays 2030

Newlyweds Paige and Trevor Bowen start getting settled into their new home. There is a nice garden space, and Paige hopes to get a harvest with quick vegetables before the first frost.

She enjoys the pear tree which has already had the summer for growth. There are more pears than they could possibly ever eat, which isn’t a problem with her family members all too happy to receive pears.

It isn’t too long before she starts to feel nauseous at all hours.

A quick test, and she shares the news with Trevor that evening over dinner.

They are due in July.


Violet-Adele and Etienne head into the hospital with a scheduled delivery. Dr. Morgan wasn’t inclined to schedule one, but Violet-Adele was quite persuasive.

Normally calm and level-headed, Violet-Adele’s confidence is taking a hit with each escalating contraction. Everyone told her the pain of delivery was worth the baby at the end, but she isn’t sure.

Etienne can’t stop smiling. He’s dreamed of this moment since she first walked into the architect firm all the way around the world in Paris.

As sweet as he is, Vi wishes he’d shut up about memory lane. In this exact moment she’d like to tell her old self to run away fast!

Her words don’t hurt Etienne’s feelings, he was warned that labor pains can cause all sorts of lashing out.

She is excited to meet the baby, but she isn’t sure why they couldn’t have adopted instead. She was adopted, she could have been a great mother to an adopted baby. Or what about a surrogacy with both their parts but another woman? They had the money!

Those insanities were running through her head until she was told it was time to push.

Morgan announced the baby crowning and a head full of hair. Immediately they were entranced, except for Vi who wished the baby was there already!

With their daughter’s arrival, both parents are over the moon.

They were pleased to announce the arrival of their daughter, Noémie Bernard.


Cole and Lucy London celebrate their 36th anniversary with a quiet brunch out in Millwood. They make plans for their retirement which is approaching soon. Cole isn’t as excited to retire as Lucy, but the talk of travel help entice him. Cole would feel better about retiring if his son was on the path to take control of the law firm, as it is, he isn’t sure what will happen with his legacy.


Ethan Traver passes at the age of 69 at South Mercy Hospital. First born of Peter and Milla Traver, he is survived by two sisters, Delaney and Kenzie, his four children Luca, Colin, Caitlyn, and Aidan and seven grandchildren. He is preceeded in death by his ex-wife Meredith and second wife Cynthia.

November Birthdays
Walter Steele – 85 years (pnpc)
Mia Popper – 55 years (pnpc)
Tim Grimsley – 54 years
Benjamin Andersen – 43 years
Jessica Dennis – 39 years (pnpc)
Lorelei Goss – 37 years
Elise Landry – 33 years
Paloma Brindley – 32 years
Lainey Grimsley – 29 years
Kevin Adkins – 26 (pnpc)
Dean Goss – 21 years
Jake Grimsley – 17
Gemma Pacelli – 15 years (pnpc)
*Asher Dwyer – 14 years
*Shira Dwyer – 14 years
Mallory Louie – 10 years

November Anniversaries
Cole & Lucy London – 36 years
Nathan & Mary Gavigan – 35 years (pnpc)

Lauren Gavigan – 4 month; due April
Paige Bowen – 1 month; due July

Notes: After Noémie’s arrival my hospital lot kept crashing, so it severely limited my pictures. I’m excited for her genetics, she has her Dad’s brown eyes and Mom’s brown hair.

Sadly it was time for Ethan to pass. I feel most sad for Caitlyn and Thomas; she has no surviving parents when she eventually gets married.

Cole doesn’t know what will happen with his family’s law firm, and I’m with him. Milo did start rolling school related wants at the very end of his session, so maybe there’s hope? I haven’t done the math to see.

Poor Paige, I’ve never had a sim get so sick while pregnant. She is constantly puking, every time she eats, when she wakes up, and when she gets home from work. She’s having a rough time as a homeowner as well.

I’m possibly going on a hiatus. Just a lot of things happening on top of my usual crazy schedule. We will see so just a heads up that it may happen.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “november birthdays 2030”

  1. Yay! So excited for thier baby!!! It’s been a long time coming. I understand about the hiatus, I might post an update about my hiatus since I’ve been able to play a bit but I’ve been enjoying all the extra snuggles and just being present in the moment with the littles.

    1. It has been a long time coming for Etienne and Violet-Adele. I was thinking it might not happen. I’m glad you are enjoying your time with your family. The breaks are definitely important to take! Thanks for commenting Starr!

    1. Aww thanks CT, it’s very sweet to know you enjoy my updates, I feel likewise about your posts! The hiatus was exactly what I needed, and I’m happy to start playing again. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh, sad to see Ethan passed away, although we’ve known it was coming soon. Congrats to Lucy and Cole on retiring, and maybe Milo will be able to take over. So sorry to hear about the crashing issue with the hospital, but the way you wrote Violet-Adele’s labor cracked me up. Good thing Etienne is so understanding, as an expectant dad needs to be! I thought it was funny that Violet-Adele was already completely dressed and made up in the new family photo, though 😉 I don’t see her lounging around in yoga pants for baby cocooning.

    I sure will miss seeing your updates but totally understand needing to focus on other things!

    1. Ah yeah, Violet-Adele would not have a family photo without looking her absolute best. She’d be inclined to hide any photos of the delivery as well seeing I gave her a common ponytail. 😉 I’m curious how she will be in this Mom-role. And Etienne needs to be understanding to be with someone like her, she can be a bit selfish at times.

      It was hard to kill Ethan off. Caitlyn and Thomas took it especially hard. I hope that Cole can retire soon and Milo can take the business over. I think I should start to consider other options if he doesn’t pull it off. I don’t even know if he *can* pull it off this late in the game.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. I love the name Noemie! I’m going to keep it on the list for when my French playable NPCs have a baby! But mostly yay, I’m so happy Violet and Etienne’s baby is here!

    RIP Ethan. I really liked seeing how his relationship with Caitlyn grew so much stronger in his later years.

    Poor Paige. I had a sim like that recently. I think it may have been Susannah, with Jeremy? Either her or Leslie. But whoever it was, it was just constant. I felt so bad for them!

    1. I’m happy they had their baby before my break. I’m feeling ready to age her up already, I wanna see her genetics.

      I agree with Ethan and Caitlyn, those two really grew together as she grew up. It was hard for me to kill him knowing how hard she’d take it. When I saw how upset Thomas was, that was sad too.

      I remember Leslie was really sick too. I can’t recall having a sim ever as sick as Paige was this session. I wonder how the game decides this sort of thing.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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