Dwyer, Siew

finding a new way

november 2030
previous update
Miriam (47 years), Quint (40 years), Shira (14 years), Asher (14 years), Elodie (14 years), Wyatt (11 years), Tyson (9 years)

Shira and Wyatt have the most difficult time adjusting to the new house and step-family. As much as Shira enjoyed her new sister, Elodie, sometimes she wanted peace and quiet. Asher never grated her nerves the way Elodie could without doing anything in particular; she wasn’t sure if it was a twin thing or an Elodie thing.

She talked during movies too, they both loved reading and movies, and Elodie talked through them entirely. How could one enjoy a film if you prattled on the entire time?

It didn’t help matters when they both liked Kai. He was Elodie’s, it was really a matter of time before they made it official, but Shira loved him too.

Tyson and Wyatt mostly stuck to themselves. Asher got along with Tyson the best, but he was busy with high school to play ball. Wyatt wouldn’t mind if Asher took his place, tossing a ball wasn’t exactly his scene, but his brother needed the space to exert his energy. It was best for all of them if someone helped tire out his little brother so they could all get sleep at night.

They tried to do sit-down dinners whenever they had all the kids at home. Marcus rarely saw his kids, but Rebecca took hers the majority of the time. This was their first full week with Quint since the divorce, and it had taken significant begging on Quint’s part.

Rebecca seemed bitter he was doing well enough with his prognosis, and that he’d moved on rather quickly. Miriam avoided her whenever possible, because it never went smoothly.

Phones are banned at the table, but Quint accepts his call regardless.

He’s been waiting all week for his newest test results, and an unknown number usually means it’s the lab. Miriam doesn’t even question his judgement, knowing he’d only break rules for something important.

None of the kids seem to notice his absence as they go on about their school stories and crazy things that happened at lunch.

Shira educates the younger boys on high school cafeteria food, and how they get pizza sometimes twice a week. It’s more like once a week, but the boys don’t know any different.

Wyatt doesn’t join in the conversation much, as he thinks about all the things outside of his control. He feels ready for high school, most of his best friends have already gone on without him.

Quint returns with a smile, and Miriam breaths a sigh of relief. His lungs haven’t gotten worse since the initial prognosis, he’s still on limited lung capacity, but they rejoice in the stability he’s currently experiencing.

She has a good feeling about Quint being around longer than he anticipates. She’s the one carrying the hope in their relationship.

Shira practices her violin after dinner while Elodie peruses the latest book trailers online.

The boys are off to bed at a good time in their bunkbeds. Asher has the option to stay up later, but he rarely chooses to do that.

After everyone is in bed, Wyatt wakes and after fitfully tossing in bed, he decides to clean the bathroom. He’d noticed the slight stain around the tub, and he couldn’t get it out of his mind. All of his parents were trying to curb his need to clean things and control situations, but so far it’d only caused him to do it in the dead of night.

The next morning the boys head to school, and while Tyson had a full-nights rest, he wakes up cranky. He’s ready for Christmas break, and he’s tired of having his belongings at two different houses.

Miriam bakes pizza that night to celebrate the end of their first week living together and to hopefully cheer up the kids. She wouldn’t brag about being more aware of their feelings, but she does feel more intuned, possibly because she’s a teacher and deals with kids all day.

Asher grudgingly picks up the trash outside. It feels like he’s just as burdened with manly jobs as he was when his Mom wasn’t married, which is unfair seeing there are now three other males in the household. He’s considering a stakeout to see who the petty person is who keeps flipping over their trashcan.

Friday night, and the long week without seeing his Mom has caught up with Tyson. He does like everyone in the new family, but he misses his Mom, and the way his family used to be. This one is complicated, and he feels guilty when he enjoys spending time with Miriam.

Miriam decided to give him the night off the dishwasher to play, and she promised them all a surprise in the morning. It had been a trying week for her as well, she was utterly exhausted having so many people in the house at once, so many conversations.

Miriam went to bed early, but awoke from the kids’ impromptu dance party. She didn’t want to stop their fun, but she really needed her sleep to make it through the next day.

They didn’t seem to notice Miriam walk in to turn the music down. It made her feel good seeing everyone getting along.

Quint stayed up late this night fixing the shower in the kids’ bathroom. With old houses came many repairs, something he was used to, but he’d never had three bathrooms to maintain previously.

When he came to bed and snuggled up with Miriam, she smiled even half asleep she felt happy.

The next day they headed to the indoor pool. Everyone needed some fun and in the case of Tyson, to burn off some energy.

Even Elodie got into the fun of the day, when she’d previously been complaining about her swimsuit.

Shira cheered on Tyson who had never jumped from a diving board previously.

Shira even went down the slide with a smile on her face.

Tyson got a poolfull of kids into playing Marco Polo.

Miriam sat with Quint for the first part, as he adjusted to the indoor humidity. They all felt lighter and relaxed after the long week of work and school, and learning to live together.

Elodie was relaxed until she looked up and saw Kai on the diving board above her. She had mentioned she was going swimming, but she didn’t think he’d pop over. He was usually busy babysitting his younger half-siblings. He had more experience with the crazy family than she had, and she’d begun to lean on him to help her through this adjustment.

He hoped she didn’t mind him coming for a swim. His parents were taking all the kids to the aquarium, and he’d rather see her.

Of course she didn’t mind. He checked on how the week had gone, and how she felt about Shira. She admitted how she annoyed Shira, but she wasn’t sure exactly what she was doing wrong. Some of the time they got along famously, and other times she couldn’t even breath without making Shira aggravated.

Kai admitted one of the reasons he came was because he had something on his mind, and it couldn’t wait until Monday at school.

He leaned in for their first kiss, and Elodie happily leaned in too. After they caught their breath, he asked her to be his girlfriend, and she didn’t hesitate before saying yes.

If her Dad saw the kiss, he didn’t make it known. He was having a good time jumping off the diving board and swimming with Miriam.

Miriam happened to be looking in her general direction for their goodbyes, when they’d held hands and let their fingers linger.

Notes: It feels good to be back to playing, and the break was very necessary. I’d like to strive for a balance between sims and everything else, so we will see how this goes!

I gave this family Honeywell’s personality traits, and I gave Miriam lightsleeper. The kids’ music across the house woke her up! I loved that! They kept dancing even after she turned the music off, so they didn’t mind.

The kids all get along well enough, but we don’t have any friend statuses here yet, so they get on eachother’s nerves too. Tyson started rolling wants to talk with his Mom, and his mood dived back into the red by the end of the week.

You can view their house tour here on tumblr.

Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “finding a new way”

    1. Breaks are lovely, I’m having a difficult time getting off my break really. This family had been fun to play, and inspired me to get back into my game. My head is so busy lately, even when I have freetime, I can’t focus. Thanks for commenting CT!

  1. Finding the balance in sims and the rest of my life is definitely a challenge! I so often want to spend all my free time on my sims world and it’s hard to put limits on myself sometimes.

    It was great that the family could have the week together to bond, after the wedding, even though everyone will have to follow their regular schedules sooner or later. The impromptu dance party was great. Shira is so cute (as is Elodie) and it was funny hearing about Elodie from her perspective, although it is really tough for her that she likes Kai. Elodie and Kai’s first kiss was very sweet. (And I remember reading about when Kai was a baby!)

    The indoor pool is fantastic. I don’t remember if that’s a recent build or an older one. They live in Southport, right?

    Such great news that Quint’s lungs haven’t gotten worse. It’s not surprising to hear of Rebecca’s bitterness and I can imagine it is difficult for Miriam to be around her. Maybe Rebecca is kicking over their trashcan?

    It looked like Miriam was encouraging Tyson to be playful- was that the interaction when she let him not wash the dishes that evening?

    And I love Wyatt with his quiet and neat demeanor. So he had to sneak to clean the tub in the middle of the night.

    It’s wonderful to read about Millwood again!

    1. Hey Shannon! I hope you are doing well! It is definitely a challenge for the balance.

      I was sad to see that both girls like Kai. He really is rather fond of Elodie though, so I think Shira might be out of luck with him. She has many boys that like her too.

      I believe Miriam was encouraging playful, it’s been a long since I played this household, but it sounds familiar. Wyatt is a doll, I think he might do better with the changes in his life as teen, having the ability to get out for a while and find some space.

      Rebecca is exactly the person kicking their trash can. Annoying, because she’s the one who ended the marriage. She doesn’t have good chemistry with anyone ether, so she might be waiting a while (forever?).

      I finally rolled for Quint, and I know how much time he has left. It’s not as much time as I’d like, but it’s not terrible ether.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

      1. Oh, I have to admit I was still hoping for a complete recovery for Quint. But glad to hear it’s not extremely imminent.

        About balancing sims & life: I think for the next two months I am going to take a bit of a break from my Sims game and blogging. April and May are a pretty intense time of year at work (school). I might be able to post occasionally in April & May, and I will be back in June. But I am looking forward to reading yours in the meantime.

        1. Yeah, it’d be nice, but his ROS was terminal. I’ve just milked it, then rolled for a death date as opposed to immediately fulfilling it.

          Spring is such a busy time for sure especially in academics. My time usually settles around mid-May. Then travel most the summer. My eldest graduates high school this year, and we are headed back east for her graduation, and we will soon for my grandma once she passes. Not sure how my spirit will be for playing… we will see. I hope you spring goes smoothly.

          1. Senior year is a big one! I am sorry to hear your grandmother may pass soon. I didn’t remember it was a terminal ROS for Quint, I thought he just had low health rolls. I hope your next few months go well too

  2. So good to see you back and I definitely get the need for breaks as I take them frequently myself. 🙂

    I’m happy for this family and their new ways in life and it will be interesting to see what the future has in store for them all. Fingers crossed about Quint’s lungs, of course.

    1. I’m trying to come back again from the break. Just so much going on. They are good to take for sure though!

      This family is one of my new favorites. I like the dynamics of everyone. I finally rolled for Quint, and I’m happy there will be several more updates with this family (which is good since I built/decorated them a whole new house!). Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Love the slice of life details and everytime I read about your Kai I can’t help but think of EXO. It’s good that he is able to give advice about the blended family

    1. Haha I had to look up EXO. That is funny! Kai always makes me think of my eldest when she was about 7 years old and first came across the name. It’s actually why he has the name. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  4. I can’t wait to start using the traits mod! It won’t be the next update but maybe the update after that, I’ll dip my toe in. 🙂

    I dread to think how Shira will feel when she finds out about Elodie and Kai, as adorable as I think they are. I don’t think it will be a huge surprise for her but crushing nonetheless.

    Glad to see good news about Quint and his illness! Miriam is such a positive person, which is probably just what he needs. I believe attitude counts for a lot with a person’s health.

    And hey, siblings get on each others’ nerves too, so I think they’re doing pretty well for a blended family!

    1. I’m excited to get back into my game and play more with the traits! I feel like I barely started then took another hiatus.

      I was sad to see Shira liked Kai too. That’s hard enough without it being your new step sister that he chooses to date.

      I agree with you Miriam;s positivity is a great dosage of medicine for Quint. He’s spent so much time with negative Rebecca.

      This was a fun household to play for sure with all the step siblings and parents. So true on siblings getting on nerves without being blended!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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