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december birthdays 2030

Isaiah Gavigan is turning 33, and Maeve decided to make him a cheesecake for dessert. She tries to interest Margot in the baking process, but she scrambles off as soon as Maeve turns her back.

Isaiah brings the rugrat back to the kitchen, but she’s really not interested in baking. Maeve tries to not have hurt feelings over it, but she’s always wanted a daughter to bake with, and she never considered Margot might not enjoy it.

Margot isn’t terribly interested in anything her parents try to press on her though. Isaiah insists it is the age. Toddlers aren’t known for being agreeable, and she’s closing in on two years old in just two months.

That evening Maeve toasts Isaiah over his birthday dessert. As trying as Margot can be, they both decide it’s time to try for another. Maeve would have had them a year apart if Isaiah had been game, and while it’s not as close together as she wanted, she’s very happy to start trying.

Maeve enjoys her glass of wine, hoping it’s the last one she has for sometime while Isaiah thinks over his work. He isn’t in his field of study, and it’s about time he got serious about his career.

That evening their rebellious daughter strips down to her diaper in her crib. Maeve would usually stuff her back into her pajamas seeing its now wintertime, but she’s rather occupied.

They both hope it won’t take too long to get pregnant.


Bobbi Sommerfield turns 31, and she’s absolutely fed up being alone. All of her dearest friends have babies and husbands, and she can feel her clock ticking. She thought the farmboy Elias might be the one, but she’s found out he’s moved on with another redhead, apparently redheads can be interchanged. She starts talking to an executive guy named Chad online. He’s down, because the woman he loves married someone else and is pregnant.

They decide to try a date, perhaps they can move forward with their lives together and leave their baggage in the past.

Bobbi finds him rather attractive. He has these puppy brown eyes that seem to show exactly how he’s feeling; she likes that. She’s spent too much time guessing what the guy is thinking and being completely wrong to waste more time with that nonsense.

Hiding her own thoughts and feelings isn’t her strength ether.

Despite a few bumpy conversations, they mostly hit it off. She wouldn’t say it’s love at first sight, but that sort of thing hadn’t ever worked out in the past anyway.

Maybe they’d see each other again, maybe they wouldn’t. But Bobbi had no intention of spending her birthday night alone.


Paige and Trevor come in to see Dr. Morgan with concerns. Paige insists her pregnancy symptoms have abruptly halted, and she had been obnoxiously ill previously. As much as Trevor tries to calm her concerns, he’s growing anxious himself.

Trevor is still confused on exactly what Dr. Morgan means when she explains they’ve lost the baby, while Paige is overwhelmed with grief. They’re told they can try again in a few months if they feel up to it, and expressly told it isn’t their fault, sometimes it just happens this way.

Neither are thinking about when they might try again, the pain is too fresh right now.


Miriam had strongly pressed her desire to have a baby. He didn’t want to try any interventions or fertility treatments, he wasn’t convinced that he even wanted a baby given his terminal prognosis. But his new wife was persuasive, and he had relented to try the old fashioned way.

Dr. Morgan had counseled them on how nearly impossible it would be for them to naturally conceive, and Quint had breathed a sigh of relief.

And yet here they were, looking at a tiny bean about six weeks old on the screen.

Dr. Morgan is surprised, and collectively, they are all relieved it isn’t twins.

Miriam is talking about due dates, and Dr. Morgan confirms they’re due in August. Miriam is pretty happy with a summer due date, albeit a late summer one. But Quint just stares at the baby.

It was irresponsible to do this, he’s sure of it. While there were no guarantees in life, and anyone could go at any time, his end was known to be premature. It wasn’t right to put this innocent baby through that, to put Miriam through being a single parent again.

She starts talking about plans, and a vacation up to the Cascade mountains in late spring for one more family vacation, and he snaps. They can’t waste their small amount of funds on something frivolous. Neither of them had baby supplies left from their own kids, they needed to save for the baby, and when he wasn’t alive anymore she’d need all the money she could get.

She stares at him quietly, waiting for him to calm down, knowing he will. Dr. Morgan suggests counseling with a young woman named Alice London, but he declines when he finds out she has no kids or spouse.

He is sorry for his outburst, mood swings come out of nowhere these days, and he isn’t sure how to solve it when it stems from his own mortality.

Miriam comments near the end that it looks like Shira as a baby, she thinks its a girl. Quint can barely imagine the baby being a boy or a girl, he already has such a large responsibility with his own kids and now Miriam’s twins, but he forces a smile nonetheless.

He apologizes after Dr. Morgan leaves, and pulls her into a hug. He can feel Miriam relax in his arms, and he knows she needs him to be strong. He will be later, but right now he stares at the baby with a whole life of possibility, and the knowledge that at some point he won’t be there to witness it.

December Birthdays
Lucy London – 65 years
Tyler Goss – 65 years
Eva Prince – 56 years
*Colin Traver -35 years
*Luca Traver – 35 years
Isaiah Gavigan – 33 years (pnpc)
*Meg Schehl – 32 years
*Peter Schehl – 32 years
Bobbi Sommerfield – 31 years (pnpc)
Lewis Traver – 24 years
*Flint Picasso – 21 years (pnpc)
*Jett Picasso – 21 years (pnpc)
Monroe Woodfolk – 17 years
Wyatt Siew – 11 years
Toby Welsh – 11 years (pnpc)
Tyson Siew – 9 years
Jagger Blackshire – 3 years (pnpc)
Elliot Brewer – 2 years (pnpc)

December Anniversaries
Jude & Hazel Woodfolk – 19 years
Dave & Alicia Brewer – 5 years (pnpc)

Lauren Gavigan – 5 month; due April
Miriam Siew-Dwyer – 1 month; due August

Notes: I was surprised Miriam got pregnant; she had a 3% chance. Both of them have baby wants, but Quint actually was very upset when Miriam shared the news. Morgan was as well, ironically Miriam shared the news right there at the hospital.

Paige lost the baby, and I had worked extra hard to keep her motives up. She’s having a rough go since becoming a homeowner, robbed, broke a pipe (digging), killed her garden, got demoted, and now lost her baby.

Bobbi and Chad have great chemistry. I had no clue, they’ve been in my game for a very long time and never bumped into one another. They’ve had two dates now and both went well, not amazing. We will see!

I thought it was time for Maeve and Isaiah to try again seeing they’re both pretty set on more kids. Isaiah went to college for science, got fired when he lived with Oliver as roommates, and he’s in construction currently. He’s not terribly happy in the field, so I’m going to try and hook him up with something better at some point.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “december birthdays 2030”

    1. Thank you CT! I love the stories for each of these characters, and what they are all going through. Thank you for the compliment on it feeling real, you really made me smile. 🙂

  1. Maeve is a hoot, thinking that a toddler would be remotely interested in baking – or even if age wasn’t a barrier, just that the child might have different interests than her. It is going to be interesting seeing strong-willed Margot and Maeve grow together. I hope Isaiah can find something he’s more interested in for work.

    Bobbi and Chad are really cute together; I love her look and he does have adorable puppy eyes. I am glad he didn’t end up with Lauren, she seems a little harsh for him.

    I hope things get better for Paige and Trevor; maybe a turning point is coming with all the difficulties.

    And Quint, oh, so heart breaking to read but it makes me so happy to see how calm and caring Miriam is with him. It seems that he doesn’t quite realize that she is at peace with having whatever time she does have with him, and she’ll be ok. I wonder, and hope, if longer term being with her he will start to feel a little more at peace too that he will eventually have to let go. It seems Miriam has handled single parent hood fine up to now though I’m sure she will grieve and it will hurt when she loses Quint. I was happy to see Quint has one more child on the way and hope everything goes well with the pregnancy.

    1. Oh Chad… he always picks those harsh girls. He loved Lauren and Hadley Millett. They were both rough girls for him. I like him with Bobbi, a little red head with brown eyes would be cute, not that it’d necessarily be possible. I’m pretty sure Chad is a Brown/Black thinking of his parents.

      I felt bad for Paige, she’s been having such a rough go, and I really took care of her during her pregnancy too.

      I’m curious how parenting will be for Maeve, I see her as having such high expectations, and being the type of Mom to cry when things don’t go the way she’d hoped. I also see her as being totally sweet too, and wanting to be the best Mom she could be. We will see how it unfolds for her.

      Quint and Miriam are super sweet together. I’m looking forward to the new baby, but I’m still in surprise that they are even having one. I knew she wanted the baby, but I didn’t expect it to happen this late in the game for her. I’ll feel sorely killing Quint off, I’ve always enjoyed him more than his ex-wife Rebecca, and it’s a shame he won’t be around to be a Grandpa… allegedly. I mean Scarlett or a teen daughter could get pregnant I suppose.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. When I saw “cheesecake”, my first thought was “twins”! Obviously, Maeve’s not pregnant yet but if she gets pregnant and has some of that cheesecake as leftovers…

    I’m so sad for Paige and Trevor. 😦 It’s amazing that Miriam got pregnant on such a slim chance though. It’s going to be a really tumultuous time for her and Quint, I think. He’s obviously got some conflicting feelings about it and the pregnancy is more likely to be hard on her this time around, seeing she’s older. I hope it all goes well for them though.

    1. Cheesecake and pregnancy always stresses me out. I believe the hack I have gives a percent chance of twins… but yes she was not pregnant at the time, so they better eat all the leftovers before she does as their house can’t hold three kids.

      I’m surprised Miriam got pregnant too. Delaney had the smallest odds of getting pregnant, and I never expected something like that again in my game. Lucy London tried for another baby her entire life and never got one. I really hope Miriam doesn’t lose the baby with her older maternal age. I took such good care of Paige, and it didn’t even matter.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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