home for the holidays

december 2030
previous update
Rebecca Siew (40 years), Elodie (14 years), Wyatt (11 years), Tyson (9 years)

Quint and his new wife are determined to borrow the kids for a week at a time; apparently Miriam enjoys playing house with my children. I’ve obliged, but I’m awfully lonely with the empty house.

I pull longer shifts at the diner when they are away.

As a Christmas gift for myself, I also adopted a cat named Dixie.

I miss our family dog, Gulliver, we had him since I graduated community college, but I couldn’t do another dog. I needed an independent pet, and Dixie has fit the bill perfectly.

When Quint brought the kids back for Christmas break, it was on the stipulation that we’d split the break in half. He also took that time to inform me Miriam was expecting.

It was rich of Quint, who never wanted anymore children to be in a position of expecting, while my ovaries rotted away. I still desperately wanted another baby, and it seemed unfair for Quint to get all the things even the ones he didn’t want.

I wasn’t crazy enough to consider adopting again or getting pregnant on my own. My income was finally starting to flow in a good rhythm, and both of those would take too many funds.

There had to still be more time for me though if Miriam could get pregnant. She had to be at least a decade older than me!

It’s nice when the kids are back home though. Wyatt seems to be adjusting better than he had been. Getting into mischief with Tyson, and I believe they enjoy my house more since they don’t have to share it with step-siblings.

They do still rough-house from time to time, which doesn’t really annoy me anymore. Wyatt has always been super serious, and I like to see him branch out a bit and be a child some of the time.

The kids do better in their lessons at my house too. All three are on their way to getting A+ this semester! I want nothing more than Elodie to be an overachiever, to really go after her goal, and see them accomplished. As of right now, she’s dedicated to building her college resume.

None of the kids cook yet, so I’m still the one making the dinners. I’d like to see Elodie helping out more in this department, but Quint brought the kids home sick, so it wasn’t the time to start teaching her cooking skills.

I’m sure it’s from Miriam, she works with the kindergarten class, and everyone knows the youth are basically petri dishes for the plague.

Tyson is always happy to be back with me. I wouldn’t say he’s a Mama’s boy exactly, as much as he’s a family boy. He misses Scarlett, and whichever parent he isn’t with as well. He’s always been my sweetest and most sensitive.

Scarlett came home the weekend before her finals to study. I asked her to bring her boyfriend, Johnathan, but he wasn’t interested in meeting me.

I let Scarlett know that wasn’t a good sign at all. A young man should want to meet the parents when he loves a woman.

Scarlett humored me by agreeing, but I already dislike this Johnathan.

After I prattled her ear off for hours, I came down in the middle of the night to see her still studying and working. She’s always done well at university seeing she has a 4.0 currently and only one semester to graduation.

I’ve dabbled with online dating, Scarlett helped set me up. I don’t think I come across to well in text though. Plus when I say I’m forty with four kids, most men run for the hills or quickly sign offline.

At the end of the semester, Elodie and Tyson managed to get an A+. They were thrilled, I promised each kid a special shopping trip with only me, and while Elodie just asked for her own cell phone instead, Tyson was excited for that one on one time.

He wanted to go to the record store. I’m not entirely sure why, Scarlett has always been the one interested in music, but perhaps it was to impress his big sister.

I helped narrow down his search, only to find he wanted to buy Scarlett a record for Christmas.

I noticed a particularly good looking man browsing the collection. I’m not sure I come across better in person, but I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to offer some assistance seeing the actual clerk was a bum kid with his feet on the counter.

Tyson wandered to play with the instruments on display, and the man introduced himself as Brian Rhodes.

He started talking about his love for records, and while he isn’t a music expert, he enjoyed it on his off-time.

I talked about my love for art, specifically pottery, and how I could appreciate good music any day too.

In the end, I forced myself to be bold, and I asked if he wanted to go on a date some evening, when I didn’t have my son with me. I couldn’t believe it, but he agreed.

We met up on a weekend when the kids were at Quint’s house, and he took me to play some poker. I’m not really good at poker or any games for that matter, but I had fun trying.

I tried to tell him a joke Scarlett had told me when she’d been in town, but I did it poorly. I’ve never been able to nail a joke the way my family can.

Afterward, we headed into South Port for dinner. He knew the owner’s Mom from his business lunches, and introduced me to her.

Dinner was amazing, Quint and I never went to fancy resturants. We rarely did anything outside of our homes, and dining out was strictly done in Millwood only, which has nothing as fine as Pacelli’s Ristorante.

The dinner went well, except when he tried to feed me a bite. I’m forty, not four, and I’m happy enough to eat the dish I ordered, I don’t need to taste everyone else’s food.

I talked about my kids, I avoided Quint. He talked about how he’s a Senior Manager of a household robot company. He actually tinkers with the robots in his spare time, and he could get me a vacuum one if I was interested. He admitted robots weren’t his passion, but he was career-focused, and he wasn’t very good at sports, so he watches them when he has the time.

I appreciate a man who can focus on a career and apply himself. It felt like with Quint, I always had to nag at him, and he never enjoyed his work, but he didn’t apply himself to do something he’d actually like. The only time he talked about bettering himself was when Scarlett was a baby, and he was a paramedic. He asked about going to college to be a doctor, no body can do that with a baby in the house. It was just too much.

Afterward Brian asked me to dance, and even though no one else was, I agreed.

When he tried to kiss me though, I turned him down. It was just too sudden. How can I be divorced, but still feel guilty for having a new man kiss me?

We ended the dance with a kiss on the hand, which was very romantic of him.

It wasn’t to say that I didn’t end up staying over one of the nights the kids were gone. It just wasn’t our first date.

He lives in a duplex, it’s not exactly amazing, but he has very pricey furnishings, and he didn’t want to buy a house until he had someone to share it with.

I’m not sure I want to rush things like Quint has done, but it’s nice to have someone to spend time with when the kids are away.

Notes: Miriam is 7 years older than Rebecca, not quite a decade. But I can’t imagine Miriam would share her real age with her husband’s ex wife.

I did Brian and Rebecca’s date as Brian, and I didn’t have control of Rebecca. She rejected his offer of food, and his slow dance kiss on her own, but they ended up with a hot date in the end regardless.

I just gave traits to Rebecca, so her whole family is the only completely traited-family in my game atm. I forgot that I gave her the ‘no-sense-of-humor’ trait, so when she went on her date, she desperately wanted to tell a joke, but Brian hated them ALL. And when he told a joke, she’d get upset. It took me WAY too long to remember traits, and then I was deliciously pleased! 😀

Tyson constantly rolls wants for his family, he’s a family sim hands down. And he rolled the want to talk with Scarlett and to give a gift, so I had it go to her.

I liked Brian, he’s a sim I downloaded at one point. He has two bolts with Rebecca… I played him to level him up in his career considering he’s not twenty years old (in my head). I had him meet people as well, and when he met Linnea, he kissed her goodbye… they were strangers! THREE bolts! He wasn’t dating Rebecca at the time…

So I don’t know what will happen here. But here is Brian Rhodes, newest resident to Millwood. And if he does get with Rebecca, I’d like to see them have a baby too. I know Rebecca is onboard, that want doesn’t roll away.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “home for the holidays”

    1. Thanks CT! I used to do entirely first-person, but I’ve recently (the past year or so) been switching it up. Most households have too many things I want to write about, but the other sim might not know it to explain. Thanks for commenting!

  1. The traits seem to add a lot to your gameplay I haven’t added them yet but your post has me itching to download them. Love the kitty…not really lol, thinking about my two not so independent cats as they whine for attention. It seems like the boys are better, has the oldest gotten counseling for his condition?

    1. Oooh you should, then share how they work out for you! I feel like there are so many variables with them, and I’ve barely touched base! Plus I just saw there were more options too! I don’t download everything, and I remove the ones that don’t apply to my game like supernatural fan etc.

      Funny on your cat, it does seem some kitties are really high-maintenance. I have 3 irl, and they are all very unique personalities. But only one demands attention, and he’s pretty sweet about it.

      Wyatt has counseling sessions with Alice, which I didn’t fit into the update. I thought I’d get it into Alice’s update, but Julia stole that one. But yes he is. Scarlett is having sessions with her as well, and I’d like them to both finish the happiness book.

      Thank you for commenting Starr!

  2. I love the little cat paws on the carpet/floor! I feel sorry for Rebecca – her resentment seems to be casting such a shadow over her life. Her desire for more children will surely color and maybe control any relationship. I’m kind of surprised the ended up in bed with Brian without knowing if he wants children but she’s lonely when the kids are with Quint and Brian seems nice and it’s good to see her happy.

    I’ve never tried the traits. I’m not really sure how they even work. Looks like they add a lot though!

    1. That flooring is an EA one with pets. I only use it in the pet store, but it’s super cute. Rebecca is driving me crazy. She shows up on lots, and just complains about everything. I had her do a meet and greet for a future beau, and she spent the entire time complaining about Quint. I think it was impulsive of Rebecca to sleep with Brian, but her kids are her life and when they are gone, I think she seeks that companionship. Plus with Quint remarried and expecting, it urges her to get a move on. She’s mildly competitive.

      The traits are really simple to use. You just add which ones you want to your sims’ inventory, and they take over from there. If you ever don’t want them, just delete them from the inventory, and they’ll lose that trait.

      You can find the whole slew of them here –

      However, if your eyes go cross when you’re given a boatload of information, this is the thread to start with – The rest are just additions to it, like to make the hydrophobic sims hate showers and/or swimming. You can pick and choose extras. I do not have all the extras, I just pick and choose.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow I wouldn’t have guessed and had not noticed that Miriam is older than Rebecca. Miriam definitely seems younger at heart. That no sense of humor trait fits Rebecca and added interest to the date. It’s fun you played it as Brian. He’s got an interesting face and he seems promising for her. Funny how competitive she is about the kids doing better at her house but then maybe that will be a si,very lining of the divorce for them. And she seems she enjoys them more now which is good too.

    1. Agreed on Miriam seeming younger, she’s older than both Rebecca/Quint, but she’s got that kindergarten teacher personality too which I think helps.

      I think you are right about Rebecca enjoying her kids more now, and they do get a lot more homework done at her house. I think it’s because there are so many kids at Quint’s, and they all get sidetracked hanging out.

      I really wanted her to be with a guy with a beard. It seemed she’d go for that type of look to be opposite of Quint, someone she believes is more masculine and mature. They seemed like a good match once they met, though he does like telling jokes. I’m excited for the possibility of the kids meeting him. We will see! Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  4. I can also imagine Rebecca might overestimate her ex’s new wife’s age, so the decade thing rang true to me!

    Gotta say, I’m kind of with Rebecca on Jonathan! It could be an age thing but it doesn’t seem like a great sign to refuse to meet your girlfriend’s mum. But I guess we’ll see. Have we seen Jonathan yet? The name isn’t ringing a bell for some reason!

    Brian seems like a better match for Rebecca than Quint was, so that’s nice! He’s very handsome too – the facial hair really suits him. I love seeing how the traits are working out for you too! I’ve only done traits for Ruby so far in my game but haven’t played yet to see how it all works out.

    I personally wouldn’t put too much stock into him kissing Linnea goodbye! I see that all the time with three bolters and I just ignore it for the most part. It’s one of the only parts of the EA attraction system that annoys me!

    1. Rebecca is a bit petty, she’d definitely be snide over Quint’s new wife and happiness.

      You met Johnathan a while back in my uni update. He rejected Clara, said yes to Scarlett, then whistled at Bea. He was all over the place. Based on that update, I didn’t see Johnathan willing to meet her parents. –

      I love the facial hair on Brian. I really thought Rebecca would go for that this time, wanting an opposite and someone who appears overly masculine.

      I’m excited to see how the traits work out for you! With so many variables, I feel it’ll be something bringing enrichment for sometime! (especially with my slow playing speed).

      True on the 3-bolts. I was surprised, but it’s been a while since I had random sims be 3-bolts. I’m really hoping Rebecca and Brian work out, I want the kids to meet him.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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