january birthdays 2031

Corbin Gray is turning fifty this month, and he wants nothing more than to stay home. He’s been working a big personal-injury lawsuit, and he wants to unwind with his family, especially his granddaughter, Quinn.

He isn’t sure how much longer Quinn will be staying with them, as his daughter Riley has started being secretive again just like she was as a teenager. He doesn’t want to tell her that she’s an adult, free to live on her own, because he’s afraid she will do exactly that. But he is annoyed by her behavior nonetheless.

Barbara tells him calmly, that as long as she isn’t pregnant again, Riley can keep her secrets. Corbin has a near heart attack at such a notion. He throws Quinn in the air, and tries to remember it’s Riley’s life.

He can’t say he’s especially happy with Riley getting pregnant and flunking out of college, what will she do with her life? However, he’s thrilled to have Quinn, and he works to focus on the positive as he moves closer toward his twilight years.


Violet-Adele has made it past forty and the hoopla involved with being over-the-hill. It’s all very tasteless to her. She isn’t concerned about her age, and so she focuses instead on her husband and their daughter. They stay in this birthday, as they’ve been inclined to do since they got married. Nothing beats a warm fire, a glass of red wine, and her delicious husband by her side.

He soothes Noémie, and Violet-Adele feels nothing but affection and an odd sense of fulfillment.


Erin Pacelli is one month pregnant. This is something she’s wanted for years, and she’s thrilled, but terribly anxious. She’s much older now than she was with Mallory and Logan. Nico is thrilled, but he agrees to wait on sharing the news until she’s further along.

They’re invited to Nadia’s house, and instantly Nadia guesses at the news. Apparently Erin looks happier than usual?

The kids have no idea, and she can freely discuss the morning sickness details with Nadia as the kids are behaving like wild beasts in the basement.

Erin isn’t sure she can handle another Mallory, surely this baby will be calm like Nico.

No one wants to tell Mallory the news, it’s part of the reason Nico didn’t push Erin to share.

They’ll enjoy this blissful period quietly, and share the news once they’re in the second trimester.


Lauren is six months pregnant, and it’s their seven year anniversary. She thought it’d be nice to make dinner for Isaac, but he fails to show up on time. He had quit his job the previous month, and she’d been forced to take an early maternity leave, with her boss explaining people come to the club to let loose, not see the reminder of a one-night stand gone bad on their bartender. Lauren had resented his comments, but she didn’t have any fight in her.

With Isaac not working, and her receiving a small portion of her previous employment, they were in a bind. It was probably why Isaac wasn’t home as much as he ought to be.

Or why he stayed up until the sun rose playing video games.

She’d called Chad up, and he admitted to moving on with some girl named Bobbi. He didn’t know if they had a future he said, but he knew he didn’t have one with Lauren. It felt like everything was closing in on her.

She was fat, she was worried her husband no longer found her attractive, and their freaking neighbor was loud ALL hours of the day and night. This was supposed to be the perfect home to raise their family, and it was all falling apart.

Isaac did make her eggs with french fries the morning after their anniversary. She appreciated his effort there, and he did help keep the apartment clean. Maybe she was being incredibly ungrateful, because she was a ginormous pregnant woman.

She wasn’t sure if she could trust her feelings. Her big sister, Meg had warned her hormones enhanced mood swings, and it took sometime even after delivering to be back to normal. If it was pregnancy or not, Lauren wasn’t feeling good about their situation, and her husband sleeping on opposite shifts while he played games all night wasn’t working for her ether.

January Birthdays
Angie Dennis – 82 (pnpc)
Alberta Steele – 80 (pnpc)
Corbin Gray – 50 (pnpc)
Ginny Pacelli – 44 (pnpc)
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 41
Erin Louie – 38
Trevor Bowen – 33 (pnpc)
Adam Brindley – 34
Itzel London – 23
Marisol Carver – 13
Manuel Carver – 13
Dahlia Prince – 11
Thomas Traver – 6
Otto Krouse – 2

January Anniversaries
Matias & Isabella Martinez – 29 (pnpc)
Isaac & Lauren Gavigan – 7

Lauren Gavigan – 6 month; due April
Miriam Siew-Dwyer – 2 month; due August
Erin Pacelli – 1 month; due September

Notes: Riley called for a booty call in the bathroom, then got it on in her parents bed, cause she only has a single bed in their house. So secretive but also not!

Erin is pregnant, she told Nico and Nadia, but she hasn’t told her kids. I’m hoping she will, because I’d really like to see their reactions. I also hope it goes well for her, because she is older and has a fair bit of stress in her life.

Isaac matches well for business, crime, and entertainer. I had him quit his job so I could see him roll a job-related want. It took forever. He played video games until the sun came up, and he spent a lot of time talking with Abril (the girl I wanted for Cesar). They haven’t cheated, but they have become friends on their own accord, and they have 3-bolts.

In the end, Isaac rolled the want to be an entertainer, which worked for matches, but is the dumbest job. So I’m not advertising, we will see how long I can hold out. Or maybe there is a remake of the career to replace? I kinda want him to go into crime, but I’d need him to roll the want to go that route.

If Isaac cheated on Lauren, it would surprise me, but she’s cheated on him endlessly, and only stopped cheating very recently. It doesn’t mean she’d accept it though. I’m curious how things will go for them especially once they have a baby.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “january birthdays 2031”

  1. Whiplash of emotions, so expertly done. The Mallory Monster. Lauren and Isaac and the pregnancy that dumps her into (unpaid I assume) early maternity leave – not sure how I feel about Lauren but Isaac seems like he’s running full-tilt away from depression. Corbin and ADORABLE ADORABLE Quinn and the difficult to accept reality that you can’t fix adults even if they are your children. Violet-Adele – what a lovely quiet serene and yes, fulfilled evening.

    Just wonderful.

    1. I feel for Corbin, I know my parents don’t always agree with my choices! I LOVE Quinn! She’s such a cutie! Lauren and Isaac have always been a messy couple, they ping-pong every time I load them and Lauren enjoys having boys on the side. I’m curious how they’ll do with parenting. Lauren is Fortune/Romance, so she’s not happy with their lack of income. Thank you for commenting!!

    2. Thank you skyburned!! These were fun mini-sessions to play, and oh my gosh, I LOVE Quinn! She’s such a cutie! I’m curious how Mallory will do with the baby, she doesn’t like her step-Dad, and she’s regularly skirting the line of aspiration failure. She has some of the most ridiculous wants that her family can’t fulfill. Thank you for commenting!!

  2. Lauren andIsaac as usual seem to be headed for disaster, but they’ve made it to this point without major loss of shelter or breaking up. I just don’t think the added stress of parenting will go well at all. So funny about the kids acting like wild beasts in the basement.

    1. Every time I think Lauren and Isaac will get divorced, they suddenly are doing great together. I wasn’t expecting them to be doing so poorly, but lack of income really makes them unhappy. They are both fortune/romance, and are unable to fulfill those fortune wants currently.

      The kids totally make me think of the wild things, I always called my kids that when they were younger. They are still wild things but of a different velocity now. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Hmmm, curious what’s going on with Riley! That must be hard for Corbin – worrying about his daughter but knowing it’s really none of his business either.

    Yay for Erin! This is going to be totally different from her first two pregnancies – she’s finally with a good guy. 🙂 And yay for Violet-Adele too. I love seeing her happy with her little family.

    Ugh, Isaac. Getting a job and showing your face around the apartment a bit more frequently would probably be more preferable to breakfast! I don’t know if he and Lauren will survive this baby.

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