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in my heart

january 2031
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Alice London (28 years), Julia Millett (27 years),

Julia and Elias have only been dating for six months, and Alice feels they’re moving too quickly. Elias stays over regularly now that the harvest is over, and Alice would like some time with her own boyfriend without Elias squeezing in the center.

Alice and Martin will be together for two years come March, and he definitely stays in his own bed more than hers.

She’s glad Julia is happy with her boyfriend, heaven knows she’s had the short stick for love. But Elias doesn’t chip in, and he’s always in the only bathroom, and leaving towels on the ground. It’s off-putting to Alice, it makes her wonder if living with a guy at all is worth it.

When he isn’t sleeping over though, Julia is at his place. She doesn’t find it weird to sleep in the room next to his parents. In fact, Alice is positive it’s one trait Elias loves about her most. The whole farm and living with his parents is a tough gig to sell.

But Julia fits right in. Nicole is teaching her how to bake, and it’s all very Little Prairie.

It’s probably how great Julia is, that makes Elias fall head over heels so quickly. Alice doesn’t doubt her friend’s awesomness. She just thinks they move too fast.

When she finds out later that Elias proposed during the first snowfall of the season, Alice is not surprised. She’s mildly disappointed, because she’s about to be left alone once again. Every roommate she has, finds true love.

Julia is over the moon thrilled though. She’s never felt anything was as right as Elias, and she’s grateful he feels the same way.

When they share the news over dinner, his parents are thrilled. They mention how quiet the house is with their youngest, Lily-Mae off at university. Julia isn’t sure if they are hinting for her to have a baby, but she’s not ready for anything like that.

The idea of a baby makes Julia’s stomach unsettle. She hadn’t thought of Nolan or how he would take the news. He’d been rather agitated about his parentage lately, and they weren’t really on speaking terms. It was sure to hit him hard even if he pretended it didn’t.

They enjoy themselves for the night with the plans to visit her parents and Nolan the next day.

She doesn’t have to say anything when she visits home, her parents see the ring and instantly know. Her Dad welcomes him into the family, while her Mom sits oddly quiet. None of her daughters have been engaged before, but she’s acting nonchalant over the ordeal.

Nolan overhears the news and stalks off to his pet bird. He’s talking quietly to KiKi, and both Elias and Julia feel somber. It’s supposed to be joyous news, and they both wish to rewind to the night before when his parents had been thrilled.

Julia decides to talk to Nolan; it seems like the adult thing to do, though she rarely feels adult when it comes to him. She tells him about the engagement and asks questions about his bird. He ignores her and talks to the bird.

When she gives up, he puts the bird away and whispers, “I love KiKi more than you ever loved me, I could never give her up. That’s how I know you were never a good Mom.”

Julia pretends she didn’t hear; she wishes she hadn’t. All her doubts summed up and thrown into her face. She wasn’t a good Mom. At fifteen she wasn’t even a full person. She was concerned about passing Algebra and if any boys liked her.

They leave immediately after, and Elias tries to cheer her up. He insists she will be a great Mother now that she’s an adult. He says that Nolan felt hurt by the engagement, he didn’t really believe it.

But she knows he did, and she knew he was right.

Julia spends a few days at Elias’ farm, leaving Alice to herself. She doesn’t exactly need someone to entertain her, but she’s feeling rather lonely without Julia. She decides to train Wilfreda to sit up, she had a smart kitty, and she’d help her reach her full potential.

When Alice would get busy, Wilfreda started yowling for attention. She was quite used to all the love.

When Julia came back it was to plan her wedding with Eva. Julia had quit a few months back from being a Event Planner, but it had been amicably. She’d gotten a job as a Lobbyist, which wasn’t exactly journalism, but it felt like there was an impact to be made there.

Eva suggested a fall wedding at the barn, saying it’d really amplify the bride’s beauty. Julia wasn’t sure on when yet, with the harvest in the fall, a summer wedding might be better.

Alice talked with Julia, uncertain if she should place a new roommate listing or maybe ask Martin to move in with her. She was more hesitant on Martin than a strange woman.

Alice was really going to miss Julia at the end of the day. She was the last of her childhood friends who hadn’t settled down. They were approaching thirty so it was bound to happen, but she thought there was more time.

With Alice’s uncertainty over Martin, she was looking at a bright future living alone with her kitty. It didn’t seem too bad of an outlook ether, which made Alice think Martin might not be the one.

She was going to wait until Martin finished law school before deciding. It could just be the distance making her feel disconnected.

She didn’t have too much time to dwell on it, when Julia came home upset. She’d signed a local petition that didn’t exactly go against her bosses stand, but he fired her nonetheless.

By the end of the day, she was back to working under Eva. She was grateful to have her old job back, but party planning wasn’t her passion. It’d been hard enough for her to give up her dream of journalism and talk herself into Political Strategist, and now she couldn’t have that job ether.

Julia went back to staying at Elias’ and Alice had to get out for a while. She invited friends and her sister to have dinner with her and Martin near campus. It was hard for him to get away from his studies often, and he appreciated the company.

Alice wasn’t sure Martin was the one, but he didn’t have her qualms. He was working on his law degree to join her family business and live with the woman he loved. He felt lucky he’d ever met her at all.

He liked her sister Itzel and he enjoyed her friends too.

Alice did enjoy Martin when she got to spend time with him. Lainey had warned her that Martin seemed to love her more than she loved him, but she didn’t think it was concerning. Afterall she had the same thing happening with Michael, which only made Alice more sad. She had really liked Michael.

The night was a good time, Martin could be really funny when he was relaxed, and he was good at conversation too.

She was happy with her decision to wait and see when it came to Martin. She might put out an ad for a roommate, or just live alone with her cat. She was nearly thirty, and then she’d get her trust fund, and never have to worry about money again.

She was kind of sad to leave Martin behind and drive back with her friends. She knew the apartment was alone as Julia began to dip her toes into her new life. It was about time she did the same though, she supposed.

Notes: Alice has consistently been a traditional family sim, always rolling for that elusive baby, falling in love, marriage. However, this round all her wants were replaced with her actual family and spending time with her kitty. I’m not going to push Martin on her, but he’s ready to pop the question if she gives him a signal that she wants the same.

Julia and Elias were quick to get engaged, they both had all the wants, and I felt they would be a bit impulsive to grab at something good. His parents love her, which is good since they’ll live together until his parents die.

I relented that Julia wouldn’t get the journalism job, and so I found she was a good match for Political Strategist. Then the pop-up asked about signing a petition she believed in, and I knew she would. And she was fired for it. *sigh* Back to planning events and waiting for a journalism ad.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “in my heart”

    1. I was disappointed Julia’s family wasn’t more excited, but she’s only been dating for six months, so I take it that they are concerned she’s rushing into something. They took custody of her son, Nolan in hopes of her doing something with her life, and they likely feel this isn’t a wise decision. Once they know Elias better, they may feel differently. Thank you for commenting CT!

    1. It was a fast relationship. I think it’s why her parents are exactly thrilled. I hope Nolan and Julia can mend things, their relationship isn’t at a friendship level which adds strain. Nolan is a teen too, which I think adds an extra level of emotion, and the lack of maturity to handle it. Thank you for commenting Starr!

  1. What an emotional stab – Nolan’s rejection was so pointed but he’s young and had to feel rejected again. The relationships all make sense although I agree with Alice, it would feel weird to go to bed in the room next to the parents. Alice really seems to prefer the idea of living on her own and at thirty it’s time to try it out.

    1. I think you are right on Alice. I think she should live solo and see what happens. I’m kind of excited about her not marrying if that is what she wants, only because I don’t have many sims that choose that path. (Plus I really like the genetics aspect of the game). I’m hoping in time Nolan and Julia can have a relationship of friendship, while he’s young and trying to figure things out, it might not be realistic. Thank you for commenting!!

  2. I love a whirlwind kind of romance, so I was happy to see Elias and Julia get engaged. If only Nolan was happy too! I feel bad for the poor kid. I have to think that he wouldn’t feel so betrayed if he’d known who his parents were from the beginning, even if they didn’t raise him. But hindsight is 20/20, I guess!

    Aw, Alice! Martin seems like a great guy but maybe a little bit of time living on her own would be a good thing, if the thought of moving in with him is a tad scary at the moment! Not everyone falls in love in six months like Julia and Elias. 😉 It doesn’t necessarily mean Martin isn’t for her…but there’s also the possibility he’s not. Some roomie-free time might help her figure that out.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed their whirlwind romance. I didn’t realize how little time they actually spent dating, it was bit quicker than I realized when I started to write this up. They flirted at Brooklyn and Oliver’s wedding, although he was seeing Bobbi at the time so there was a bit of history. (They weren’t ever official). I agree about telling Nolan at the jump. If kids grow up with these things then it’s less traumatizing. I wrote it the other way, because I feel like this family especially when Norma was living, would prefer to hide things then share them openly.

      I’m really not sure about Alice and Martin. I thought he was the one, and now she’s living her life happily with her cat and career. I’m not going to push it, but I was surprised. I think she will be living solo unless someone graduates this spring that would make a good roommate. She doesn’t exactly need the help with rent, especially with her trust fund kicking in at 30, but she like the company.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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