baby of mine

january 2031
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Meg Schehl (31 years), Jaron Castellanetta (29 years), Rosemary 4 months

I couldn’t believe Rosemary was four months old already; it seemed to have flown past though neither of us could remember what we did before we had her. She was very sweet and rarely fussy, which made adapting to parenthood relatively easy.

After feeding her, she’d happily play on the ground while I got myself ready for the day. My twin brother, Peter had struggled when his daughter, Irina was born. She cried constantly, always needed held, and even now, she wants all the attention. I’d never tell my brother, but his wife, Elise has always been a handful herself, it makes sense their daughter would pick up that personality. We were college roommates, so I know from experience, but my brother has never dated a chill girl in his life, he definitely has a type.

Both Jaron and I are decently mellow people. We watch our horror and fantasy shows and movies, we don’t get bothered by the fact that we aren’t married, and we do our best to make an honest living.

Jaron doesn’t have ambitions for work, he wants to be capable of paying bills and maybe a vacation once in a while. So he took a job at the city architect firm. There is a potential for creative work, which he believes he’d enjoy, and the work days might be long, but there are rarely weekends.

He’s pumped about the latter fact, but my photography business relies on weekend business, so I think it’d have been nice for him to have Wednesdays and Thursdays off with me. It will be nice for Rosemary though to have parents home most days of the week and light on our checkbook too.

I bring Rosemary to work with me some of the time, but mostly she stays home with a nanny. I miss her like crazy, but I can’t afford to take a year off my photography business, and while I hired Aaron to help with my workload, he can’t run the show.

Autumn is my favorite season for portraits, but winter isn’t too terrible itself. My ex-boyfriend, Oliver came in with his wife and their daughter Colleen. The session went perfectly smooth, while I had been devastated when he’d broken up with me, I fully believe we are with the people we were meant to find.

My sister Lauren’s sister-in-law Maeve came in to discuss family portraits for spring. I’d done her wedding a few years back, but you’d think she was wholly unaware of my style at the rate she quizzed me.

She confessed she was trying to get pregnant, and she wasn’t sure if I could work with that. I work with women in all different forms, a tiny baby bump would not hinder a family portrait.

Once we can afford it, I’d like to hire someone to work the cash register. I’m a creative type, I have visions and ideas, I do not like machines or numbers.

Right now paying for Samantha to watch Rosemary is about the only luxury we can afford. Even if we wanted to get married, it would be foolish to waste our money on something extravagant.

It was hard for me to allow Samantha to watch my baby, but she’s always exuberant about starting the day, and just as happy when I return. It makes me feel good seeing her enjoy Rosemary, which eases some of my guilt.

The great thing about Samantha though is she watches Rosemary very well, but she also cleans the house up for us. It’s like a maid and a nanny, which really helps Jaron and I have more time alone in the evening.

My Mom harassed me into throwing Lauren a baby shower. Apparently my sister hasn’t maintained any of her friendships, so it’s just our family. We all know she’s been laid off, temporarily she insists, and that Isaac is or isn’t working. It’s hard to get an actual answer to that question. I guess Lauren told Dad he was doing open mic nights for comedy and sometimes got paid.

Mom is not impressed with this news. She’s been pretty displeased for a fair amount of time, ever since she found out Dad’s been giving Lauren money behind her back. I think she put a stop to it or they’re being extra sneaky about it now.

I am excited for Lauren though, years ago she was determined to have the first grandbaby,and instead she’ll have the third. Which I think shows maturity on her part. She’s always been impulsive, but I’m hoping motherhood will agree with her now that she’s older and perhaps wiser.

For some reason, Isaac insisted on coming, which meant all the men had to attend. Peter doesn’t think much of Isaac and his over-inflated ego. Dad probably likes him just because he has such a soft spot for my sister. It’s hard to say, I’ve never been spoiled the way Lauren has over the years.

As high-maintenance as Elise can be, I’m glad she’s my sister-in-law. She’s a good person at the end of the day, and she’s over the moon excited about Rosemary and now Lauren’s baby too, though she’s a bit judgy on Lauren’s character.

My youngest sister, Lizzie is only fifteen and she can’t get enough of her nieces. She’s spent the majority of her life without ever being near a single baby, and now she’s surrounded by them. She isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she’s thinking something with babies would be great.

If any of us could do it, it’d be Lizzie. I love my baby, but I’m not sure I’ve been bitten by the baby-craze like Lizzie. I’m sure Jaron and I will have at least one more, I’m not like Peter and Elise and done with one. I think it’s kind of sad to think Irina would never have a sibling, someone to lean on and share memories with once her parents have passed. I’ve always had Peter as my twin, and I don’t know how he could agree to it.

But I know Elise had struggles and loves her career. Perhaps it was a compromise and not a demand. Peter would never tell me though.

I wonder what Rosemary will decide to do when she grows up, and what kind of person she will be. Both her parents are moderately creative, it’d be wild if she was a numbers kind of girl.

I’m not sure what she will decide, but in the mean time, I show her all my photographs on the wall and encourage creativity to bud within her. I figure it can’t hurt.

Notes: Meg and Jaron have a wedding want, but they do not have the wedding party want. I’m thinking with Rosemary, they are more focused on saving their money than spending it on a party. I haven’t really thought about when or where for them, so it might be a bit longer. They both have green aspirations so it’s not affecting their happiness.

Jaron got a job in architecture, very bottom of the career track. He matched it well enough, and it showed up in the paper. She doesn’t make much money with her photography. I have her clients pay her for sessions and that’s where her money comes in, but it’s still not a ton of moola.

I kind of want Lauren to have a boy now that there are two granddaughters. I also think she’d like having the first grandson. I am excited and ready for the upcoming birthday months with her baby due and two sets of twins aging up as well.

Schehl Family.

Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “baby of mine”

  1. Meg being Peter’s twin comes across in her concern for him having just Irina no more children. I’m glad she can see positives about Elise too though. She and Jaron’s basic contentment really shone through on this update. Interesting waiting to see if they roll a want for a wedding party and that even without the wedding want fulfilled they are in the green for aspiration. I love those little peeks at how you decide choices for your sims.

    1. In college, Meg had two dormmates, Paige and Elise. Both were Peter’s girlfriends, and they both made Meg suffer. However, they get along just fine, but Elise is definitely different than the Schehl girls. If they don’t roll a wedding party want, then I’ll do something very simple at the park with only immediate family. When I start my next round, I’ll look into it a bit more then get them on the schedule.

      Thank you Shannon!

  2. It’s always interesting to see how the parents feel about multiple children. Meg is a twin and her relationship with Peter is strong and positive, and she has that common belief that children are unhappy without siblings. In her family that’s a good bet but definitely not a sure thing. Isaac is lucky to have found someone happy to put up with him and I’m with Meg – hope Lauren’s situation is stable enough to welcome a little one without constant money worries.

    Beautiful shots! I love the way you’re using color. The shot with the three of them on the sofa and those paintings on the wall behind them is wonderful. The painting colors, the roses, the curtains, her sweater, all of it picking up the competing color and intensifying it – just great.

    1. Agree on siblings, I like Elise and Peter only having one child, because so many of my sims have multiples. I add personality traits on their birth order, and I’d like to play with the only child ones more.

      Isaac and Lauren are both lucky to have one another, they aren’t selfless that’s for sure!

      Thank you on the color, I have a few sims who I feel would utilize a lot of color and bright contrasting, Meg is one of them. Paloma is another one of them, you can see her house and bakery tour –

      Thank you for commenting!!

  3. My sims hardly ever roll wedding party wants, so I don’t tend to think about those when planning weddings! But maybe Meg and Jaron are more the “quick ceremony at city hall” types? That would be a pretty budget friendly wedding, I’d imagine. On the other hand, they do seem pretty happy as they are anyway.

    I love how sweet Lizzie is with her nieces! I can think of a few careers where she could be around babies all day, so I’m wondering what she’ll end up choosing, when it’s time!

    Seeing Lauren wanted the first grandchild and can’t do that, first grandson might be a nice thing for her to have instead! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she has a boy!

    Totally interested in what you’ve said to skyburned about your traits! You have special traits tied to birth order?

    1. That’s interesting, I feel like a good 60% roll the wedding party, and sometimes I’m a bit irritated. I try to fulfill those wants, but sometimes I think they’d want a smaller affair. I think a city hall wedding or backyard at her parents house is exactly what Meg and Jaron would be for, or a unique horror-themed wedding at a supposed haunting theater hall. However, I don’t have the latter. 😀

      Lizzie is a doll with the nieces! What are some of your ideas for a career? I’ve thought of it a bit, but I’d love more ideas.

      I do have traits tied to birth order, I don’t use them with each sim. For the first born a few examples are: ambitious, responsible, reliable, structured, cautious etc. Second born has the option for the same traits if the first born doesn’t exhibit those behaviors, otherwise an example for them is peacekeeper, diplomatic, social butterfly, rebellious, etc. Only child shares similar traits to first born, along with perfectionist. Youngest examples are charming, risk taker, free spirit, attention-seeker, etc.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. Well, if Lizzie was my sim, education would be the obvious career track. But I also might have her open a day care centre or pre-school. Or she could go the medical route and become a doctor or nurse but specialise in paediatrics or obstetrics. Midwifery, even – some midwives here are nurses but some are not. Not sure how it is in the US. Or even the entertainment career track and I’d pretend she was in some kind of children’s performance group, like the Wiggles. So many ways you could go with it! Just depends on what kind of a sim you think she is. 🙂

        Thanks for explaining about your traits! I have some of those in my list already but they’re not tied to birth order. I use Laura’s system, so they’re categorised by the five TS2 traits, lifestyle, hobby/talent or affliction.

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