february birthdays 2031

Clio and Thea Browning celebrate their fourth birthday. They are both excited to start preschool the next fall and be at school with their sister Mavis. She told them sometimes she might have lunch with them, and they can’t wait!

Clio is outgoing, she is looking forward to building friendships in school. She also isn’t interested in stories like her Mom and brother; she loves science and experiments.

She takes after her Mom the most, but with her Dad’s coloring.

Thea is shy like her big sister, Mavis. She is excited for school to be with her sisters, but she’s hesitant about the other students; she hopes they like her. Her favorite pastime is games, especially board ones. When she has better coordination she may enjoy video games with her big brother, but for now, Candy-land is where it’s at.

She resembles her Dad, but with her Mom’s coloring. She looks similar to her big sister, Mavis.


Reed and Caroline Welsh have plans to celebrate their 21st anniversary apart outside of the morning. Caroline is swamped pulling a double shift at the hospital, and Reed is struggling to decide the fate of his toy store. He’s stuck between renovating or moving to a new location.

Molly isn’t sure what she wants to do when she graduates high school. Toby is adamant he’s going to be a professional soccer player.

Even with their eldest, Alex at EU, their household is still hectic. Sometimes he thinks he should just sell and get a normal job so he could help pull the weight at home more. But he can’t imagine being bossed around after being his own boss for the past twenty years.

Plus if one of his kids eventually wants the business, Alex had mentioned it once or twice, then he’d feel poorly for selling.

He manages to pull Caroline into a kiss as the kids run to the bus and before she heads out the door. They may be busy, but they’re doing pretty good with their marriage which is more than Reed could say fifteen years earlier.


Miriam’s belly grows as she enters the second trimester. Quint’s reluctance is beginning to wane as everything begins to feel more real. The kids have mostly been accepting of the new baby, and if they feel strongly against it, they haven’t made it known to them.

Miriam is due in August, and she will miss starting the new school year with her students as she takes a maternity leave, but she feels it’s worth it.


Marta Steele turned forty, and she’s gotten her license to sell real estate after quitting Zoe-Gen Bridal. She really thought she’d stay on there, maybe buy it one day when Nicole retired. However Nicole’s daughter Lily-Mae ruined everything and there wasn’t a place for Marta anymore.

Real estate requires she’s friendly and perky all the time, sales afterall is selling herself. She isn’t terrible at it, she’s done it her entire adult life. But it’s exhausting too. The actual work isn’t terribly stimulating ether.

Eventually the real estate path should be lucrative, and Marta feels it’s time to focus on her personal life. She’s tried stealing husbands, dating young guys and older guys, and she hasn’t found anyone. Most don’t want her at all, especially the married ones, and most of them don’t interest her.

“High Standards!” Her Mom quips. Marta can’t deny, in fact she wouldn’t even want to try. She’s proud of her high standards and ambitions even if they aren’t popular among most.

Her parents have always supported her even as their own marriage dissolved to the point they were sleeping in separate beds. Perhaps it’s her parents dysfunctional marriage dampening her mood for marriage, but she’s decided she’d like to be a mother. She isn’t interested in waiting around for the perfect guy, when she’s perfectly happy with herself.

Dr. Morgan has her pick through anonymous profiles online, and then she comes in for the procedure during her lunch break. There’s a risk for twins, but Marta is really hoping for a single baby. She’s never been a mother, and she doesn’t want to start with two. If the first goes well, maybe she’d add a second in a year.

She finds a good profile, and Dr. Morgan confirms she is expecting. Marta is due in October.


Julia hesitantly takes a pregnancy test and is disappointed to see a positive. She expected to have kids with Elias one day, it seemed like something placed on the timeline of life. She didn’t want this now, especially seeing she didn’t keep her son Nolan, it feels like salt in the wound.

Elias is encouraging and tries to comfort Julia. Sure it’s ahead of their plans, but it was something they eventually wanted.

Julia is surprised how cool Elias is over everything. They aren’t married yet, and she thought it’d bother him, but she finds he’s less traditional than she’d originally thought. She isn’t sure how her parents will feel, they weren’t terribly excited about the proposal. Six months of dating isn’t too long, and now they were having a baby on top of it.

Julia is due in October.

February Birthdays
Mandy McCarthy – 85 years
Nathan Gavigan – 61 years (pnpc)
Grant Millett – 54 years
Caroline Welsh – 44 years (pnpc)
Chris Holmes – 43 years
Cesar Gonzales – 40 years
Isaac Gavigan – 31 years
*Aidan Traver – 25 years
*Caitlyn Traver – 25 years
Linnea Barthelet – 23 years
Evie Jitmakusol – 22 years (pnpc)
Jason Sumner – 16 years (pnpc)
Diego Martinez – 10 years (pnpc)
*Clio Browning – 4 years
*Thea Browning – 4 years
Margot Gavigan – 2 years (pnpc)

February Anniversaries
Tyler & Kenzie Goss – 38 years
Reed & Caroline Welsh – 21 years

Lauren Gavigan – 7 month; due April
Miriam Siew-Dwyer – 3 month; due August
Erin Pacelli – 2 month; due September
Julia Millett – 1 month; due October
Marta Steele – 1 month; due October

Notes: Remember the night Julia and Elias got engaged and celebrated in bed… that’s the night this pregnancy happened. I’m rather annoyed over it, because I don’t see her wanting children anytime soon, especially since she has zero wants for such a thing. However, I’m excited about the potential for red hair.

Likewise, Marta is expecting and she also has a red head chance. She doesn’t have good chemistry with many sims in my game, and with her age, I thought she’d go with a donor. I picked a college-aged townie as they seem more inclined to donate than my married sims. Uncertain if I’ll remove his ties from the family tree yet, likely depends if he marries one of my sims eventually.

I’m happy with Clio’s looks, I feel Thea looks a bit too much like Mavis, but I haven’t compared them side by side yet. I like their differing personalities and hobbies though. Next months birthdays will have Paloma and Adam’s twins, and I’m super pumped for that!

I haven’t utilized Reed’s toy store in years, I haven’t decided what I want to do with it. Molly is tinkering, and she likes toys well enough, so possibly she could take it over. I haven’t checked to see what matches her.

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “february birthdays 2031”

    1. Thanks me too!! I have so many sims that want babies, and I’m really anxious to oblige, however I don’t want to overfill my classrooms like I’ve done in the past. Thanks for commenting CT!

  1. I’m excited about Marta’s decision to go ahead with having a family on her own. I was pretty surprised and disconcerted to find out Julia is expecting. It would be nice for her if it was not until she was ready since she had such a difficult relationship with parenting since her teen pregnancy. I am glad that Elias was fine with it and wonder how her family, including Nolan, will feel.

    I had to check Mavis’ profile to see what you were talking about with Thea, and she does look a lot like her, but with the hair you chose for Thea I think she has a very different look. Clio sounds like a fascinating person, since she is outgoing and interested in science.

    I hadn’t played Sims 2 toy stores in SO long (I really can’t remember the last time I did) until recently, when I played a merchant in Ayre who has a toy store. And I forgot how much fun the toys they make are, especially the kite. I can understand too, if you’ve got an established business, not wanting to let it go because they are hard to build. But I can also imagine getting tired of running it.

    1. You and me both, I was surprised about Julia too. I wanted to ignore it, but it wouldn’t be her true story, so we will see how this goes. Elias is a huge fan of families, his IFS is pretty big if I recall, like 4 or 5. I don’t allow my sims to want more than that amount on principle. Elias is very traditional, so I see him wanting to get married much quicker, but with the farming, I’m not sure. A barn wedding in autumn would be beautiful, but it doesn’t make sense to add that to their busy harvest schedule.

      I’m glad Thea and Mavis look different with their hairstyles. I don’t believe they are clones, but man, they look more alike than the actual twin combo. I love Clio! I’m super excited for her being outgoing and into science, I think she will be fun!

      I forgot about the toys until you mentioned the kite. That is a cute one too. I really ought to make him a new toy shop, even if the kids don’t take over, I could sell it to another one of my sims. I need more townies to work all these businesses! They require too much staff imo.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. LOL Marta and stealing husbands and high standards and ambitions. One of those things is different than the others.

    Really interesting set of situations. Yay for Clio and Thea! I feel a lot of sympathy for Marta – 40 is right on the cusp for women, much older and it’s harder and harder to find a job. Julia and Elias…wow. The timing feels pretty bad no matter if they expected it ‘someday’. Yes, seeing that she didn’t keep Nolan is a big deal. I like Elias’ cool head.

    The shot of Marta looking at her laptop is particularly beautiful. The cool lighting, the colors, all just great.

    1. Marta is a fun one for sure, she’s tried starting so many affairs over the years. I think a baby will help settle her down. I do feel bad about her job situation, but I think Real Estate will be great for her, and it’ll make it easy for me to bring her into other sims’ lives too. Julia and Elias have terrible timing. Elias seems pretty happy with the whole thing, but he wants a large family anyway.

      Thank you for commenting skyburned!

  3. Julia got one of life’s surprises! Hopefully having the baby will give her some good changes in life.

    I’m happy that Marta was successful on her first try with the fertility procedure. It will be interesting if the baby ever meets the father, but even if he/she doesn’t Marta can be both the mother and father raising this baby on her own and teach all about life. 🙂

    Clio and Thea are cute! And it’s cute how one looks like mom and the other looks like dad.

    1. I hope the new baby goes well for Julia too. I’m a bit concerned with her having a baby and being a newlywed eventually and doing it all in her inlaws farmhouse. It seems like a lot of big adjustments. Maybe they could built a daughter-in-law suite out back.

      I used InSim for Marta as she’s a PNPC and doesn’t make my regular rotation. I did select random so there’d be a chance for twins. The donor Dad showed up on a lot with some chemistry with one of my college sims, and I was like …oooo. I don’t know what I’ll do, because donors can find out who their kids are. I’d bet if he became a playable, that I’d introduce that storyline.

      It’s good to see you Shana!

  4. I’ll be interested to see how Julia handles this pregnancy and this baby. And Nolan as well, for that matter. I’m also wondering how her parents will take the news. I’m sure she’s coming off wonderfully with all this back-to-back news.

    I didn’t think it would happen for Marta so quickly but I can’t wait to see how this change will impact her. I hope this is the happiness she has been wanting.

    1. Man, Julia’s parents are kinda a pain. Both parents have definite favorites, Hadley for Grant and Simon for Leah. Her parents didn’t stop by at all, but they regularly pop in at the other households.

      Yeah for Marta I just used InSim to knock her up. She could still have a miscarriage, because I will play that session out, but I didn’t feel like dragging out the process with a PNPC character.

      Thanks for commenting Choco, it’s good to see you!

  5. LOL, I love that Mavis *might* have lunch with them! That’s very big sisterly behaviour! Clio and Thea are very cute though!

    Exciting that Marta is going to have a baby! It’s certainly a daunting prospect but she seems like a pretty level-headed person, so hopefully that will serve her well.

    People have had babies in worse positions than Julia and Elias (like Julia herself, for instance!) and they’ve come out of it okay. I hope the baby eventually becomes a happy surprise for Julia and not such an unwelcome one. She’s in a very different situation this time around. Still, I can understand her apprehension about how Nolan will take this. :\

    1. I’m really pleased with the Browning girls, they all are pretty unique looking generally speaking, but are pretty cute. Clio is my favorite though, personality too. I think it’ll be fun watching them grow up.

      I think Marta will do well with a baby, and if any of my sims would be cool doing it on their own like this, Marta and Alice are the two that immediately come to mind for me.

      Very true on worse situations for the pregnancy. I think things will be okay with them, I’m just surprised how unmaternal Julia is especially for a family sim. My biggest concern is how Julia will be living with Nicole. If Julia stays unattached, then she might really like Nicole hovering over the baby. I’m excited to see! Thanks for commenting Carla!

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