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february 2031
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(Andersen Household Profile)
Benjamin Andersen (43 years), Grace (40 years), Ainsley (14 years), Isla (13 years), Tillie (10 years), Hatty (8 years)

narrated by: Ainsley

I thought it was time I got a job now that I’m fourteen, fifteen in four months. The only places in Millwood that hire fourteen year olds though is the pizza joint. I asked Dad to take me, and then he stood awkwardly at the entrance, acting like he was lost.

Thankfully Clayton ignored him, and he offered me a job! I can’t wait to have some of my own money to spend on craft supplies and seeing a movie with Elodie.

Once I started though, my confidence sunk. I couldn’t figure out the cash register, which was embarrassing on its own, but Ezra Gavigan saw me make a fool of myself, and he’s pretty cute!

I’m pretty good at taking orders, though sometimes I say things and they miss their mark.

I’m not always great at delivering food though, I spilled more than my fair share and when it’s pizza, that’s bad!

Solveig has been training me, she makes small talk look easy. I don’t know if it comes with age or experience, but it feels a long way off for me.

Mr. Siew and my best friend, Elodie came in. It was fun taking their order, but all I really wanted to do was to sit down with them and hang out.

If it’s slow at the end of the night, sometimes Jason and I will play arcade games. I’m really not good, and I’m not sure what Jason thinks about me. With Elodie dating Kai, I feel lonely more than I ever did before. She’s busy with him, or with her Dad’s new wife and step-siblings.

I like Ezra the best, and sometimes I think he might like me. He’s a sophomore while I’m a freshman, so maybe it’d bother him.

But if I mess up during closing or forget to mop my station, he freaks out on me. I feel pretty unimpressed when he does.

Solveig regularly freaks out on me in the kitchen too. It’s making me feel like an idiot, there’s an immense amount of pressure for a small town pizza joint. I’m glad I didn’t apply at a coffee shop, I feel like caffeine-seeking people would be even more terrible.

Mom has let it be known that Salon Sisters is available for any of us girls if we ever should want to take it over. They’ll celebrate their 20 year anniversary this fall, and everyone is really excited.

I just don’t know if its for me. I like being creative and artistic, and I suppose you can do that with hair dye and styles. I have a few more years before everyone will expect me to know everything, but I wish I had a better idea now. What if I go for something, then I really suck just like I do now at the pizza joint?

They hired a new girl to help with the demands. They haven’t hired anyone new since they opened their doors. Talitha has been with them the entire time. Mom said Talitha was gracious meeting the new girl, and that she’s happy to get more time off when she needs it.

After Mom works her long shifts, including weekends, she’s up late balancing her books. She says doing it regularly keeps it in control, but it all seems like a huge amount of time.

When she doesn’t work, she’s on the phone answering questions or okaying an overbooking. She always has to tell my little sisters to be quiet, but they never really listen.

Hatty always needs something. Currently her goal is to get to good at soccer, but she’s really not athletic.

Isla and Dad both are good with soccer, and they take her out back to practice regularly. She isn’t catching on though, I don’t know if it’s from being little, or if it’s not her talent. I suppose she could keep at it and eventually get better. I’m pretty good at sports, and I have zero interest, I wish I could give her my skills.

She never gives up though, hops right back up and asks for it again.

Dad came in before school one morning and asked if I wanted to apply for advanced classes. He thinks if I continue to apply myself academically that I could go far.

But when I ask him for ideas on what I should do, he’s blank just like me. Most students my age don’t have any plans, but I like to know where I’m going.

Isla has been busy talking with her childhood friend, Logan, but also this other guy, Manny. She never used to talk to him, so I don’t know if they have a crush on each other or if something else is happening.

When Isla yells for me to answer the phone, I’m always in shock. With Elodie so busy, it seems I’m pretty forgotten. Mom explained that first boyfriends can make girls crazy, and to forget how to balance their time. I hope when I have a boyfriend, I don’t do that.

I enjoy reading though, so I usually read and snack while my sisters all have better social lives than me.

Isla doesn’t want me to know, but Hatty overheard her ask Mom if she could date. She’s thirteen and Mom said absolutely not. She didn’t give an age ether, I guess I didn’t think about Mom saying I couldn’t date Ezra if it ever came to that, which I highly doubt, because I make closing take a lifetime according to him.

I was intrigued on who she wanted to date. I’m the only person with a main floor bedroom in the house, and I totally saw her sneak out. Unfortunately she got on the bus, and I had no way to follow her.


narrated by: Isla

Mom said I couldn’t date, which surprised me. I only asked to be polite, I wasn’t really asking for permission, but I don’t know how I feel about it.

Logan has been my best friend since preschool, and he mentioned liking me, and now everything feels messy. I know my big sister saw me sneak out, and I knew she’d never be able to follow. I meet Logan at a diner on a rough side of town, I know my parents would really disprove, but most upstanding places are closed at one in the morning.

Logan tries holding my hand, and I allow it. I’m testing the waters to see how everything feels and mostly my stomach feels upset.

After we eat pie, we start walking down in the historical district past the theater and old stadium. I try to talk about things like new movies and Monroe Woodfolk’s band, because they are playing at the Sadie Hawkins dance.

But he just smiles at me with a dopey look, then asks me again to be his girlfriend.

Me, him, and Chaz have all been good pals, and I feel like Logan is hellbent on ruining everything.

He asks to kiss me, because he’s sure I’ll swoon once we kiss. But he’s coming at me with his eyes closed and a hint of a smile, and I just stare awkwardly feeling nothing.

I don’t want to date him, but I don’t know how to tell him without hurting our friendship. I feel like he’s put me in a terrible situation and there’s no good answer.

I think I’ll end up talking with Ainsley about it, because I lack friends that are girls, which I think this problem needs.

Notes: Isla and Logan kissed, I didn’t want to ignore it, but Isla is currently not interested. Ainsley had a bit of a crush on Ezra Gavigan, but he got snippy with her a few times, and it kinda tanked. Maybe in time they could rebuild a tentative friendship, but I believe they are 1-bolt, so it’s not a huge loss.

Elodie usually stops by to visit Ainsley (and vice versa) and she didn’t pop over this time. With her step Mom expecting, I figure she’s pretty occupied and giving some of that freetime to Kai now that they are official.

I haven’t looked recently at Ainsley, so I’m not sure which career would be good for her. I’m also not sure if any of the four daughters will want to take over Salon Sisters or if Emma’s daughter Evan would want to take it over. It’s not something I thought about until I realized the place will be open 20 years in-game. It seems I ought to keep it going if I can.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “ready to go”

  1. Was that Hattie playing soccer? She is adorable! Isla seems very independent minded – taking her mom’s forbidding of dating as a suggestion rather than law, and having such emotional distance from Logan trying to kiss her or get her to be his girlfriend. Her mom probably doesn’t have to worry too much about her, it seems to me. I like both the girls’ desire to have more friends who are girls. If it weren’t for the neighborhood re-do, would they? Also, as Cathytea said, VERY cool that Salon Sisters has been open 20 years in game!

    1. Yes it was Hattie, she is such a cutie! She takes after Benjamin, and it was about time! The other three girls look SO similar! McCarthy genes are VERY strong. I gave Isla the rebellious trait this round, though I’ve decided for some of the traits they’ll be temporary so it might not stick past teen years, we will see! Isla and Logan have 1 bolt I think, it might be 2, but it’s not 3. They both have better matches out there, they just don’t know it yet. I was pretty impressed Salon Sisters has lasted so long, they were both in a much different place when they started it, Emma was on a downward path with poor choices, and now they are both successful women and moms.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I feel really sorry for Isla and wonder if this is going to be one of those moments when she realizes that good things don’t necessarily last. Logan isn’t trying to ruin the group dynamics, he’s just growing up (and facing embarrassing rejection), but the group is going to change.

    And poor Ainsley! Yes, maybe she’ll improve, maybe find a boyfriend, maybe decide what she wants to be when she grows up (or not, or not yet). She seems at loose ends and lonely.

    That is a huge deal about the salon being open for that many years!

    Love the shot of Isla sneaking out. It’s just perfect.

    1. I feel bad for Isla and Logan too. I was hoping he wouldn’t get feelings for her. Chaz is her cousin, so there was no risk there. Ainsley had low social this round, she was feeling pretty lonely. I hope Elodie comes around a bit more as her new boyfriend looses his appeal. Elodie and Kai are really well-matched, so I don’t know.

      I loved taking the photo of Isla sneaking out! She’s always been such a stinker! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Ugh, I remember feeling much like Ainsley at my first job! It does feel like you’re never going to be good at anything…but most of us find our feet eventually and get jobs we can handle. I’m sure Ainsley will too.

    Poor Isla! Things might get a bit awkward with Logan for a while but it really would be a shame if it completely ruined their friendship.

    I always try to keep my businesses going in game, if only because it’s kind of a pain to start over with them with a brand new owner! If you do an ownership transfer, the level and customers come along with it, so I generally try to do that first.

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