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what we built

february 2031
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(Grimsley Household Profile)
Tim Grimsley (54 years), Bekah (53 years), Holden (16 years)

narrated by: Bekah

Holden is finishing up his junior year, and soon Tim and I will be empty-nesters. Willa graduates this spring from EU, but she has zero intention of moving back home.

I finally feel like Lainey and Michael are doing well. She’s always been obstinate, refusing to embrace surprises which put Michael at a disadvantage romantically. When we were over recently to visit, I saw them embracing.

Holden came along as he happened to be free for the afternoon. He’s so busy with soccer and his band, that we hardly see him. He’s the biggest helper when it comes to cleaning, I don’t even have to ask.

I love getting time with Silas. They live all the way out in Millwood, so it’s hard to see him as often as I’d like. I wish they’d moved to South Port, especially since they both work in the city, but I can see the charm of a small town for raising children.

While I played with Silas and prepared his lunch, Tim and Lainey caught up. She’s always been more inclined to talk to him than me. Apparently she admitted thoughts of having another baby. Tim could only smile stupidly at her instead of asking imperative questions, like are they getting married?

I tried to join the conversation, but Lainey wouldn’t reveal anything. Tim just closed his eyes as if I were making yet another mistake.

It seems to me a Mom should be able to talk with her daughter about these things, and about the overdue bills on their dining table. Was I just supposed to pretend I didn’t see them?

Both Tim and I would love for them to get married, have another baby, but only if they are in a financially sound place. Tim agrees but he’d never say anything, he doesn’t like to upset his daughters.

He works with Michael, so he gets more information that way. Michael even makes the coffee specifically for him too, I wish someone would make my coffee besides myself.

Michael does want to get married, he always has, but he’s willing to keep their current arrangement and have another baby. He thinks its a good compromise, because he’s wanted another baby for sometime.

Silas turns four in the fall, he would have liked kids closer in age, so it wasn’t like starting over once one got into school, but no one can change Lainey’s mind. No one has to tell that to Tim or I, we both know how our daughter behaves.

I watch Silas on President’s Day since there wasn’t school. I pulled out the kids old twirly toy, and he had a good time once he figured it out.

Willa came home for the weekend too, she’s tired of the dorm drama (though I’m sure she creates most of her own troubles). She wishes she’d gotten her own apartment for her senior year, but we’d talked her out of it.

Silas doesn’t know her too well, and I worried she’d be upset when he got fussy. But she actually warmed right up to him. She told him she’d spoil him rotten once she moved closer. I’m sure Lainey will be thrilled to hear that.

We know Holden is dating Gemma, being a high school teacher, I tend to know about new relationships quickly. I spend half my time telling students to stop their PDA.

We both like Gemma, she’s a fierce soccer player, maybe a bit too high strung for Holden, but it’s good for him to test different personalities.

While Tim and I work, he’s absolutely not allowed to have her inside our house. I always fret over teen pregnancies, and I don’t think ether of them are prepared for that next step.

Holden always tells me he’d never bring her over, and anything but kissing is gross. I want to believe him, but I teach high school.

When I get home, they are playing in the snow, and I hope that’s where they’ve been all day. She lives just a house over, so it’s easy enough for her to go home to get warm or use the restroom.

The next morning I make breakfast, and inform the boys again that I will be home later than usual. I’ve told them at least three times, and they both act surprised.

Sometimes I wish I had a daughter here to help me deal with the boys. It’s like I talk to myself half the time, but neither of my daughters have ever favored me like they have their Dad.

After school, I have Monroe and my nephew, Jake come to my classroom. They both are seniors and signed up for tutoring with me. I’d like to help senior students score better on their SAT tests, and overall be prepared for life after high school.

It was so nice to see Monroe signed up and intending on university. I try to not gush, but I am really happy over it. I thought he’d try to pursue music with his band, and I wanted much more for him. Though with a musician for a father, one can’t say music is improbable, he never grew up thinking such things.

I went over the applications which are due, and the upcoming SAT test. Gave them tips to help them score as high as possible.

Afterward, I asked each of them what they’d like to pursue in life. Jake floundered, he hasn’t completely decided. I know as well as anyone the pressures of the police force in the Grimsley family. He thinks he’s too yellow for such a career.

When I mentioned publishing, he immediately lit up. He’d be a natural, and I encourage him to pursue his dreams. The Grimsley boys will accept him whatever he chooses. I don’t say it, but none of us expected him to be a police officer, he’s always been more sensitive and not into sports, roughhousing, or guns.

Monroe didn’t have any idea what he wanted to do. Bekah suggested career counseling if he got accepted in EU. He barely had academic drive, and the little bit he had only came after the junior/senior prom.

It was the best I could do for my students, soon their results would be in and their next step toward their future would be laid. The next year would be Holden’s turn, his chance to choose his future path.

Notes: The big news to me this update was that Lainey and Michael tried for a baby! I’ve had unmarried TFB on for them all these years, and they’ve never tried. Silas turns 4 in September, he hits my age-cut off so he will be in preschool with Clio and Thea Browning. I am excited for Lainey to have another baby, it didn’t happen this visit for them.

Both Jake and Monroe have the university want, I’ll do their SAT scores in June. I’m pretty excited to see them grow up.

For whatever reason, Lainey and Bekah still get cranky in their discussions. I always take Bekah for a well-meaning mom who comes across as a nag.

And yeah, Holden and Gemma went all the way, which would horrify Bekah who is very traditional. She didn’t get pregnant thank goodness. I have so many pregnant sims right now!

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “what we built”

  1. Well, I sympathize with Bekah but she’s going to have to look away from the bills unless Lainey asks for her help. Terribly frustrating for her. Lainey and Michael are going for another baby too so that’s another source of ‘no you shouldn’t’ for Bekah. It sounds exciting though!

    OMG about Holden and Gemma. Talk about naive though. Come on Bekah, get real!

    It’s nice to see her so engaged and enthusiastic about Monroe and Jake and their future plans. Monroe looks like he may be happier doing something else than going to college.

    Overall Bekah seems kind of tired and resentful. Wishing she had daughters to help her is sad because girl help isn’t necessarily better or more available on demand than boy help. Nobody makes her coffee. Things aren’t falling into the place she thought or wanted them to be.

    Really like the way you set up the shots. Some of them must have been difficult to arrange and nail down like the one in the schoolroom. probably the office, and that shot with the bills under the plant would have driven me crazy. That orange/yellow color on the white table is perfect.

    1. I’m very excited about them TFB! Although I have so many pregnant and expecting, I wouldn’t mind if it took her a bit to get there. I have households I’m avoiding currently, because I have SO many babies. I try to keep classroom size about 2-4 per grade, and these guys are trying to push me well past that.

      I’m relieved Gemma and Holden didn’t get pregnant. She came home with him on the bus, and they had some ACR fun. I think Bekah turns a blind eye to things, because she doesn’t know how to approach it. Being the one who isn’t the confidante, I don’t think she’d want to hurt their fragile relationship.

      I would have been fine not sending Monroe to college, he rolled the want at prom the previous year, and he has a high enough SAT score to get in, so I’ll send him. I’m sure he will have a good time with the social aspect! I didn’t even set up the bills on the table, the plant is on an omsp, and they were already overdue when I loaded the lot. I do love setting up shots especially in the high school, it’s such a fun place to play with all the students having time to interact. Thank you for the compliments and the comment!

  2. You handled the portrayal of the well-meaning over – bearing mom really well, especially her surprise and regret at not being the chosen confident.

    1. Thanks CT! Bekah is one of the sims I’ve enjoyed playing over the years, she’s kinda of a background character. I don’t think she’s anyone’s favorite, but I enjoy playing her and writing about her. I think she has a lot to offer, but she doesn’t go about it the best way. I do feel bad all their kids prefer Tim, but I think she might get Silas (their grandson) because he adores her! Thanks for commenting CT!

  3. I like how she wants to believe her son but isn’t naive to teenagers either. Willful ignorance and allowing them freedom even if they think they’re sneaking around. Thank goodness they didn’t get pregnant but I hope they talk to someone soon so that they can protect themselves. Wow-they never tried for a baby in 4 years!!! Wow-my sims usually
    TFB all the time, I just leave tfb for unmarried off now-otherwise there would be so many babies and my sims seem extra fertile!

    1. I’m relieved they didn’t get pregnant ether. I feel like my game is not giving me too many surprise pregnancies, Julia is my newest, but it feels like a while since I’ve had an accidental one, although I can’t be sure when without looking. Julia isn’t in a bad place ether, they’d just gotten engaged when it happened.

      I have not had the issue with the constant TFB. I have it off for unmarried sims as default, but I have turned it on for sims like Lainey who live with with their boyfriends and don’t appear to be getting married anytime soon. And this has got to be one of the first times they’ve even done it. I had it off years ago for Emma when she was sleeping around with other people before settling with Chris, and she never tried ether. Are you playing much these days? I’m out of the loop, summer has been keeping me busy, so I’m not sure if you’ve been posting anywhere. Hope you are doing well! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  4. Holden and Willa are both so cute and I love Bekah’s look at school too. Jake also has a fascinating face. It was fun, as usual, hearing about what the seniors may aspire to. Do you have another sim already in publishing? I was trying to remember if you have a publishing work place already.

    To me, the big thing was wondering if Holden was really following the rule about Gemma or not, and then wondering if she was going to get pregnant. How do you decide whether to let your teens have their romantic interests over, and whether to let them go through with woohoo or not (I’m assuming it was ACR)?

    But I can see too why you are excited about Lainey and Michael finally TFB’ing and seeming happy together, and having another baby. Lainey’s been so ambivalent and Michael has been waiting a while.

    1. Jake is a sim who I think is cute, but I also don’t… He was really hard to get a new hairstyle for his college years, I really like the one he has in high school best. I don’t have any sims in publishing, so it will be fun for Jake to pursue that, especially with the few writers I have in my hood (Tyler Goss and Meg Schehl). The publishing idea came from N99 a while back, I asked for help finding him a career, and they were spot on!

      Gemma came over on the bus, so the game decided that for me. It was ACR for the woohoo. I know there was a mod out there that allowed teens to roll woohoo wants, but I don’t have that. I usually leave it up to ACR for these things, or if I feel the sims’ personality would be interested. I thought Willa might be wild, but she was actually pretty chaste with her interactions with the Picasso boy, Flint I believe. So I watch the sims too.

      I’m very excited they TFB. It didn’t happen on this go, but I’m looking forward to when it does! I love that it’s happening right before Silas starts preschool too! Lainey always come across as slightly asexual to me, she doesn’t roll much for Michael, but she was pretty lovey this time around, which was a surprise to see! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  5. I hope Holden and Gemma are being safe if they’ve decided to start woohooing now! And I can’t imagine how Bekah would react if she finds out!

    Silas is so cute playing around on that toy outside in the bits of snow!

    1. I can’t recall at the moment if they are being safe. I think one of them has birth control, but I played this out a bit back. Thankfully she did not get pregnant. She has a baby sister at home, it’d be like Cara and Meredith all over again, where teen daughter has baby the same time as the Mom. Which both those babies (Caitlyn and Rachael) ended up being best friends/aunt/niece who live together, but I don’t want that for Gemma!

      Bekah would be humiliated if any of her kids got pregnant as teens, especially as a high school teacher. She loves her grandson Silas though, and I love how she is really engaged with him. Thanks for commenting Shana!

  6. Wow, Lainey and Michael trying for a baby seems very, very significant! I hope it happens for them but I guess we’ll just see eventually. Silas is such a cutie though! I love his glasses.

    I love that Bekah has Willa’s number and knows she’s probably causing at least some of the drama at the dorm! People who complain about drama all the time are often the cause, lol!

    But yes, Bekah, you are supposed to pretend you didn’t see those overdue bills! As overwhelming the urge to protect her kids can be, when they’re adults, she should really wait until they ask! I’m glad she was able to keep quiet about that, at least for now.

    1. I was very excited to see Lainey and Michael try for a baby! Silas is such a cutie pie, and I think a good mix of his parents. They are one of my younger couples in a two bedroom house, so I’d have to see if they’d move or have the kids share a room.

      So true on the people who complain about drama being the ones to instigate it.

      Hopefully Lainey and Michael can get their bills paid, they don’t have bad jobs, just a bit high of a house bill currently. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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