march birthdays 2031

Dave and Alicia Brewer’s eldest, Percy celebrates his fourth birthday. He’s very outgoing and loves to play with his baby brother Elliot. He does get a bit grouchy when his brother gets into his toys, especially since they share a bedroom.

Rita Popper celebrates her 12th birthday, and if anything, she’s realized family is very important to her. All of the Popper’s are close, and she really appreciates having such a large family support her.

Hugo and Odessa Brindley celebrate their first birthday. They are both prepared to tear up the house, yard, and terrorize the kitty with their love.

Hugo is much more hesitant and shy though when it comes to new situations and people. He looks to his twin to see if things are safe.

They are probably a good mix of their parents, however Adam doesn’t immediately see himself much in the twins. He believes some of Paloma’s family has snuck in.

Odessa has such a sunny misdemeanor that Paloma is already thinking of baby number 3. It’ll be a bit before Adam is ready for the added responsibility, especially with their bakery and the need for an addition if they did. It’s a two bedroom house, and the twins’ room isn’t very spacious to begin with.

Brindley Family 2031


Ella Carver celebrates her nineteenth birthday out at the quad. She enjoys the pre-waking hours, when the coffee shop first opens, but most students are still sleeping. She can imagine seeing stars in the sky before dawn winks them out.

Cesar calls when she’s headed to sleep back at the dorm. He knows her wonky schedule and it works well with his car dealership. People don’t tend to buy early in the morning, but he likes the quiet to set up for the day.

She appreciates the call, he’s the first to tell her happy birthday, and it always feel more special. No she doesn’t have any plans, but she’s been privately thinking a date might be nice. She doesn’t want to be alone for life, and while Monroe is planning to intend EU in the fall, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything especially since he’s still seeing Vivienne.

No, there is plenty of guys on campus. She wants to go on a date with a stranger, and see if there is a connection. Or at minimum, learn how to behave on a date.


Erin expected to show earlier in the pregnancy with it being her third. She’s relieved when it’s not instantaneous. In a heavy sweater she thinks she could easily hide it, and this gives her a strange sense of pride. She isn’t hiding it though, Nico is wholly enamored with her belly, and she’s pretty inspired herself.

It seemed time to tell the kids.

Logan suggests they have a boy, because that’s something Erin can control. He likes the idea of hanging out, she explains the baby will be small, for a very long time.

Overall, Logan is happy for Erin, and he’s excited though seriously he wants a brother. Secretly Erin agrees, one Mallory is enough for anyone.

Erin fidgets while she waits for Mallory to get off the bus, when she has her sit down across from her, she just stares at her Mom.

When Erin says they were getting a new addition, Mallory immediately jumped into a conversation about a new dog. “Cujo needs a new friend while I’m at school,” she exclaims, thrilled her Mom is finally on the same page as her.

When Erin hedges that no, she’s going to be a big sister, Mallory instantly goes serious.

“But a new puppy with a newborn would be great! You could show the baby the dogs.”

When Nico joins them in the dining room, Mallory shouts, “We are getting a puppy!”

He goes to correct her that a newborn isn’t a puppy, when Erin clears her throat. He’s still trying to catch up while Mallory prattles on about possible names for the new dog like AxeMurderer Jr. She thinks Jr. makes him sound distinguished.

Nico feels like he’s in shock, he didn’t expect to feel this way after sharing the news with Mallory, shouldn’t it have been the other way?

March Birthdays
Cole London – 68
Jared Schehl – 67
Finn McCarthy – 48
Etienne Bernard – 44
Cara Grimsley – 41
Chad Sumner – 30 (pnpc)
Julia Millett – 28
Zilla McCarthy – 25 (pnpc)
Caleb Gray – 23 (pnpc)
Riley Gray – 23 (pnpc)
Ella Carver – 19
Ezra Gavigan – 16 (pnpc)
Rita Popper – 12 (pnpc)
Percy Brewer – 4 (pnpc)
Hugo Brindley – 1
Odessa Brindley – 1

March Anniversaries
Trent & Trisha Lange – 39 years (pnpc)
Jared & Delaney Schehl – 35 years

Lauren Gavigan – 8 months; due April
Miriam Siew-Dwyer – 4 months; due August
Erin Pacelli – 3 months; due September
Julia Millett – 2 months; due October
Marta Steele – 2 months; due October

Notes: Mallory kept talking about a new pet, seeing Erin’s bribed her in the past, I figured she would again. Though she’s not immediately jumping on the second dog bandwagon. Mallory’s aspiration was actually a bit green this time because Cujo fulfilled some of her needs, so she was pretty chill.

Nico was saying how they didn’t have the money, which isn’t exactly wrong. They have $910 in cash currently after renovating the restaurant.

Logan was really pumped about the baby, those are his actual responses above. He will be 15 years older than new sibling and Mallory 11 years, just two months shy of 12 years, because she turns teen in November. I’m thinking Erin should have a fourth so the new baby isn’t all alone growing up. I don’t think she’d protest as long as it happened quickly enough; it took a bit this last time to get pregnant.

Ella rolled the want to go on a date, so I’ll make that happen in the future. She needs to be on campus during waking hours so she could meet some other sims. She does still have a crush on Monroe, but no wants for him.

I am in love with Paloma’s twins, I absolutely adore Odessa! She’s top 3 of my favorite toddlers born in game. Apparently as toddlers Paloma and Adam had similar noses, because I can’t tell the difference via pics. The green eyes come from Adam, he just doesn’t have the right ones in these pics (CC issues previously). Who do you think they take after?

Percy continues to be adorable too. I’m looking forward to one my playables marrying him. 😉

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “march birthdays 2031”

  1. Mallory’s reaction is just hysterical! New baby? Hey, that’s a great reason to get a new dog!

    Odessa’s nose is similar to both Paloma’s and Adam’s, maybe a bit more like Adam’s. Overall she looks more like Adam I think. Hugo honestly doesn’t look much like either of them to me although the shape of his eyes seems more like Paloma’s. If Adam’s eyes are green, then both children got that color right?

    Despite being sort of uncomfortably alone, Ella seems to be calm and pretty serene. I envy her getting up that early to look at the stars. Maybe she’ll meet someone new and interesting, the look across the crowded room moment. I love that pic of her lying there in the dark with the lighted little shop behind her.

    1. Mallory is one of my favs, she’s such a pistol and LOVES her dog, Cujo. He’s the one thing keeping her borderline happy, and I can’t believe she will be a teen in the fall. I don’t know how that will go.

      Correct on the eyes, Adam’s photos were taken in my inbetween hood when I was working at rebuilding, and I’d left his custom eyes out, so I had to remedy that later, but I didn’t realize when I took all his youth photos. Hugo is such a mystery to me, I think as they grow up, I’ll be able to pinpoint a bit more. I love that their personalities are opposite though, I think that will be fun.

      Ella stays up all night, she isn’t getting up early to see them, she heads to bed about dawn. She’s always been a nightowl in my game, and I gave her the trait this past session, so she’s really in her element. I admire people who can get up early in life, I do enjoy it when I’m up, but I’m not one to do it leisurely. That is one of my favorite shots too, it worked out nicely that townies had become to visit the lot. Thanks for commenting!!

    1. lol, Jr really does add an air of superiority to a name. I’m not looking forward to a puppy and a newborn, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they end up getting. I like selecting the pets, and I don’t have many dogs compared to cats in my hood. Thanks for commenting CT!

  2. Wow oh wow! Paloma, Ella and Erin in the same update! Some of my favorite sims. The twins are too freakin adorable, I didn’t recognize them as Paloma’s twins at first until you mentioned it later. And Mallory’s response was probably the best they would be getting-lol

    1. That’s awesome! I’m totally honored you have favorite sims to read of mine! I admit, these are some of my favorites too! ❤ The twins are totally adorable! I took a ton of photos of them, I can't wait to play them when their household comes up. LOL on Mallory, totally agree. I'm not looking forward to a puppy for them with a baby though. I'll have to see if I have dogs I want to breed or if she happens to just roll the dog want, then I could go to the pet store for one instead. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. Oh my goodness, Hugo and Odessa are unbelievably cute, individually and together. I agree they kind of favor Paloma. It is so nice when you get a sim that you just adore, like Odessa. It would be nice to see Ella move on a bit. Percy is cute, and Rita Popper also seems like a great sim for the future of the neighborhood. (I am such a sucker for family sims.) It was very funny to see Mallory take over the conversation about the new baby with the idea of the puppy. I wasn’t sure if she even realized what Erin was telling her. Erin, by the way, looks really cute and it is great to see her happy. I wonder if she’ll conceive a little faster next time. How old is she now?

    1. I do adore those twins, Odessa is SUCH a cutie! I feel like the game has given me some really cute toddlers recently, Quinn is another one who is totally adorable. I’m excited for Ella to go on a date, I was just saying to Carla, I think I need some more uni dormies to give her some better options. Maybe this weekend, I’ll throw some into the game. I’m with you, I love the family sims! Rita is adorable, and I’m excited to see how her life pans out for her.

      I’d like Erin to have at least one more, and I love how happy she is! She forced too many things with Colin, they were never a good match. She is 38 years old, she doesn’t have bad fertility for her age ether, she just kept rolling high.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. I cannot decide who Adam and Paloma’s twins look like, so they must be a perfect mix! I bet it will become more apparent as they get older.

    I think going on a date with very low expectations of it leading anywhere would be a great thing for Ella and I hope she meets someone to go on one with soon!

    Oh my gosh, Mallory! She’s a handful, to say the least!

    1. I’m with you! I couldn’t decide who the twins looked like at all. I wish I had photos of Eva as a toddler, or any of their other family members that have all died. I’m curious if some of their genetics are sneaking in. Agree that it will probably be more obvious as they grow.

      I love the idea of Ella going on a date. I feel like she’s socially awkward, and I’m curious how she will do. Perhaps she will find a nice, socially awkward guy. I feel like I need more university dormies, I try to keep my sim numbers low, but I don’t have many options for her.

      I actually dread having a puppy for Mallory with a newborn, lol. Erin is crazy. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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