Millett Family

working toward the future

march 2031
previous update
Hadley Millett (29 years), Rosabella Steinman (28)

narrated by: Hadley

Rosabella and Trey have been dating about two years, and while he may be interested in marriage, she isn’t quite there yet. Which is a relief to me, first because I don’t want to hunt a new roommate, and second, because neither of them can cook; she’d likely die.

Sure, he cooks better than me, but I don’t try to cook, because I know I suck.

Then Rosabella actually eats his burnt, over-cooked pasta, which could actually kill her one day if he undercooked chicken or something.

She has to have an iron stomach, I won’t even pretend to try his food.

If anything, I think he might move in with us at some point. They are compatible together, and I do like Trey. I especially like that he cleans up after himself when he attempts to cook.

I have one year remaining for my surgical residency, and I’m constantly on call. There isn’t a serious relationship in my life currently, nor has there really ever been. I dated Chad Sumner in college for a minute, slept around with Dr. Dwyer, fellow med student Neal. Probably some others that have slipped my mind, but it’d be difficult to have a committed relationship with the amount of hours I spend at the hospital.

It’s spring, and it should mean we are passed the flu epidemic, however there’s always something. This time I was called in because Rachael Darling was sick with salmonella. Slightly ironic, since I’d just threatened Trey about pink chicken.

She wasn’t terribly impressed when I strolled in, which I don’t appreciate seeing it was my afternoon off.

I checked over her stats and prepared for her exam. Apparently she remembered me from high school, she was in 8th grade when I was a senior. There’s a reason why I don’t remember her, but she apparently always liked my sister, Julia. *yawn* who doesn’t like her?

Her moodiness had more to do with the actual hospital than me. I discovered she had a fear of them and her ex-Istep-Grandpa Ethan had died in the bed next to hers last fall. With only two ICU beds, we all know people who’ve died or struggled in these rooms.

I decided to keep her another night, to get her fluids back to where they needed and to monitor her. It was only mildly pleasurable knowing she wanted to get home to her own bed.

When I went upstairs to the pediatric unit I was thrilled to see Elise. She had been my patient when she was pregnant with Irina, and it was great seeing her again.

I couldn’t believe Irina would turn three in August; it really seemed to fly, and I was still a resident, something which was beginning to seem neverending.

I played peekaboo with her while Elise checked out and paid her balance. I couldn’t believe my sister was about to have another one of these.

I had her come in for an ultrasound on the house. I was able to write it off as practice for my training. I think we were both relieved there was only one baby in there, though I’m still disappointed she’s in this situation.

I had to know if the engagement was just to cover that she was already pregnant, but she was firm that the pregnancy came after the engagement. It’s too close in dates for me to tell accurately based on the ultrasound. It’s all been a whirlwind, and I can see why Mom and Dad are perturbed with her.

I kept my voice civil though, pretending to be happy for her. I really don’t have time to start drama with my family with all the hours I work, and I hate receiving angry texts.

At the end of my long days, I don’t want to deal with other people’s insecurities or poor choices. I’m utterly spent. I practically crawl up the stairs to my apartment then roll my way down the hall.

My favorite part of the day is when I finally get to slide in between the sheets and close my eyes.

Over the weekend, Nolan stopped by without calling. I thought it was strange for him to be all the way out in South Port, but I didn’t pry. Dad had told me he was struggling with his parentage and now Julia expecting, the timing couldn’t be worse.

I’d always told them they should raise him like Julia was his Mom, with the knowledge from a young age, it wouldn’t have been so shocking to find out as a teenager. I’m used to people not listening to my sage advice though.

He confessed he knew who his father was, and that he was thinking of contacting him. I was surprised, but also pretty impressed. Perhaps Nolan is clever like me, which would be fantastic for me. I grow weary of my family being dim.

I think he expected me to shame him or tell him to leave Isaac alone, but I did no such thing. I did tell him that he was expecting though, his wife was due the next month.

This news seemed to really upset him. It was ironic that both of his parents should be expecting at the same time, but Isaac had been married for years, so his was a bit more expected.

I didn’t give him any advice, I just told him I’d be there to talk whenever he needed. I hope it was the right thing to say, I didn’t want to be a problem-solver that grated on his nerves when he only wanted to vent. It’s hard to say with people in general, but teenagers even more so.

My sister invited me out for coffee and while I wanted to decline, I went. I thought she’d want to discuss Mom and Dad being upset with her, but she was in a chipper mood. I guess Elias is really excited about this baby, and she’s completely ignoring Nolan’s hurt over the entire situation. Perhaps because she was only fifteen when she got pregnant, but she’s never been an ounce maternal toward Nolan. I hope she feels the role more with the new baby.

She talked about how she could eat cake now, which I reminded her to be mindful of her calories. Just because she was pregnant wasn’t a freepass to over-indulge.

She kept going on about baby names, and if I had any suggestions. I kept my eye on the front door, eyeing the people who entered.

A cute guy walked in and I introduced myself. Just because I don’t have time for a serious relationship doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun in my life. He was interested, and I got his number.

Then I had to go back to my sister. Apparently there’s a big discussion with her future mother-in-law, Nicole. Which room should become the nursery, Lily’s old room or the sewing room. The sewing room already has nursery wallpaper on it, but Lily is at EU, and Nicole still sews.

Oh the conundrum.

She makes me miss doing my rounds.

I bow out early, and head back to the hospital. I have to log training hours, and I’d rather do that then hear about my sister’s happy life. She seems oblivious to the amount of upset her engagement and now pregnancy has caused. I think if she’d introduced our parents to her boyfriend before announcing her engagement it would have gone over better.

That night I invite the pretty boy out for dinner at the pancake place.

He is really pretty, but not a terribly interesting conversationalist. If I do get married one day, I really don’t know who it could be.

I invite him to stay the night, and after our bit of fun, I walk him out.

I climb back into my pajamas, and work on making a better breakfast than Trey could even imagine while Rosabella gets in her workout.

We are both so busy, she’s a substitute teacher now, and she’s been hired to cover for Miriam Siew in the fall. I guess her baby is due in August, so the new students won’t even know Ms. Siew to miss her. Rosabella is pumped to have her own classroom for an entire semester, but she’s also exhausted with all the preparation.

I’ve even caught her after a long day of work dozing in her bedroom. At least Miriam is helping her with the planning in person, it’s better than just reading notes in a book. Rosabella will have a good amount of leeway in her teaching too, which is exciting and terryfing.

I feel like out of all the people in my world, Rosabella and I are the only ones with our crap in order. There’s a reason why we’ve been friends since grade school, we both get our stuff done.

Notes: I like these two roommates. I’ll probably have Trey move in with them at some point. Rosabella is a substitute, and I’m excited for her to take over for Miriam temporarily. None of these three can cook, they have like 0, 1, and 2 points respectively with Rosabella being the worst cook and Trey the best.

I feel like Hadley had matured as she’s grown, she turns 30 in the summer. But she’s still arrogant, and not terribly empathetic. However she LOVES Nolan. They’re best friends, and if she rolls anything for anyone else, it’s for Nolan.

I roll my medical ROS each round, and then play them out if I get the opportunity. Rachael had rolled to get salmonella and Elise rolled for a check-up, which I had to put in. Elise and Hadley had become friends when she’d spent all her time in the hospital during her pregnancy. They aren’t exactly friends now, Hadley really is run ragged with her schedule, and her family alone takes up a ton of her time, but they are still friendly.

Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “working toward the future”

  1. Really enjoyed this! Hadley could be my favorite so far, though I love Noel, too. I just love Hadley’s voice, and I really enjoyed the aunt-nephew conversation!

    1. Thank you CT! I’m always humbled when someone has favorites of my sims or appreciates their voice. Hadley is such a fun sim to write, she is not like me personally at all, and she never disappoints when it comes to her interactions or facial expressions. Her relationship with Nolan is one of my favorite things hands down. Thank you for commenting CT!

  2. I’m glad you mentioned Hadley’s arrogance because although I really like her, I was like WTF a couple of times. There might possibly be a man who is as smart as you and can keep you engaged in a conversation LOL so yes, also possible you might want to get married. She compensates for that in a variety of ways though. Her analysis of Nolan’s situation is right on target and I agree with her about Julia – that’s just maddening. I don’t know that I could get through a lunch with Julia under the circumstances.

    Also really like Trey and Rosabella and the way you describe the variety of non-existent cooking skills. Hope Rosabella enjoys her stint at teaching as much as she’s anticipating it!

    Love the shots in the kitchen, which is gorgeous, and the plant on the table in shot #5 is wonderful.

    1. Hadley has always been a fun one, she’s a bit mean with only one nice point, and she always knows best. 😉 In high school she was a bit of a bully, but she’s past that now. She used to terrorize Lainey Grimsley to my utter annoyance. I don’t have any sims in mind for her at the moment, I think it will have to be a townie. I’m planning to make some uni students in the near future, I might do some random townies too just to give her people to date and test things out with.

      Back in their childhood, Julia and Hadley were really close, but they’ve distanced as Hadley’s relationship grew with Nolan. I wish Julia cared more about Nolan, and would roll some wants just to talk or call him on the phone.

      I’m hoping Rosabella will get a permanent position soon, I have a few openings coming up in the elementary and high school. We will see how she does for Miriam in the fall to see where she might enjoy being placed. I like their apartment quite a bit, I downloaded it from MTS I believe, and then renovated each of the apartments to have more bedrooms (I like roommates) and gave them each a nice bathroom and kitchen. The plant is converted by moxxa, though I don’t immediately know which set it was released in –

      Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Trey is really cute – I love his hair, and it’s so funny that he’s actually the best cook but she was so critical of his cooking. Hadley cracks me up with her sardonic evaluation of everyone. It is so cool that she has a soft spot for Nolan and it’s good for him to have an aunt who really cares about him. I don’t blame Julia for her distance from him, since she was so young when she had him, but I do wonder if she’ll be less self-involved eventually, and like I said before, for her to have another baby she isn’t ready for yet just isn’t ideal for this baby to have the chance to have a mom with maturity and perspective. It was fun seeing Hadley’s routine (and Rosabella’s), and to see Elise and Rachael too. It’s always fun to see the bakery, Love & Flour?

    1. I’m with you, Trey is a cutie! I’m excited for him and Rosabella to settle down one day if they roll the wants for it. Hadley barely cooks food for herself, while Trey tries to impress with some spaghetti and mac and cheese (which he proceeds to burn), so he definitely gets some disdain from Hadley who knows her own limits. I love Hadley and Nolan, they’ve been close since the beginning, and I love how they call each other and walk by each other’s houses.

      I’m curious how Julia will be too. For a family sim, she just doesn’t act like one or roll the wants for it ether. I really did expect her to roll wants for Nolan after she finished university. I planned to move them into an apartment together, and have them take on the world as a duo, but she doesn’t ever roll wants for him.

      Yep that is the bakery! It’s close to the hospital, so I thought it made a good place to stop for a visit. I need to get back to renovating some of my older community lots at some point too, some are pretty dated for sure.

      I like Hadley and Rosabella as roommates. I don’t think many could tolerate living with Hadley, which is why I’m curious how her future will go, and if she will marry. So far, I don’t have any sims I think could handle her.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Well…points to Trey for trying, I guess? The good thing about Sims is they always, always get better eventually if they just keep trying!

    Trey moving in with them would be a great compromise. He and Rosabella can move their relationship forward a bit, without leaving Hadley to find a new roommate. Rosabella and Trey are a cute couple. I relate to her because she’s a substitute teacher too. 🙂 Doing a block like she’s doing is so much fun, because you can really make it your own but it’s a LOT more work than day-to-day substituting, so she’s really going to have a lot on her plate this semester.

    Poor Nolan. I’m glad Hadley looks out for him the way she does. Julia really is a bit oblivious. I can’t figure out if she’s intentionally oblivious (too hard to deal with, pretend it’s not there) or if she just genuinely doesn’t realise.

    Have you ever shared your medical ROS? I’m curious!

    1. When I write and play Julia, I think of her as intentionally oblivious when it comes to Nolan. I think it’s something she’d like to pretend never happened, because she doesn’t have the faculties to deal with it on an adult level, even now. I think she’ll work on it though, as Elias was off-put by her abandoning her son, and such when they first dated. I think he will help her grow, hopefully.

      It was a lot on her at fifteen, and she doesn’t exactly have a family that shares and talks about things, especially when Norma ruled the roost when it all happened. Leah and Grant wanted to raise Nolan as their son too, which had pushed Julia out of the picture. If she’d rolled wants for him during/after college, I was imagining a fight for rights (verbal, not court) with her parents, so I think the blame is shared when it comes to Nolan.

      As for Trey, he’s adorable! And very true about the cooking, eventually someone will get better, I only have a handful of sims who can’t cook, Tim Grimsley is one of those as his wife has always taken care of it.

      I’m excited to play the school for the first semester, and play Rosabella in Miriam’s place. It should be fun. I can imagine it’d be a lot more work for sure. She should have it easy as there are only a few students in her class, and no returning students begging for Ms. Miriam to return.

      I believe I shared the medical ROS at N99, I had stuff for mental health, and I’m pretty sure we discussed it in the thread, me and you. I can send it to you if you are interested, LMK!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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