spring fever

march 2031
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(Russo-Traver Household Profile)
John Russo (78 years), Zeke Traver (47 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (46 years), Cicely (16 years), Vivienne (16 years)

narrated by: Vivienne

Only two months left in our junior year and neither of us are prepared for next year. Well Cicely is more prepared, just because she’s known what she wanted to do since she was five. She’s going to be a doctor, just like Mom and Grandma.

I sit in Advanced Biology falling asleep, the cute student teacher, Mr. Millett doesn’t even help keep me alert. I’m not exactly skeeved out by blood or cells, I just don’t care about it at all.

I’m more interested in Eden Fink having a crush on Holden, who is dating Gemma. We are all in Bio together, and I keep hoping Eden will make a move with Gemma listening.

I’m stuck sitting next to Cicely’s boyfriend, Chaz, and she’s sitting next to my boyfriend Monroe. We all get along just fine, but I’m jealous when I hear them talking in the back of the room.

I’m nice to Chaz, but I don’t get what my sister sees in him. He’s so awkward and weird. If there was multiple choice for proper social interactions, Chaz would always pick the wrong answer.

As long as she doesn’t marry him, then we are okay. I don’t think ether of us have grand ideas of marrying our current boyfriends, which would make Mom relieved if she even knew we were dating.

I start daydreaming about summer break when Mr. Millett calls on me. He’s gonna be a great teacher, he already has that annoying habit of knowing when a student isn’t paying attention.

Cicely cuts in to save me, and she answers the questions. I can tell Mr. Millett isn’t impressed with Cicely saving me, but he is pleased she knows the answer. Monroe is too, he’s asking Cicely to tutor him, and while I know she’d never steal my boyfriend, I’m jealous that she could offer him something I couldn’t.

In the halls, I see Eden talking with Holden. She invited him to Mixed Tape on Friday, which isn’t exactly a place for a date, so if Gemma overheard she couldn’t completely throw a tantrum.

I really thought Holden would say yes, but he just walked off instead. There’s a rumor going around that he went all the way his girlfriend, maybe that’s why he doesn’t want Eden. I don’t think she’s even been kissed.

Monroe and I haven’t, but we make out pretty heavy up in the gym bleachers. It’s hot up there, but it’s the only place we can really be alone.

Cicely and Chaz haven’t gone all the way ether, and they like to flirt and kiss on the outside bleachers. I guess we have a thing for bleachers, maybe its a twin thing.

Mom’s been upset about something that isn’t me, and I’ve enjoyed the peace. Grandpa has started casually seeing Angie Dennis, and Mom is flipping out. She thinks it dishonors his vows to Grandma and her memory.

I think Mom needs to chill, Grandma has been gone for six years.

Her daughter, Miriam is expecting in August, and she’s thrilled to have more grandbabies. She’s told Grandpa all about her two children, and how her son never had any kids.

When Grandpa talks about her, I can hear how happy he is. He says life hasn’t been this interesting since Grandma passed, and I think it’s sad he’s been lonely all this time. Even living with us, we aren’t enough to fulfill all his needs. I wish Mom would understand that, especially since it’s her Dad.

I wonder if they’d get married, it seems odd to get remarried when you are as old as them. I don’t know what Mom would hate worse, them living together or getting married.

In our spare time we babysit our nephew Thomas. He’s six years old, and he loves when we do goofy bits for him. Cicely embraces it more than me.

Our half-brother’s ex-girlfriend, Caitlyn has started seeing some guy, so she’s been asking us to babysit whenever we are available. We both appreciate the extra money since Mom pays us nothing, so we always try to go.

We would do it even without money though, we really like Caitlyn, way more than Lewis. Plus Thomas is a doll, he’s the sweetest kid I’m sure.

Plus he’s cool too. I don’t know any kindergartners that know secret handshakes.

He’s boundless energy though. Cicely twirls him and he doesn’t even get sick. Just wants more and more.

He doesn’t like kisses anymore though, which is disappointing. I don’t think I ever liked adults kissing me, but I did enjoy kissing his sweet, chubby cheeks.

He can’t even sit still to watch television, while the intro starts, he’s clapping and dancing about.

It feels like he will never fall asleep when he finally zonks out.

At home, Mom and Dad are as romantic as ever. I wish they’d stop being so sugary, but then I’m glad they like one another.

Mom wanted us in the most advanced classes for senior year, so she invited the district head over to try and bargain our education.

He didn’t make it to dinner time, it went that poorly. Grandpa started shouting about the over-priced cost of tuition these days while I forgot about the dinner entirely, and I worked late. I’m a waterperson for the sports teams, which is an absurd thing to be paid for, but it’s at school, so I don’t need to walk anywhere. While Cicely still works at the nursing home, and she has to take the bus.

Mom was really mad at dinner time, she says I proved once and for all that I don’t care about my future.

Thankfully Dad stepped in, then Grandpa, and soon we were discussing new things. Even Mom seemed to relax as the conversation flowed.

Cicely is really disappointed she didn’t get the placement. It’d help her out for med school, or so she believes. I’m beginning to think the entire higher education is over-priced like Grandpa says. I still plan to go though, college has way more social life happening than the workforce.

When Mom and Dad head up to bed to talk, Cicely stays downstairs with Grandpa. He’s gotten into watching cooking shows, I think it’s to impress Angie. Cicely just likes to study, she doesn’t want to fritter away time when she could be learning even more.

I eaves drop on Mom and Dad. Cicely doesn’t approve, but she’s always interested in the information. They’re both disappointed about the district head, and while they’d blamed me at dinner, they seemed to think he was a jerk.

Dad wants to appeal his decision, and see if someone else could get us in the classes. He’s sure Mrs. Grimsley could get us where we needed to be.

When they start making out, I bow out. I’ve heard too much of their personal time to last a lifetime.

I fill Cicely in when she heads upstairs, but neither of us are too interested in the subject anymore. Instead we start talking about Caitlyn with Brandon, and how we wished she was our sister instead of Lewis.

I really think we should try to do some sort of trade. We haven’t seen Lewis since our fifteenth birthdays, and we are a few months shy of our seventeenth birthdays.

Cicely jokes that we should do some type of inaugural, and never invite Lewis to holidays again. We know Grandma Kenzie wouldn’t approve though, she practically raised Lewis, and she’ll always have a soft spot.

Mom doesn’t like Lewis much at all, whenever they are together they fight. But she doesn’t talk with Caitlyn much ether. It’s like she can’t betray Dad and his only son, but secretly, I think she likes Caitlyn more. If anything, I know she loves Thomas.

We move the conversation to college and dorm living. We both intend to go, and we are hoping to get a double room. It’d be weird to not sleep in the same room as my sister, although I think I’d be okay with it more than her. She’s always relied on me more heavily. I wouldn’t say anything though, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Plus she’s my best friend, not even Monroe compares to my twin sister.

Notes: John went on a date with Angie (Miriam’s Mom) then spoke with her a few times on the phone. He would have to roll some specific wants for me to move them forward, but he did want to go on a date, so we got that done.

Caitlyn is dating Brandon. She’s met him in the past, and then she had some wants for him so I allowed them to start seeing one another. She still wants to resurrect her Dad, Ethan, but it’s not gonna happen.

Morgan and Zeke are super lovey dovey which is sweet. And Morgan still bickers with Vivienne.

Morgan and her Dad, John want the girls to be overachievers, so they both are working after school. We will see if they can achieve it before graduating.

After the headmaster dinner failed because he wouldn’t come to the dinner table, Cicely stood up at the table to attack her Dad. I crossed it out, but what the heck?!

While playing the high school I saw Elodie and Asher both are angry with Shira. I don’t see anything in their memories to explain it ether. I’m confused on these random spurts of anger, and these aren’t all with traits as most of my sims don’t have them yet.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “spring fever”

  1. There’s a lot of emotion going on like an obnoxious observer hanging around. Teenage jealousy, resentment, the ‘ewww’ factor around adult PDA, and Vivienne’s apparent disinterest in whatever advanced class she happens to be taking. Is it everything or mainly biology? Vivienne’s whole episode in the school, who she thinks should do what and or not and with whom, was really funny. Brought back unpleasant memories of high school though.

    I was interested in what you said about John’s light interest in dating Angie and Morgan’s negative reaction. The situation with Lewis is unfortunate. Do you think that will ever change? And Thomas is a doll!

    1. Vivienne would be in Biology based on her grade, so I made it her focus. It’s the same science room for all the high school classes though. Yeah, I was never a Vivienne in high school, she’s got a lot of confidence whether earned or not, and she isn’t the most popular in my high school, but she’s definitely not on the lower end of the totem.

      I’m not sure with Lewis and if it will change. I like my parents to roll wants, call, stop by, things of that nature, especially if they don’t live with the kids. And I have two Dads that don’t do that, Lewis and Colin. Colin used to get angry when his toddler daughter would ask for attention or food, and Lewis was a young Dad, (it was his high school senior trip when Caitlyn got pregnant), and he just never was around, always busy with his own thing. Lewis has a lot of things going on personally for him, he doesn’t have a good relationship with his Dad (his Mom died in the game years ago), and he’s currently couch surfing as he doesn’t have anyone who wants to be his roommate, and he can’t afford to live on his own. So I don’t think it has much to do with Lewis exactly. I still have hope he will come around, his Dad became a good Dad/husband when he was in his thirties.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. This was so fun ! Vivienne is a great narrator since she observes so many social interactions and isn’t really bothered by them! She seems really strong.

    1. Thanks CT! Vivienne is a strong personality, which is why she butts heads with her Mom so much, they are pretty similar in that area. But Vivienne isn’t driven like her Mom is, which adds more tension between them. Her Dad isn’t terribly driven at all, he’s kinda just poked around, doing the minimum to make a living wage. Thanks for commenting CT!

  3. Hope you are enjoying the vacation- is it Disney and Universal in Florida? If you’re driving you’ll probably pass within a few miles of our house- I 75 in Gainesville, Florida, is literally 3 miles down the road when you pass the Wahoo’s, “Eat Like You’re in Florida” sign.

    The biology classroom is super cool. Funny that Vivienne was stuck next to Chaz, and her sister was with her boyfriend, Monroe. Ironically, there *is* a multiple choice (ie, wheel menu) for social interactions. 😊

    I’m happy for John to have enjoyed the date with Miriam’s mom, and it would be great for Miriam’s family to have a tie-in to the Russo-Travers. I personally think it totally makes sense for an older couple to marry if they want, but I guess to a teenager it could seem weird.

    Caitlyn’s tall boyfriend looks pretty cute.

    It was fun to see Thomas. What a cute expression, when he was wiping the kiss off his face.

    I liked the way you wrote in the headmaster’s visit, and before I saw your note that he wouldn’t come to the table, I was surprised they didn’t do well schmoozing, feeding, and touring him, especially as ambitious as Morgan seems to be. Sometimes that scenario seems glitched. But what is going on with your sims’ anger!? I wonder if it is an unintended side effect of traits that other sims have? I’ve kind of been planning to take the traits mod out but I need to check if there’s anything I need to leave in or anything special I need to do, first. The mod is cool but I think I’ve already got enough complexity without it and I worry about conflicts.

    1. We had an amazing vacation! It was Disney in Orlando, but we flew. It’s about a 30 hour drive, which we considered when my Grandma was alive, we were going to visit her, but she passed this spring. It would have been super fun to pass by your place, and that sign makes me think of Texas! Whenever we drive through there, there’s always signs for eating, donuts, burgers, everywhere. Colorado is a bit more health-conscious, and I do miss my southern food from when we lived in KY and visited my Grandma in TN.

      I’m glad you like the Bio room, I just gave it a makeover for this update. When I started a clean hood awhile back, I cut a lot of downloads which left these bigger lots kind of sparse, then I removed a ton of downloads recently, just to make my life more annoying! LOL.

      I think it makes sense for older couples to have a good time. It wouldn’t bother me in the least if ether of my parents were in that situation, but I know people who get really bothered by it. I’m not sure if they’ll go farther than dating and a few pecks, but I’d totally let them if they rolled the wants. And I’d definitely love to tie in the Dwyer family more in my hood.

      Caitlyn’s boyfriend is pretty cute. I wanted her to date him after college, but she wasn’t terribly interested at the time. I’m kinda hoping this is the guy for her. Thomas is such a cutie, and I love that he has this tiny head! It cracks me up in family portraits. He’s pretty well-loved even if his Dad isn’t around much.

      Yeah, so the headmaster should have left feeling really inspired by this family! If anyone can get their kids into private school, it’d be Morgan. Darn glitch. I don’t know what happened there, but the house tour went really well. And I have no clue on the anger. I’m hoping to play more households and see if it keeps happening. Elodie and Asher are both angry at Shira, and I have no idea why, so maybe it is the traits, but I haven’t given any of these sims anger related traits.

      You have SO much complexity in your game with your alignments and religions, I can see why you’d think of taking the traits out. I plan to keep them in mine for now, but I might give out a few less, and I definitely want to tweak some, they are way too extreme for my taste especially for my loner sims.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. I find I always have to do the headmaster visit in a really specific order and really specific timing for it to be successful. It’s got to be tour first and then dinner has to be ready the second he’s done with the tour. If the food is good enough, that’s usually sufficient to get the job done. But God, that event is glitchy!

    I think uni will be good for Vivienne. Some time to spread her wings away from her mum will let her really find out who she wants to be. And a break from all the bickering will be nice as well!

    I love all the teen drama. Poor Eden! I’m impressed at Holden’s loyalty to Gemma though. That’s not nothing for a teenage boy!

    It’s sweet that John has found somebody, although I can understand Morgan’s feelings there too. It would be hard for her to see. It’ll be interesting to see if the relationship goes anywhere. I took the same route you’re taking with Julian and Caterina, way back when, and they did end up getting married!

    1. Yes, the headmaster has to be super specific. I did do the tour first, and he was super happy, then he wouldn’t go to the stupid table to eat. I’ve had them pull up and leave immediately, I guess the outdoors had a low mood score.

      I’m excited to see Vivienne at uni, I think it will be fun, and a bit traumatizing for her Mom.

      I was SUPER surprised Holden didn’t cheat on Gemma! It made me raise my eyebrows myself, because I thought he might accept Eden’s advances, and then Vivienne could have some fun.

      I remember Julian and Caterina, I can’t quite recall his wife previously, but I was always a fan of Julian in your hood. It’s sweet how they found happiness together later on in life. I’d be fine with John and Angie getting together for sure, I kind of hope they roll the wants, because I haven’t had a romance like this before. Myra dated after Randy died, but she never rolled marriage wants at all, so she never remarried.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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