april birthdays 2031

It’s two in the morning when Lauren can’t ignore her contractions any longer. They get checked in quickly enough, then Isaac is holding her and massaging her back as the contractions come.

It’s just past four when Dr. Morgan says it’s time to push. Lauren had second doubts about this whole delivery bit, and Isaac was barely holding himself together.

The nurse kept saying one more push, and Lauren was gonna go primal on her if she said it one more time when Dr. Morgan announced a head full of hair.

Of course their baby would be hairy just like Isaac.

It was a healthy baby boy with his Daddy’s beautiful eyes.

Isaac was over the moon, he didn’t even mind when his son peed on him. He still felt stressed about his lack of a steady job, but little Cade made him feel a bit happier nonetheless.

His parents were going to throw them a baby shower, and Lauren couldn’t wait. With their lack of employment, baby Cade did not have much in the way of baby supplies.

They were feeling pretty happy to announce the arrival of their son, Cade Gavigan though, especially since he was the first grandson on both sides of their families.


Marta Steele finally got her real estate license; it came with a promotion to Listing Agent, which meant she still wasn’t earning commission. She was three months now, heading quickly into her second trimester, and she was beginning to fret she wouldn’t be commissioned by the time the baby arrived in October.

She’s exhausted all the time, and with her parents constant bickering she feels like she’s losing her mind. She can’t move out and leave them, but she doesn’t want to raise her baby with so much anger in the home. She never gave it much thought previously, and she isn’t sure where this maternal disdain is coming from.

She can barely think of solutions though. It feels like the baby is draining her constantly, even when she wakes up she’s sore and tired.

She heard the second trimester is the honeymoon phase, which doesn’t mean much to Marta in the literal sense, but she’d greatly relish more energy and less nausea.


It’s all been a whirlwind, the engagement, the surprise pregnancy. She’s known Elias since she was in grade school, so he isn’t a stranger, but it’s still all come about quickly. She feels overwhelmed and a bit like she’s been tugged along behind a boat. It seemed one second they were discussing living arrangements after their wedding, and suddenly, she was all moved in with Elias on his parents’ farm.

She still didn’t have her career figured out. She’d waited years to get on at the newspaper, then settled for politics, only to get immediately fired. Now she was back with Eva planning events, and wondering if this was the best she’d ever get. What was even worse was that she enjoyed the party planning, and Eva was a great boss, but it wasn’t her dream.

Elias was occupied with the crops, it’d been a good spring which has made him terribly busy. It was good news for their own prosperity, but Julia felt lonely in the big farmhouse without her best friend, Alice or Elias to keep her company.

On top of it, Nicole was very kind, but sometimes Julia found her overbearing. She talked about fashion much too frequently for Julia’s taste, and she was really pressed on deciding on which room was best for the nursery. Julia preferred the sewing room, it already had cute sheep on the walls. It seemed Nicole liked the idea, but she kept going back to Lily-Mae’s room.

She began to look forward to when Elias was finished for the day, they’d meet out by the barn and steal a few moments together. Her friends had warned her it’d be difficult living with his parents, but she really hadn’t thought it would be. She hoped once the baby arrived things would settle into a nice rhythm.

If anything, she didn’t love Elias any less, and that brought her comfort.


Scarlett celebrates her 21st birthday with her Dad as he celebrates his 41st birthday. She’s always relished the time with her Dad, and sharing a birthday has always felt extra special.

This year, they meet up near campus to fish. The lake is nothing more than a stocked-pond, but it’s close to her dorm and away from the city. Quint is still adjusting to living in South Port instead of the quiet streets of Millwood, so he’s enjoying the quiet of EU which is quaint and charming.

Just last April, him and Miriam got engaged while on their first family trip with all the kids. Now they were wed and expecting. Quint knew Scarlett felt out of the loop and the tribulations of sharing a house with step-siblings. She’d say she was glad to not be there, but those growing struggles were a badge the kids would wear into adulthood, and Scarlett didn’t have that bonding time.

When it started raining they moved into the gazebo and talked. He invited Scarlett to spend the summer with him or at least part of it. She wasn’t sure; it felt awkward and none of her parents lived in her childhood home anymore.

She promised to think it over, because she really didn’t know where she was going to stay. She only had one year left after May, and then she really needed to get things figured out. It felt like choosing sides to pick one parent over the other, but she had no interest in being carted back and forth in some shared-custody attempt.

Perhaps she’d find a roommate and avoid the parent drama.

April Birthdays
*Delaney Schehl – 68
*Kenzie Goss – 68
Mary Gavigan – 64 (pnpc)
Trisha Lange – 63(pnpc)
Barbara Gray – 50 (pnpc)
Gideon Prince – 49
Quinten Siew – 41
Matthew Picasso – 40 (pnpc)
Henry Popper – 37 (pnpc)
Maeve Gavigan – 31 (pnpc)
Jaron Castellanetta – 30(pnpc)
Scarlett Siew – 21
Lily-Mae McCarthy – 19
Hatty Andersen – 9

April Anniversaries
Tim & Bekah Grimsley – 32
Enzo & Ginny Pacelli – 18 (pnpc)
Eva & Gideon Prince – 12

Miriam Siew-Dwyer – 5 months; due August
Erin Pacelli – 4 months; due September
Julia Millett – 3 months; due October
Marta Steele – 3 months; due October

Notes: I was SO happy Lauren had a boy! He is the first grandson for Delaney/Jared and Mary/Nathan (excluding Nolan, which they always do) so it’s a big deal! So far, I’d guess he looks like his Dad (lol), which would be cool, because Nolan is adorable! Now they need to get their job situation in order as Cade doesn’t have much of a nursery.

Julia and Nicole are friends, but Julia has zero interest in fashion, and it’s one of Nicole’s top subjects. I think they’ll be alright as time goes, but I can see Nicole overstepping boundaries too. She has the want for a baby, yet again! Which says to me she isn’t ready to be a Grandma again, she wants her own baby. Which she isn’t getting, they don’t even TFB. But it’s like her hearts desire.

Personally I love how Scarlett and her Dad are super close, and that they share a birthday is just extra sweet.

I tried allowing Paige to get pregnant, but she barely even tried so whatever. I’m trying to pop in each month for all these Moms who want babies to give them an honest go.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “april birthdays 2031”

  1. That’s a simming task that I’d find fun, popping into potential new moms’ lots to see if they TFB. It’s a good way to do it, too, so that the spacing of babies in the neighborhood isn’t just whatever spacing your full rounds fall at.

    It’s great that Cade is the first grandbaby (Nolan being sort of a son rather than grandson) so I would think he will not want for too much materially or emotional support-wise, even if his parents go through rough times. Some of the things they could go through, no one can shield him from, but at least they have a good support system. And it’s nice for Lauren to have that sort of status too. When I saw that she was in labor I couldn’t believe it was here and really going to happen.

    Scarlett’s majoring in economics, right? What are her job prospects? Maybe she’ll be able to get a roommate instead of choosing a parent. It was really sweet for her to have that time with her dad, and that they are close.

    1. I like popping in just for the reason you mentioned, having babies outside of scheduled rotation play. I have so many sims wanting babies, I need to get back into my game!

      Nolan is actually their grandson they don’t accept. Isaac said he didn’t Julia pregnant, and that was just the end of the story for them. It’s Julia’s parents that treat Nolan like a son. If Nolan comes forward, Lauren and Isaac’s parents are going to have a bit of a surprise, they all just trusted Isaac’s words back when he was a teen. (I’d say his parents put their heads in the sand honestly).

      Scarlett switched to music after being miserable her first year. She’s hoping to teach with it, or open a music shop. Something fun in that regard, I don’t know that I need her as a teacher exactly so she’s taking a risk which I don’t see panning out immediately (owning a shop, etc). I think a roommate would be her best option to avoid parents with hurt feelings, and neither parent actually has a room for her, so it’d be like summer camp, bunking up with strangers that just happen to be step siblings.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Julia’s naivety is both sad and kind of exasperating. Living with your in-laws is definitely not the same as living with friends or even random roommates. A baby might make it worse if Nicole feels like she knows best.

    The shared time and birthday with Scarlett and her father is wonderfully sweet. It makes a sort of worrying contrast with her situation with the rest of her family but has to be an absolute source of support too.

    Cade is gorgeous! He does have Isaac’s eyes.

    1. I hope things go well for Julia and Nicole, because they took out a lot of debt for this farm which is for Elias, so his future wife needs to play nice. I don’t really want to add to the lot to build a second house, which would just be more debt.

      I can’t wait to age Cade up, I think Isaac has pretty good genes because his son, Nolan is really adorable.

      Scarlett and her father have always been a soft spot for me.

      Thanks for commenting skyburned!

  3. Aw, congratulations to Lauren and Isaac!

    I hope Nicole might let Julia be the mother and not try to control everything and make the decisions.

    I can understand things being sad and hard for Scarlett to decide what she should do regarding her parents. I’m hoping she can manage to split time between both of them and make herself happy to be spending time with them in their separate lives.

    1. I hope things go well with Nicole and Julia too, I wish they had more interests in common which might make it a bit smoother.

      I’m hoping to find a good set up for Scarlett, I think it can be a struggle having divorced parents, but add terminally ill parent, and I think she’d be even more swayed to spend more time with her Dad. It’s not hard for her though, she’s a daddy girl through and through.

      Thanks for commenting Shana!

  4. I don’t think I realised that Quint was so young when Scarlett was born. I do think it’s really lovely how close they are. I hope she takes him up on his offer to stay with him for a while. It might make his place feel a bit more like a home to her if she stays there for a bit.

    Welcome to the world, Cade! Isaac is much more excited about him than I thought he’d be, considering his reaction to Nolan! That was obviously a long time ago though. I hope they get a little windfall and can give Cade a better nursery. 🙂

    Really looking forward to seeing how this arrangement with Julia and Elias living at his family farm shakes out! I can see Julia growing to love it or growing even more bored and isolated. I hope it’s the former, for everybody’s sake!

    1. Yeah they got married and pregnant immediately after community college. Their class was my only group to do the 2-year college gig before I dumped the lot. I always intended to go back to create a better version, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.

      Isaac has surprised me, he is really embracing the Dad role. He didn’t even roll fears of the diaper changing, which I definitely expected. I mean there’s still time, but I’ve been pretty impressed.

      I hope Julia loves the farm too. I really thought she’d thrive in this setting, and not to be too wigged by it too. I mean she grew up with her grandparents, so it’s essentially the same scenario her own Mom lived. Her and Nicole are really lacking in conversation commonalities, hopefully they find some common ground soon.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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