baby makes three

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Isaac (31 years), Lauren (28 years), Cade (2 weeks)

narrated by: Isaac

Cade came home from the hospital, feisty and pink, his little fists banging angrily at the air as we drove him home. However, once he got home, he seemed much happier. I could see Lauren tense on the drive, thinking we were in for a rough ride. She doesn’t realize how ‘in’ I am for this parenthood gig.

I’d been afraid to have a second son, thinking a daughter might be easier. No one in my life knows Nolan is my son, even Lauren believes my adolescent lies. Julia had urged me to be brave, to tell the truth, but I’d been terrified. Even still, I had wanted my parents to know, they always seemed to know when I was lying, how could I have known they’d never figure it out.

Everything had spiraled. Julia had wanted to try and make a go of it, me, her, and Nolan. Perhaps everything would have been better for all of us if we had, but holding Cade now, I can’t wish my choices away. In college, I’d confessed to my girlfriend, Lainey how I wanted to be involved with Nolan, but I was not welcome in the Millett home.

I can’t change things from my past, but I can be there for Cade now. I don’t want him to be in my predicament and have no one supporting him.

Lauren is ready for this too, even if she doesn’t believe in herself. We aren’t the poster parents, but we are gonna be a helluva lot better than most.

Everyone wants to meet Cade, so we spend our weekends hopping from one parents’ house to another. My parents were first. My Dad has become a big softy in his elder years. He dotes on Margot and now Cade, if he’d been more gentle when I was a teen, I might have felt safer confessing everything.

He never was the one to run the household though, Mom’s always been the tyrant.

She loves the grandkids as well. Perhaps in her older age, she’s found a way to harness calmness. She doesn’t seem as angry as she did when I was growing up. Because she never admitted Nolan as being my kid, Ezra doesn’t have to deal with my past mistakes being held over him.

He dotes on his girlfriend, and they make out in plain sight, and neither of our parents say a word.

I feel bad, noticing him shield himself from the football, realizing Isaiah and myself have dropped the ball with our baby brother. One of us should have came around more, teach him how to throw some pigskin.

Isaiah and Maeve are still trying for a baby, she’s the perkiest person I know. Months into their attempts, and she still feels this is the month. It’s exhausting being around someone always so perky.

Neither of us are ready for another baby, Cade was just born, but I like the spacing of Margot and Cade’s age. I think we could handle it, if we can get our finances in order. We rented our apartment with hopes of it being a great place to have a baby, but the neighbors are loud all hours, which is disruptive to all of us, plus Cade doesn’t have a window in his room. We didn’t think it’d matter, but we really feel it does now that’s he’s here.

Lauren’s parents are amazing. They come by during the week, Lauren still laid off from her cocktail position, and they bring groceries. Jared is happy to hold Cade while Lauren showers and I clean things up a bit.

Delaney preps two weeks worth of dinners for us, something she’s done for her other kids as well. There is a perk to having a celebrity chef for a mother-in-law. She makes all of Lauren’s favorite dishes, and I can’t complain, she’s always had good taste in food.

Jared is happy to occupy Cade until he dirties his diaper. He says with his four kids, he’s done enough diaper-duty to last a lifetime. Surprisingly, I don’t mind changing his diaper, I really thought I might, but it’s no big deal.

When her parents leave, both of us feel refreshed. I’m hoping the job thing works itself out, Lauren is positive she’ll have her position back once she’s passed maternity leave. She’d like to save up and buy the nightclub one day, and I really think she could rock it.

While I was beginning to regret quitting the grocery store position, I found an ad for ‘coffee courier’ at Larch Publishing & Broadcasting which houses several different businesses. It paid less than the party mascot gig, but it’s a real job.

I’ve been mildly interested in business, especially for the money that can be made, I’m hoping I can work my way up the corporate ladder. Be a real average joe with a nice house one day with a yard for Cade and maybe a little sister as well.

Notes: I placed the Flamingo Nightclub back in my game, so Lauren can begin working again once it becomes an owned lot. In the meantime, I’ve placed her as a cocktail waitress in the slacker field and put the jobstopinator on her. Isaac matches well enough for business, paired with his fortune aspiration, I can see this new job being a risk he’d be willing to take. He also has the want to own a business, which in my mind, is for Lauren and her nightclub.

Isaac and Lauren both have an IFS of 2, so I imagine we will see another one from them in the future. I think one of each would be pretty cute for them, but we will see.

Gavigan family, 2031

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5 thoughts on “baby makes three

  1. What a mess with Isaac and Nolan and everyone involved, but what an adorable little boy. From your note it sounds like Lauren will begin putting their finances back together pretty soon, and now Isaac is motivated and sees a hopeful future.

    Ezra will probably manage just fine without being able to throw a football but it’s kind of a rite of passage so it’s understandable that Isaac have regrets about not being there for him.

  2. It’s nice hearing Isaac so hopeful, with the birth of Cade. He doesn’t sound like he’s letting regret impact him negatively, but positively instead. It makes me look forward to their next update!

    What a great idea having Delaney come over to cook!

  3. The family looks so cute together in that last picture!

    It’s good that Isaac is happy to be a father and to take care of his kids, and not be afraid of actually being a dad now. It would be nice if he could get involved with his other son’s life, but it seems that he’s not ready to admit that part of his life.

  4. Yikes, I don’t think I realised (or remembered) that Lauren doesn’t know about Isaac being Nolan’s dad. Given Nolan’s recent interest in his parentage, this could go badly. It’s nice to see he seems genuine in his feelings about Cade though.

    Isaac and Lauren are both taking to parenthood better than I thought they would, actually! I’m impressed. I’m very glad they’ve got all that grandparental support available to them as well.

    The family portrait is adorable! I kind of love it when I have a smallish family for my “big” portraits. The huge ones are fun but there’s a nice intimacy with the smaller ones (and they’re a lot easier to pose, from a practical standpoint).

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