may birthdays 2031

The youngest Pacelli grandbaby, Antonia celebrates her first birthday surrounded by family. She won’t be the youngest much longer with Erin due in four months. She enjoys the limelight in the meantime, and everyone is sure she will be fast friends with her newest cousin in due time. Besides, Ginny knows Erin’s little pride and joy won’t be the youngest for long, as she’s expecting again, due in January. It wasn’t quite the Christmas surprise she was aiming for, but January will do just fine.

She has always found her son to be the most easy child to raise, but she enjoys dressing a daughter in dresses again. She’s hoping for another girl this time so Antonia has a sister to grow up with, especially with Gemma turning sixteen in the fall.


Miriam Siew enters her third trimester just as the bells are winding down for the school year. She received her class list from Lucy just the other day, one of the last things her long-time boss and even better friend Lucy would do as principal before retiring. She was only going to have two students next fall, two new boys while all her current class graduated to first grade.

It made it easier to miss the first semester, and it would likely make it easier on her temp. Rosabella as well. Mostly though, Miriam was caught up in the emotion of wishing Lucy well in her retirement.

She’d been there for her marriage with Marcus, the twins pregnancy, his cheating and divorce, and now her happily ever after, because that’s how it felt even if it was limited in time.

Lucy insists Miriam keep in touch with her, and she can’t help but coo at the baby she’s known Miriam has wanted for sometime. Boy or girl, Lucy knows the baby is a blessing to her family, and she’s sad to miss out on watching it grow and walk these halls just as her own kids and Miriam kids have done.

Miriam promises, and she insists Lucy continues the tradition of tea in late July before the school year starts and the baby arrives, both their schedules are open, as neither will be there on the first day of school when the bell rings.


Oliver McCarthy graduates with his Masters in Educational Administration.

Lucy comes up to his classroom to congratulate him. Secretly, she was rooting for Miriam to take her position; she can’t help but root for strong women in leadership roles, however it’s as it should be. Miriam was living her best life, and the extra responsibility would only tug her from her family. She easily congratulates Oliver on his accomplishment and new position.

Lucy remembers teaching Oliver as a student, it seems impossible for so much time to have passed in these halls and with so many renovations over the years. She gives him some advice, and encourages him to actually use the funds set aside to redecorate her office. It really should be his office once he sits behind the desk in the fall.

She wishes him and Brooklyn good luck in all their endeavors including trying for a baby, which hasn’t happened as quickly as they’d have liked. Retirement feels a bit like saying goodbye to her own children, but she knows she’s left Longfellow Elementary in good hands.


Willa Grimsley graduates with a 3.2 GPA in Art. She’d still like to pursue modeling and clothing design, although she feels as though she’s frittered most of her youth away with parties and boys. She’s not cutting them out of her life, but she’d like to actively pursue her dreams. She’s looking for an apartment with fellow classmate, Evie. They need a three bedroom, because her best friend, Bea is moving in with them as soon as she graduates EU in two years.

Currently unemployed as she looks for her next big gig.

Dean Goss graduates with a 2.2 GPA in Psychology. His GPA dropped after his long-time girlfriend, Evie cheated on him. After their break-up, he went on to study couples counseling in hopes to repair their relationship, but Evie wasn’t interested. He’s moving back in with his parents and heading back to the South Port police station, where he worked as a teen before university.

Evie Jitmakusol graduates with a 3.3 GPA in Political Science. She knows cheating on Dean was wrong, but she doesn’t regret breaking up. While she dated Michael Popper at the dorm, she’s not planning to keep seeing him. She feels too young to settle down, and before the break-up, she’d only ever dated Dean. She needs to test herself in the world before relying on a man even if it makes her a villain in her peers’ eyes. Thankfully Willa doesn’t judge, so they’re going to find a place and tackle these young adult years together.

She’s found a position as a door-to-door poller.

Jett Picasso graduates with a 3.2 GPA. His college career has been tumultuous with Riley getting pregnant after a one-night stand, moving in with a near stranger, then coping with her depression. His academics were able to make a recovery after Riley and their daughter, Quinn moved back to Millwood.

He has been working hard through university for his daughter, he plans to care for Quinn even if he and Riley didn’t work out. He isn’t sure if they’d ever get back together, but he is currently seeing sophomore Clara Sumner. It might feel early, but he’s beginning to think she could be the one.

He’s been begging Willa and Evie to allow him to use Bea’s designated room until she needs it, as he’d rather be homeless than live with ether of his crazy parents again. So far they are undecided, saying it will depend on the place they find.

He’s working as a coffee shop sound engineer, which lamely means he keeps the tunes flowing and sets up for the weekend musicians.

Both of Jefferson High graduates were assigned to the newly renovated Linden Hall, they don’t have their dormmate assignment, but they requested one another.

Jake Grimsley graduates Jefferson High with a 52 SAT score, qualifying for half tuition much to his parents excitement. They’re police and military careers don’t quite pay as much as they’d like although their daughter, Lulu not attending college did help them financially.

Jake is going for a Literature major intending to be a publisher one day.

Monroe Woodfolk also graduates Jefferson High with a 35 SAT score, he qualified for the Quigley Arts Stipend and the Young Entrepreneurs Award. His parents were surprised he wanted to attend, and he owes it all to Ella for inspiring him. However, he’s pretty sure his perfect career is somewhere along the lines of slacker, and he isn’t sure he really belongs at EU. It’s too late now, and he figures he will focus on music and the entertainment industry, because even as he never exactly aspired for it (much to his brother’s annoyance), he’s a natural.

Monroe is studying for an Art major with an emphasis in music, and he already misses his girlfriend, Vivienne.

May Birthdays
Merrill Millett – 77 years
Isabella Martinez – 53 years (pnpc)
Leah Millett – 52 years
Dave Brewer – 47 years (pnpc)
Avery Fink – 36 years (pnpc)
Oliver McCarthy – 34 years
Rachael Darling – 25 years
Jill Popper – 23 years (pnpc)
Milo London – 21 years
Holden Grimsley – 17 years
Eden Fink – 17 years (pnpc)
Lucy Steinman – 14 years (pnpc)
Tillie Andersen – 11 years
Antonia Pacelli – 1 year (pnpc)

My Anniversaries
Luca & Nadia Browning – 8 years
Daniel & Meme Blackshire – 8 years
Warren & Jessica Dennis – 4 years
Oliver & Brooklyn McCarthy – 2 years

Miriam Siew-Dwyer – 6 months; due August
Erin Pacelli – 5 months; due September
Julia Millett – 4 months; due October
Marta Steele – 4 months; due October
Ginny Pacelli – 1 month; due January

Notes: Of course Ginny had to one-up Erin and have yet another baby. This is it for her! I need to get her tubes tied or something, she’s SO quick!

It was sad for me to have Lucy say goodbye to the students and the teachers. She’s been the elementary teacher for the entire time I’ve played the schools. I need to fill the high school science and 4th-6th grade. Rosabella is a candidate, then Simon and Scarlett once they graduate EU in the future.

I think Willa is very pretty. I went a bit heavier on the makeup for her with her modeling aspirations. I could imagine her having a killer Instagram account if it was available in TS2.

I promoted Evie to playable, I adore her, and I don’t judge her for cheating on Dean. It seems common for family sims to pretend to be romance sims during university; I’m sure she will settle down.

I was surprised Jett seems really enamored with Clara Sumner. We will see how he feels once he’s moved in back in South Port, and she’s still at EU. I was a bit disappointed for Riley, who was booty calling him during her Dad’s birthday party recently.

Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “may birthdays 2031”

  1. Lucy seems so wistful, not wishing to turn back the clock but perhaps slowing it down a bit. It must feel strange to congratulate Oliver when he was a child under her tutelage. The young graduates, current students and rising newcomers are such an interesting mix. I guess I understand Willa and Evie’s reluctance to let Jett temporarily stay in Bea’s room but hope they work it out. I’m sympathetic.

    These updates are always great!

    1. Yes, Lucy’s wistfulness is definitely a piece of my own, if only time could slow a bit. She’s really been apart of the community, and she knows about every single sim under the age of 40. I think Oliver will do a good job, but it definitely won’t be the same.

      I really would like to build/find an apartment that Jett can stay with the girls for a bit in. I’d like to get to the bottom of his wants and feelings between the two ladies. I don’t think he’d string Riley along if he wasn’t interested, so I need to figure that out. I haven’t had time to look through my hood to see if I have an adequate place.

      Thank you for commenting skyburned!

  2. Whoa, that must have been a real surprise for Ginny! Especially because she’s a little older too, right? Antonia is super cute though.

    Happy Retirement to Lucy! That’s a real end of an era but I’m sure Oliver will do an amazing job too.

    How cute are Jake and Monroe! Especially Monroe – I like the scruff and the beanie on him!

    You’re so right about Family sims and uni! Evidence: my Matthew, lol! I’m sure Evie will settle down happily with someone when she’s ready.

    1. Ginny tries to get pregnant every single time I load her lot, she makes me crazy. She is older, she’s 44 now. Antonia is cute, and she may be sweeter than Gemma, but I can’t quite recall.

      I hope Lucy has a nice retirement, and maybe her kids can settle down and give her grandkids at some point. Mostly Alice and Itzel, seeing they’re older and graduated with careers.

      I love the scruff on Monroe too! He’s such a cutie, and I always think Jake looks like a pretty boy! He has the longest in-game lashes ever on a male for my hood.

      I agree on Evie, I think she will settle down with someone nice, although it might be a townie, because I’m limited on my males.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Funny that Ginny’s so fertile even as she gets older. If I remember correctly, you randomize that to some extent rather than just using the default or ACR settings? Antonia is cute and I like her distinctive little jawline.

    Willa is striking! I’m excited about her rooming with Evie, and Evie being playable. Evie is one of my favorites too. I still think a lot of the relationship drama was due to the new restart of Millwood, but maybe they would have been like that even in the old Millwood.

    I’m also disappointed for Riley, since she seems like she was coming around to Jett and getting herself back together in general.

    1. Ginny is ridiculously fertile. I roll for them to have a random number until they reach forty, then I use the ACR settings, because it will naturally decrease as they age, which is better than my static percentage. Apparently, she’s gotten a boost in her old age, which can happen, as women have an increased chance for multiples before menopause. But she’s done. She’s had more than she was supposed to, and now she has to raise the ones she has. It is nice for her kids to come in groups of two though, so they have someone to grow up with.

      I agree, Willa is very pretty. She was an adorable toddler, and it’s like she was told she was beautiful all her life, because she has that kind of arrogant air about her. You know, Evie and Dean could be with the whole restart of Millwood, but I do recall her straying a bit before the rebuild, so I don’t think it was meant to be for them. Family sims can kinda lose their minds at university, I still am surprised Oliver rolled to sleep with three different sims, and had the stinking ROS to fulfill his highest want. But I did enjoy the ride, and I think him and Brooklyn are dolls together.

      I’m very disappointed for Riley. I’m hoping to build/find a place for Willa, Evie, and Flint to live together, so I can see how his wants play out. Perhaps being an adult instead of a student now, he’ll roll wants for Riley again. It was all a one night stand though that created Quinn so it’s hard to say.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Do you think you’ll have an “influencer” or Instagram-like career for your sims? I’ve been thinking about that for some time with at least one of my sims and, since we’re playing the game in 2019, it feels appropriate, especially for the teens and young adults.

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