june birthdays 2031

Trent Lange celebrates his 60th birthday this month. He was hoping one of his daughters would announce they were pregnant, but it isn’t the case. His eldest Paige hasn’t tried since she lost her first pregnancy, and while Brooklyn is trying, she’s also trying to schedule it around school breaks, which hasn’t panned out yet.

He loves having Colleen as a grandchild, he’d just like a few more before he’s too old to enjoy them. He isn’t planning to retire from his career, as he’s president of the company, he can have the time off he needs.


Erin Pacelli enters her third trimester, just in time for summer heat to be an annoyance. The kids are on summer break, and they intend to swim every day they can make it. She’s planning to start her maternity leave early, so she can have time with the kids before the baby arrives.

They still don’t have a baby name. Nico really would like an Italian name, and she isn’t exactly opposed, but she doesn’t like the fanciful sounding names he keeps suggesting. It’s all foreign, discussing baby names, as Colin never cared to participate, but it’s a happy disagreement.

Erin is due in September.


Maeve takes a pregnancy test, leaving Margot alone for ten minutes. It’s just enough time for Margot to high tail it straight to Carl’s food dish. The more Maeve deters her from playing with the dog’s food, the more Margot can’t resist.

It’s positive, doing math she’s due in February, again. The new baby and Margot will be exactly three years apart, give or take a day. Margot is the first to know, but Maeve is pretty sure she doesn’t understand in the least.

She’s relived Margot still naps, as the positive result really explains her current state of exhaustion.

Maeve is due in February.


Rebecca Siew celebrates her forty-first birthday, and she feels like her fertility clock is zeroing out. She invites Brian to meet her kids for the first time; they’ve been seeing one another for six months, since December so it’s not as sudden as her ex-husband and the kindergarten teacher.

Scarlett meets him first, arriving at the same time. She’s amicable, which isn’t a surprise to Rebecca.

Rebecca is thrilled to have someone share her birthday with her as the past two years have been lonely since the divorce.

Wyatt is less than thrilled. He stalks out of the room, staring Brian down as he goes. Brian doesn’t have much experience with kids, having none of his own, so he just ignores Wyatt.

Elodie listens to Brian talk about his work of building housecleaning robots, she’s not terribly interested. It feels more like a boring sci-fi read, and that isn’t her genre. Tyson however is immediately smitten, and he keeps interrupting with more questions.

Brian insists on helping Rebecca prepare the steaks for dinner, but he’s more of a happy distraction. She can’t help but compare him to Quint, who was never romantic or very handsy like this. Rebecca likes it, but she feels guilty for the comparisons in her head.

Dinner is a success, even Wyatt warms up with all the robot talk.

When they finish dinner, Elodie notices Dixie ate the last piece of steak. She’s sure her Mom wouldn’t really mind, she loves the cat as if it were her child, but she doesn’t tell her just the same.

It’s nice seeing her Mom happy, now they just need Scarlett to move back home after graduation, then their Mom would be over the moon. Elodie doesn’t think it will happen though, and she doesn’t blame her sister anymore. As Elodie grows up, she feels like she understands things more, one of them is her Mom. She hopes Brian keeps her Mom happy, but she’s realizing sometimes her Mom has high expectations.


June Birthdays
Trent Lange – 60 years(pnpc)
Nicole McCarthy – 58 years
Warren Dennis – 53 years (pnpc)
Marcus Dwyer – 50 years (pnpc)
Rebecca Siew – 41 years
Raina Bowers – 28 years (pnpc)
Perla Martinez – 25 years (pnpc)
Simon Millett – 21 years
*Vivienne Russo-Traver – 17 years
*Cicely Russo-Traver – 17 years
Ainsley Andersen – 15 years
Isla Andersen – 14 years
Mavis Browning – 8 years
*Dax Holmes – 8 years
*Evan Holmes – 8 years
Quinn Gray – 2 years (pnpc)

June Anniversaries
Finn & Nicole McCarthy – 40 years
Charlie & Cara Grimsley – 21 years
Benjamin & Grace Andersen – 19 years
Henry & Catherine Popper – 13 years (pnpc)

Miriam Siew-Dwyer – 7 months; due August
Erin Pacelli – 6 months; due September
Julia Millett – 5 months; due October
Marta Steele – 5 months; due October
Ginny Pacelli – 2 month; due January
Maeve Gavigan – 1 month; due February

Notes: First post of the new round is pretty easy! Rebecca wants to have a baby, and she wants to marry Brian. He has not rolled those wants, but he does roll wants for her. It’s just like Rebecca to push things forward too quickly, Quint went along with it when they were in college together, but I’m not sure she can push Brian to move faster. I know she wants that fifth baby, but I’m not going to force Brian without the want, as I mentioned before, he liked some other sims in the hood too. (Not that he’s getting them necessarily!)

I didn’t realize until I was writing this update that Maeve’s daughter Margot is also born in February.

I have no idea what names I’m using for Erin’s baby. I have a ton of names written down but none feel right.

It’s fun having so many pregnant sims! I’m excited to play so we can get them born.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “june birthdays 2031

  1. Wow lots and lots of babies! I feel for Trent-so many grandparents want more grandchildren and feel a bit disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Erin seems to be doing well despite the sort of..searching for a word and can’t find it..situation with Colin. Maeve and Margo are wonderful! She already has her hands full though – I adore the pic with Margo eating the dog food. I don’t know about Brian and Rebecca. She comes off as a little desperate which is a turn off but the relationship looks sweet and mutually warm. The positive reactions from the kids are a good sign too. Has anyone ever tried to talk Rebecca down from that ‘must have it now’ ledge?

    And that last pic with the cat on the plate is great! Not only the counter, but the actual plate!

  2. The next nine months will be fun with all the new babies arriving in your hood!

    I laughed at Margot playing with the dog food. I know what it’s like to have to deal with that! πŸ˜‰

    It’s good that the kids are entirely rejecting Brian immediately. I’m glad that Wyatt did warm up to him a little at dinner. It is a good start at least! πŸ™‚

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