sunny days

june 2031
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Elise Schehl (33 years), Peter (31 years), Irina (2 1/2 years)

narrated by Elise

When Irina was first born, there was a struggle for balance, and I feared returning to work would add even more chaos to our life. Thankfully it hasn’t been the case, as Irina grows, it’s become easier. I was promoted to Events Manager with the agency, and it’s been great being the boss. I was exhausted trying to find my position in the company after maternity leave, and I’ve finally earned recognition.

Peter works less hours than me, so I come home at five o’clock, and I find them in pajamas.

Peter has been working with Irina to use the potty, and it’s going fantastic. I always hear girls are easier to potty train, and I have zero experience with boys, but Irina has been a breeze. Soon we can cross diapers off of our budget, and I’m looking forward to it.

When I’m home, I get her dressed. I won’t miss changing diapers, but I will miss dressing her. I’m hoping she likes cute clothes as much as I do.

Peter doesn’t enjoy Graphic Design, and he often wants to quit to pursue selling art. He’s the dreamer in our family, and we simply can’t afford for him to just quit his well-paying job to follow a whim.

His cousin Zeke got him the position; it’d look poorly on Zeke if he quit. Peter disagrees, saying he’s done enough time for it to not be the case. We have different standards when it comes to careers and obligations. While I support his artwork, I don’t feel comfortable losing his income at this juncture.

Peter couldn’t find a way to follow his dream without me. I work with him to come up with a plan, just to see if his artwork could be lucrative. Irina is going to need a college education, and I’d like to pay it for her, so I need him to be on my team.

I come up with a plan to scope out local art exhibits, with the hope he can sell his works there. This would give him a local avenue which might help with such an overwhelming source of art available online.

We decide to make it a date night, and he has his twin sister, Meg babysit Irina. Her and Jaron absolutely adore her, and their daughter Rosemary is getting big; she’s ten months old already!

Peter is adorable, he’s always going over rules for Irina as if Jaron doesn’t know what he’s doing. Thankfully Jaron takes it like a champ.

Irina doesn’t even cry when we leave. I’m glad she’s comfortable with her extended family, and I hope both the girls grow up to be best of friends.

We hit a few locations, but our favorite is in the Old Town Square, they are elite, only allowing a few artists at a time.

They have canvas as well as sculptures, which means a varied customer base. I’m not really into the same art as Peter, or art much at all. It’s fine enough, but I like sports, analysis, charts, and polls.

What I like even less than pretentious art, is the people who want to buy such art. I met Cole London, apparently he used to be the Mayor, and he owns a law firm. I’m really not sure why he went on so with me, I was plainly uninterested in his topic choices. Good luck to Peter, having to deal with upper crust art enthusiasts.

Afterward, Peter wanted to know everything he said. I promised I did talk him up, discussed his art in ways Peter has before, so I know it was authentic vocabulary. As his art wasn’t on display though, Cole wasn’t really interested.

By the end of the night, he was offered to sell a small set of paintings to test the customer base. Peter is thrilled, while I’m cautiously excited.

We celebrated with dinner and too much wine. Thankful there are cabs all over town so we could get Irina without driving ourselves.

That upcoming weekend was hot, so Peter went out to buy a sprinkler for us. Irina was not sure about the splashing water; she really doesn’t like it in her face.

I threw her in the air, allowing the water to splash her back on the way down until she got used to the temperature.

She ended up really enjoying herself with it, although she wouldn’t look in its direction at all.

In the end, we had a wonderful day out in the sun, playing in the water. Before we know it, I’m sure we will be at the pool, teaching her how to swim.

When Peter is at work, and I have a day off, I’m never quite sure what to do with my time. Peter has such a large family plus extended family, so he always has someone he can call or meet up with, but that isn’t the case for me. As much as I’ve made friends with his sisters, it’s not the same loyalty I’d have in my own friend.

So on my day off, I tell Irina all about plans to make friends at the park. She seemed to be really listening and interested which was a fun surprise.

We walked across the street to the park, something we’ve done many times in the past year, but this time there was a Mom about my age I’d guess with a son.

She had an older daughter who called her away, and I got Irina set up, telling her to play nice.

When she came back around, she introduced herself as Lorelei, owner of The Red Mill. I wished we’d celebrated Peter’s art gig with wine there instead of the Pacelli’s, then I could have said we’d just been!

While we talked about where we lived and the age of our kids, Irina let out a shout which made us both laugh.

The kids seemed to enjoy playing next to one another, and I thought it was good fortune to meet Lorelei. I was thinking maybe we could be friends when I realized she was Zeke’s sister. We don’t see the extended side of the family much at all, and we’d never been to an event at the same time as her.

It was fun chatting with her nonetheless, and we did exchange numbers. Otto and Irina really hit it off, and she said that has never happened for him before. I guess he’s incredibly shy and totally attached to his big sister, Penelope. I thought that was really cute, but it wasn’t enough to make me want another baby. Lorelei said she was done with babies too, so it was nice to have that in common.

Irina was exhausted afterward, so I put her to bed. I worked on an upcoming event at the center, and sent Peter photos of Irina with her new pal, Otto.

Notes: Peter sold a masterpiece, and immediately he wanted to quit his job. This isn’t the first time he’s rolled it, but he makes $1000 a day! That is good money, whereas Elise only makes $600 a day. They really can’t afford for Peter to quit, but she wouldn’t want to stifle his dreams either.

Lorelei was at the park, so I pulled her kids in. Otto and Irina hit it off, I was surprised he accepted her hug. Peter is related to just about every family in town, so I thought it was funny she was making friends with his cousin. Elise did have the want for a friend, so I’m glad she was able to get it done.

I can’t wait for Rosemary to age to toddler, I hope Irina and her cousin are good friends. I wish toddlers could interact with infants, it’s too bad they can’t.

Thanks for reading and good luck to any friends participating in NaNo!

8 thoughts on “sunny days”

  1. I love this chapter so much! The careful planning, verging on worry, combined with the optimism and hope create an interesting mood, very realistic, I think. And all the pics are so beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much CT, I appreciate it! And I’m glad the photos show for you! I cannot figure out why they show for some and not others. I like this little family, they’re a fun group with a cute little toddler. I was pleased with how cute their daughter turned out to be! Thanks for commenting!

    1. Thanks for commenting and letting me know about the photos. I’m not sure what is going on, I do have open help asks, but thus far it seems no one knows. My hosting is changing me to a new server in the next 10 days, and I’m crossing my fingers it’ll fix it. We will see, if worse case I’ll host the blog on my domain, hoping/assuming of course that the issue is with and the plugins they force upon us.

  2. Sadly for Peter, the masterpieces in Sims 2 never sell for as much as they do in 3 or 4! He could quit his job quite easily if they did and they’d probably end up wealthier than they are now.

    It was nice for Elise and Lorelei to run into each other at the park. Maybe they can do it again or even make a regular habit of it, seeing Otto and Irina get along so well.

    Gosh, it would be adorable if toddlers could talk to babies or something! I don’t think they’ve added that to any of the games.

    1. It takes WAY too long in TS2 for the creative careers to make a piece of coin. True if they were like TS3 or 4, then they’d be in a better place. I still haven’t finished decorating their house, because they don’t have the cash for it. Their house was gutted when they moved in, so it cost a good amount just to get it livable.

      I’m hoping Elise and Lorelei can become friends; they both live by one another and Elise needs a friend. Peter is related to too many people in the hood.

      I would love for toddlers to be able to talk to babies! It’d be SO cute! Or even just give them a kiss or play with the toys with the babies. It’s unfortunate that babies are rather static (although nothing like the original TS4, wow). Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Yes, toddlers talking to babies would be so cute!! How soon will Rosemary age up? It is fun seeing your sims meet new people in the neighborhood (new to them,) like with Elise meeting Lorelei. They do seem to have a lot in common and I wonder if Irina and Otto will be good friends as they grow older. Will they go to the same school?

    1. Rosemary ages up in September, I just finished that birthday post (photos) recently. I still have to do Lorelei’s update for August (play), so I did it out of order, but I was excited to see her age up. I’d love for Irina and Otto to be good friends, maybe even date. 😉 I always wonder about future couples with my newest generations. They will go to the same school, but they won’t be in the same grade. All of my sims go to the same schools, I consider private school kids to be AP classes, as I didn’t want an actual private school. I want everyone to get to know everyone if possible. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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