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three near strangers

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june 2031
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Evie Jitmakusol (22 years), Willa Grimsley (21 years), Jett Picasso (21 years)

narrated by: Jett

The girls graciously allowed me to move in temporarily while Bea finishes college; she has two years left so it gives me some time to get my feet under me.

I believe it was mostly to help pay for the apartment, but I don’t begrudge them in the least. They saved me from having to move back in with either of my terrible parents, and for that I’m truly grateful.

I’ve been seeing Clara Sumner, it started on the downlow, but we are both comfortable sharing our relationship now. It was mostly me who wasn’t certain at the start. It’s complicated having a daughter, and trying to figure out if there is anything permanent with a one-night stand.

I had tried to make it work, but I think we are both better off figuring ourselves out separately, but being good parents together.

We usually just hang out at my apartment as she’s staying with her parents until her dorm reopens in the fall. She graduates in two years with Bea, if things go as planned, perhaps we will move in together then.

Things with Riley are going well. She’s working at Zoe-Gen Bridal, which is about the best she could hope for with her fashion designer aspirations and zero college degree. She still wants to work on us, but she knows about Clara so I don’t feel like I’m misleading her.

Quinn loves my new apartment, I made a corner in my room that is designated just for her. As soon as Riley drops her off, she runs straight to the room to play.

I never feel overwhelmed caring for her by myself. I give her baths, feed her dinner, and get her tucked into bed. It’s really been great having her spend weekends with me.

I get along great with Willa despite that she used to date my brother, and I used to date her best friend Bea. It seems as we’ve all grown up, we’ve been able to forgive and move forward to friendship. Some people think Willa is crazy, but she’s a woman who knows what she wants, and I think there’s something great about that.

I wasn’t sure how’d she do when Quinn came to stay. The first time Quinn fussed at her, I cringed in the living room.

But she didn’t get upset in the least! She just scooped her up, got her a drink, and even played with her. She told me to chill out, because she has a nephew, Silas, and she’s great with kids. I would have thought it was an empty brag if I hadn’t witnessed it myself.

Evie is my other roommate, but none of us see her very often. She started the month out as a door to door pollster, and she’s already been promoted twice. She’s always been academically tenacious, and it seems to be paying off in the work field.

She studies politics and laws all hours of the night. When I first was accepted to live here, I thought she was very pretty, and while I still believe she is, I know we aren’t a good match.

She cooks dinner very late, and then eats by herself. Willa says she likes time to herself, but when I’ve come out of my room to use the restroom, I think she looks lonely.

I did witness her accepting flirts from a scrubby guy upstairs, and I know he’s beneath her. Ever since she cheated on Dean, it feels like she throws herself into her work, but she isn’t taking time to address the issues plaguing her.

I did notice her talking with Simon Millett one afternoon when I came home with groceries. He’s still at EU, and I didn’t know they were even friends. I do know his girlfriend has cheated on him before, and he’s too nice of a guy to end up with her. Although with Evie’s past history, perhaps he shouldn’t be with her either.

Clara felt it was time to meet her parents, which I thought was premature. While I’ve considered living with her in two years, I still can’t completely dismiss Riley. Regardless, I accepted, as I do care about Clara.

Clara told me her Dad, Randall was a cool guy. So I thought he’d appreciate a cool guy gesture, but Clara told me later he definitely did not appreciate it.

Or perhaps it was my daughter he had an issue with. I can’t say I blame him, but if it doesn’t bother Clara, then I think he needs to let it go.

I thought it went better with her Mom, Helena. She’s a socialite wife while her husband is president of his own company. I don’t know what to talk about with these people, my Dad was a military-lifer, my Mom lives in a crappy apartment as she waits tables. Neither of them are respectable.

Both of her brothers came, and Chad seemed like a decent guy. Jason, her high school brother was more interested in his phone then a conversation. All in all, it was sort of terrible.

Chad is seeing someone named Bobbi, and Willa didn’t know. She thought he looked good, and when she tried flirting with him, he actually palmed her face.

I was relieved when they finally left, and Clara didn’t immediately break up with me. I wonder if she’s just seeing me to get back at her parents, but I don’t think so. She’s going to college for nursing, and she seems to genuinely be kind-hearted.

After everyone left, Quinn was pretty exhausted from meeting everyone. Clara calmed her down and even got her laughing. It seems too fast to be meeting her family, and I’m terrified to introduce her to mine especially my crappy twin brother. The only person I don’t mind her meeting is my half-sister, Ella, but that makes my Dad look even worse.

After I take Clara home, I come back home, and Willa is already making out with a new guy. She doesn’t waste anytime.

Two days later, and it’s another guy.

When she’s not occupied, we usually toss the football outside and talk. She’s actually great at throwing, I guess she always played with her little brother, Holden when she lived at home. I thought that was pretty great. She always surprises me in unexpected ways.

She doesn’t exactly like Riley, but she’s polite to her which I really appreciate. Everyone knows Willa doesn’t usually hold her tongue.

Moving in with them might have been a temporary gig, but I’ve enjoyed living with them way more than I anticipated. It’s been nice actually becoming friends with both of them too, and the added bonus of having a girl to talk with over my relationship dilemmas.

Notes: I played this sometime ago, and it was a bit of a crazy household. Willa and Jett really made fast friends, they like the same topics and pastimes.

While Evie was very focused on her career, and she ended up working second-shift, which meant she never saw her roommates. Her social went pretty low, and she wants a relationship.

Jett seems to favor Clara for a relationship. But he did woohoo with both Riley and Clara, as he’s a sim and he’s not technically in a relationship with anyone. Mostly though, he rolls wants for Clara almost entirely. If Riley is out of sight, she’s out of mind.

He did great taking care of Quinn though, I had her sleep over with him, and between him and Willa, she was a happy tot.

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “three near strangers”

  1. I can see the pictures! That seems like a very Uni Life family thing going on. I’m guessing Willa is a romance sim – I’m not up to date with your hood at the moment. I can see I have to rectify that!

    1. I’m so glad you can see the pictures Kiri! Thank you for posting and letting me know! Willa is a romance sim, and she was in the mood to meet some apartment neighbors and townies. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Well, it’s sort of working out for the three of them, better than they expected. I feel really bad for Jett and the awful meet-the-parents ritual. Too soon is right. He’s so anxious about making a good impression and so worried about how that impression is going to suffer when/if his own family makes an entrance that I wonder how well the relationship with Clara is really going to work out.

    I thought it was sweet that he picked up on Evie’s loneliness.

    1. I had a great time playing this roommate household, much more than I expected. I’ve never played Jett in a scenario like this, and he’s doing so well. As a child, he cried all the time, as a teen, he fought with his twin brother and step Dad all the time. And it’s nice to see him growing into himself, and just being aware and kind to Willa and Evie. And he’s been such a good Dad, which I thought was great too.

      I’m not sure how his relationship with Clara will go. She’s still at university, and either of them could find someone new, especially given their young ages.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. It’s great to hear that Quinn is well-cared for and happy, and at least through Jett’s perspective, Riley seems to be managing well. I usually feel a little impatient with sims (not much, but a bit) when they seem so ambivalent about their relationships, but you made a lot of sense of it especially with Jett having Quinn and a relationship which won’t be going away, with her mom. Poor Jett, sounds awkward about meeting Clara’s dad.

    I could see the pictures; as always, I really enjoyed your street scenes. I am amazed by how well yours come out with the sims 2 off-lot pixel-y look. And your new banner looks so good with the playable apartment building lit up at night!

    1. Hey Shannon, how are you doing? I tried catching up on blogs recently, and yours isn’t showing for me. Did you quit your hood? Or are you having issues with wordpress like I was having? Let me know if I can be of assistance, and I really hope you are well and enjoying your holiday break.

        1. Having technical difficulties entering a comment! Anyway I just checked out your new location pages with the maps and families with their homes; it is awesome! You’ve done so much with your rebuild!

  4. I haven’t had any issues seeing pics on your blog but I hope the problems have been solved for those affected now!

    Is Evie in the Political Strategist career (the one Pru finished for me) or just regular Politics? Door to Door Pollster is a level in both but I can’t remeber if it’s a teen only level in the regular career.

    Willa sure is busy, lol! Were they all just townies she was making out with?

    You know, as long as Jett is a good dad, I can’t blame him for preferring Clara over Riley. I also can’t blame Riley for wanting to work on things with him though. As a couple having a kid so young, it’s not necessarily surprising that things may not work out for them.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s the one Pru created for you, but I’m not entirely certain. I believe she matched better with the Strategist career. Willa was occupied with townies and the ones that lived in her apartment building. She seemed to like Jett actually, which surprised me, and she was fantastic with Quinn.

      It’s a complicated situation with Jett/Clara/Riley. For Quinn’s sake, it’d be great if they could make it work, and it’d be how I’d lean in playing, if he’d just go along with it. But he isn’t rolling the wants for Riley, which I find frustrating. However it works out though, I think it’ll be fun to play out and see what happens. I think Riley’s family is more down to earth than Clara’s though, especially with Jett’s own family drama.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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