july birthdays 2031

Meme and Daniel Blackshire’s daughter, Stevie celebrates her first birthday. Everyone exclaims she looks just like her Dad when he was little. Little Stevie absolutely adores their big dogs, especially Sif, who she’s always snuggling with when she gets the chance.

With Stevie turning one, and Jagger turning four in December, they’re both thinking it’d be nice to have another baby closer in age to Stevie.


It’s Miriam’s 48th birthday, and she’s 8 months pregnant, all she wanted was a messy breakfast burrito that she didn’t have to buy the groceries for, make, and then clean up. Without thinking, she requests Hazel’s Diner, because it was always one of her favorite places to eat before Quint.

When Rebecca shows up at her table, she tries to be polite, but she can tell Rebecca is faking her smile.

They aren’t ready to order, and Rebecca leaves. Instead of returning though, her boss and owner, Hazel comes to the table. She glares at Miriam the entire time, as if Miriam purposefully showed up, pregnant, flaunting her stolen family, which was completely not the case.

Miriam does her best to ignore her behavior. It was Rebecca’s weekend, and in her mind, she should have been home with the kids instead of picking up shifts. Heck, Miriam would have happily invited Quint’s kids to join them if she’d known they were just sitting back at the house.

They get their food, and she really hopes they didn’t take out their animosity in their dishes.

She enjoys spending time with her twins, and hearing their stories about summer break. She knows Shira and Asher will be a huge help when the baby arrives in a month, and she’s grateful to have them in her life permanently with Marcus mostly out of the regular picture.

She’s pretty lucky to have Quint too. Even he can’t deny his own excitement, and he was one guy who was pretty adamant about being done. But things are easier when two people make a decent living wage, and live within those means. He’s pretty sure Miriam is adding years to his life. The life-giver as opposed to his ex-wife, the life-sucker.


Marta Steele is six months pregnant, due in October. She feels like she’s been pregnant for a decade, and she can’t even stand wearing pants unless they are elastic and stretchy.

Her Mom disapproves of her lack of proper clothes, and it’s her Mom who pushes her to meet with Cole London to sign papers to protect her and the baby. It’s a donor Dad, and they need to make sure he can’t come in and try to be involved.

Marta isn’t entirely concerned, she doesn’t even know his name. But her Mom has seen articles about donors coming into the picture, one even trying to get full-custody.

It sounds like scare-tactics to Marta, and she can’t even care to put on real pants when she meets one of the wealthiest citizens in the county. Cole is very kind though, probably because he’s being paid handsomely. And he pushes some papers over to sign, which they’ll serve to the donor clinic. It’s a gag order, where they can’t release any of Marta’s information.

Marta goes along with it, but there is a piece of her which wonders if the baby might want to know their father, donor as he was. Perhaps it’s not entirely in her place to do such a thing, but her parents are old, and she can press this matter after they’re gone.


Julia Millett is also 6 months and due in October. They’re planning their wedding for November, and she’s adamant the barn would be a great place to hold the small ceremony.

Elias isn’t sure about a barn wedding, the place smells of hay and oil from the equipment. However, Julia is the career wedding planning, and if her and Eva say it can be done, then he believes in them.

Mostly he can’t believe they’ll be getting married with a one month old in their life. It seems like a definite crash course in adulthood, all the while living with his parents for the forseeable future. He’s glad Julia is okay with the arrangement.


Ginny Pacelli is three months pregnant, due in January. She’s teaching Antonia how to walk while she still has the energy. Her husband has insisted this is the last baby, now each of their kids have a playmate near to their age.

She doesn’t know how things will go for her sister-in-law Erin with her new baby, but she does know her babies are the absolute cutest in the world, and this new baby won’t be any different.


The day has finally come for Bethany to find her own place after spending the last decade living with her sister, Erin. Mallory is devastated, and it makes it all the harder for Bethany to leave. She’s always felt kindred toward her wild niece.

Zion happens to come by when she’s loading up her old Pinto, and on a whim, she decides to ask him to move in with her. They’ve been seeing one another for about a decade, and while they’ve both had their flings on the side, she doesn’t hate spending time with him.

She informs him this doesn’t mean marriage, and she doesn’t want anything to change. Zion doesn’t have an issue agreeing to these terms.

And so it’s on her 34th birthday when she finally gets a place of her own, though not all on her own.


July Birthdays
John Russo – 79 years
Miriam Siew – 48 years
Marta Steele – 41 years (pnpc)
Grace McCarthy – 41 years
Nico Pacelli – 39 years
Nadia Browning – 35 years
Meme Blackshire – 35 years (pnpc)
Michael Abbott – 32 years
Bethany Louie – 34 years
Hadley Millett – 30 years
*Julius McCarthy – 25 years
*Elias McCarthy – 25 years
Rafael Martinez – 23 years (pnpc)
Alex Welsh – 19 years (pnpc)
Nolan Millett – 13 years
Stevie Blackshire – 1 years (pnpc)

July Anniversaries
Grant & Leah Millett – 36 years
Etienne & Violet-Adele McCarthy-Bernard – 4 years

Miriam Siew-Dwyer – 8 months; due August
Erin Pacelli – 7 months; due September
Julia Millett – 6 months; due October
Marta Steele – 6 months; due October
Ginny Pacelli – 3 month; due January
Maeve Gavigan – 2 month; due February

Notes: Miriam really didn’t intend to show up at Rebecca’s work, because I actually took her to two different diners, and I had issues at both. So I was like oh! Hazel’s! And then all of that above happened. I don’t know why Hazel would glare so aggressively at Miriam, except out of a comradeship to Rebecca. It was awkward though. 

Side not though, I was humored that Miriam ordered a “healthy” breakfast burrito, while the twins both ordered fried chicken, and Quint got a slice of cake the size of his head.

Bethany’s new apartment tour went up on tumblr a bit ago. You can see it here if you missed it. Mallory was very sad she moved out, but I think Erin and Nico were happy to have some privacy especially with the baby arriving in two months.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “july birthdays 2031”

  1. Just after saying I hadn’t had any issues seeing your pictures, I look at this update and I can only see three of them! 😦 Some of them showed up when I right-clicked and clicked Load Image but most didn’t.

    I do feel bad for poor Miriam, though I can understand that she’d be the last person Rebecca wanted to see showing up at her workplace!

    I can’t believe Julia and Elias are so close to their wedding and baby! I’m keen to see how it all works out for them.

    1. I’m hoping you can see the photos now! It has been a frustrating voyage getting photos fixed, but I’m hopeful it’s all good now!

      Yeah, I can’t see Rebecca being happy to see Miriam, it’s awkward for both parties.

      I’m excited about Julia and Elias’ baby too, probably the wedding if I take time to think it through. I’ve been planning a barn wedding for Elias for years since I built it, so it’s finally approaching and I haven’t barely thought it through!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. So many pregnancies! Besides playmates in the families, there are a lot of potential playmates in the neighborhood too.

    That was one difficult, dramatic scene at the restaurant. The burritos must be wonderful to put up with that.

    I don’t know about planning on telling a baby about a donor father. I thought donors were promised anonymity. I can see the temptation though.

    The pictures are all great and show up beautifully!

    1. I’m excited about all the babies! It’ll be fun for the school, and also when they grow up, more options to date/marry!

      I’ve read a few articles with donor parents coming into their kids’ lives. One was interesting where he married the woman, and is now raising his kids. I haven’t looked into it much, but I felt Alberta (her Mom) would be worried about this unconventional way having repercussions.

      Thank you for commenting!!

  3. I can see all your pictures (and last time I logged in in early December I could see them). You are so persistent in troubleshooting, though!

    I am sure Miriam is actually adding years to Quint’s life- don’t things like aspiration level, happiness, etc figure into the calculations for your sims’ longevity and/or their health scores?

    Also, I didn’t realize it had been a whole decade of Millwood time that Bethany was living with Erin. You must have been so busy lately decorating everyone’s houses and apartments. The street views look amazing too with the custom signs and all the lighting.

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