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above average receptionist

july 2031
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Grimsley Household Profile
Charlie Grimsley (45 years), Cara (41 years), Lulu (20 years), Jake (18 years)

narrated by: Lulu

Jake moved into his dorm this month with his dormmate and previous bandmate, Monroe. He’s taking a few classes to get him prepared for the college sciences and math as he’s a master of the written language, but not so much the practical. I’m not a master of any academics, so he’s got my admiration.

He’s been coming home more frequently then any of us expected. I think he’s homesick, although he’s playing it off that he’s here for me. I admit, being an only child at home isn’t the easiest gig. I’m glad to have his company on my days off.

While we didn’t get along as kids, we’ve gotten along really well for the past few years. I miss him being around, with no one to pick on, it’s rather dull.

However, he’s using his scholarship money to pay for bus fare, and that isn’t right. So I booked a day with him out on campus, trying to see if I could get him to warm up to it more. We visited a cute cafe with a great vibe.

He saw a few girls he thought were good looking, so that was a good sign. To my knowledge, he still has a crush on the photographer from his senior prom, Meg Schehl. She was pregnant at the time, which mean she definitely has a baby now, and the whole thing is absurd, even if he is an adult now.

He seemed to be liking my points on living on campus, and being away from our parents. The more I talked it up to him, the more I began to miss him, and sort of wish I’d gone to college after all. It’s technically not too late, but I don’t even have an ambition.

For the first time, I got to see his room at Linden Hall, and I can see why he’s so depressed out here. He hasn’t decorated in the least, there isn’t a single piece of himself in the room, nor Monroe for that matter, but Monroe doesn’t move in until August.

I dictated a list to him, and he typed it up on his phone. We are going to get his room decorated in the next few months. I need a few paychecks before I can help assist him.

We were walking campus when it began to rain, so we darted into the student center. It was pretty empty, but a lady there said it was packed during the actual semesters. It seemed like a nice set up to kick back.

Our favorite pastime was always watching movies, so we threw one on in the lounge area, and we both agreed, he’d need his own television by fall semester. Anytime someone walked by in the hall, it was loud.

There’s a couple of students already in the dorm, and while I was getting a soda, he began to harass me.

Sure, technically I’m 20, but I’m almost 21, and while I could be a college student, I’m not. It felt weird. I’m no longer dating Clayton, he just fell off the face of the earth after I quit working at his pizza joint last year. I know from friends that still work there that he’s dating a woman named Yvette Carr, which is a dumb name. He’s a jerk, but even still, I’m not ready to start dating anyone new.

So I told him no when he asked me out, but I know where he lives, so maybe I’ll change my mind later.

I shot some hoops with Jake, who still throws like a little girl. I could tell he was getting sad it was almost time for me to leave, but I’m not enrolling in college anytime soon.

Would it be totally sad to just live in an apartment near campus, and enjoy the social life and activities without actually attending? Jake didn’t think so, but I can’t imagine not living at home currently, I really need a few promotions before I can even imagine living alone. Although I may live with my best friend Scarlett when she graduates, so there’s always that.

Without Jake at home, I have to play nice with Mom and Dad, because there’s no one always to smooth things over nor distract them. Dad’s been promoted to Lieutenant, which has been great for him and his hours.

Mom’s still in the military, she said she’ll retire when they force her out, which is still a few years away. I can’t believe how long they allow old people to linger in the military, but it pays well enough, and she’s happy. I can’t say I’ve ever been happy working, not the way my parents are with their careers.

They’re pretty happy with one another too, which I secretly adore. I don’t want them knowing I’m a softie at the end of the day.

Mom announced over breakfast that my big sister, Rachael was coming to dinner, and she was bringing a boyfriend, and that she had a surprise. Although Mom said she didn’t use that exact word, she’s reading in between the lines. I didn’t even know Rachael was dating anyone, but I’m never surprised seeing how beautiful she is.

I was surprised when I came home from work, and there was Dean Goss at my table with my sister. All through high school I had the hugest crush on him, I even tried making advances while he was still seeing Evie, who ended up cheating on him, so I clearly was the better choice.

But I suppose now, he’s gone with my eldest sister.

I held back my surprise. I haven’t spent the last two years pining over him, but I was still a bit hurt by it all.

They were barfingly adorable, but I still think Dean could have done better with me. Everything just comes easy for Rachael, and I’m tired of it.

Mom made dinner, and she even toasted them. Neither of my parents had any complaints, because Dean is a security guard, hoping to work his way into the police field, which is the Grimsley’s family duty. Naturally Dean fits in better almost instantly, then I’ve ever fit.

Dad and Rachael cleaned up, showing off their wonderful ability to be perfect, while I snuck into the bathroom for a breather.

After dinner, Rachael laid out her surprise, which by now we were all expecting to be pregnancy. But instead it was just that she’d taken a loan out to buy a studio to teach dance, primarily ballet.

I figured not being pregnant, meant she could announce anything else and Mom and Dad would approve, but Mom was skeptical.

This was something I could help with though, as my head boss, Cole London does some real estate law, and there was a studio on the north side of town which he’d just handed me the paperwork for.

Rachael was thrilled, and we made a date to go check it out together. Mom gave me a look which told me I better be sure it was worth Rachael’s time and money, but I ignored her. It’s very easy for me to ignore both of my parents. It was nice seeing Rachael smile and happy with me, I feel like the past few years we haven’t been very close.

While Rachael used the restroom and said bye to our parents, Dean asked me to speak with him outside. I was skeptical, but entirely curious, so I went. I was surprised when he apologized to me, for being a bit brash when he rejected my moves years ago, to dating my sister without a thought about my feelings on the issue.

I had to accept his apology, as if I hadn’t, I might not see my sister, and I already barely saw her as it was. So I accepted, told him lies, that it wasn’t a big deal, and I forced my most sincerest face of ‘this isn’t a big deal, why are you so weird?’

The next day Rachael picked me up from work, because she hates my jalopy, and we checked out the property. The woman who owned it only is selling because she wants to be have babies and stay home to raise them.

Instantly Rachael was in love, for $41,000 she could have a whole studio complete with equipment.

She tested out the barre immediately, while our realtor, Marta used the restroom for the third time. Clearly being pregnant meant bladders no longer held themselves together.

Rachael made an offer immediately, and it sounds like the studio is hers. She offered me a position as soon as she got the business off its feet, but I passed. I like working at London Law, and I had no inclination to dance or be a secretary when I could be a paralegal one day.

Rachael dropped me back off at work, and I got busy being an above average Law Firm Receptionist. I don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up, a Paralegal might be nice. All I know is a few more promotions, and I might get a place of my own, although deep down, I have it pretty good at my folks, and I’d feel sad taking Bagelface away from my Mom.

She acts like she’s a dog person, but I’ve seen her with him, and she’s smitten.

Notes: I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season! I believe I’ve solved the issue with the images through my hosts help, so please let me know if you have any issues! 🙂

Rachael now owns Center Stage, by Simper-fi. I don’t usually have sims buy a property fully decorated, but they’d done such a nice job decorating, I left it. I’m excited to play it when I get to her household.

Rachael and Dean went on their first date, March 2031 , so 4 months together. It was in this update, but apparently I didn’t use a photo with Dean in it. Probably because I’m eh on the relationship. Lulu has had a crush on him since she became a teen, but she currently is still hung up on Clayton who is now living with his girlfriend, Yvette. Even still I don’t know who I would want Dean to end up with. I suppose we will see.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “above average receptionist”

    1. I really like Dean too! Lulu has really been coming into her own, which has been fun to witness and play. I’m relieved the pictures loaded and you can see them all! Thank you for commenting CT!

  1. Upbeat and funny. She’s so sweet with Jake, just perfectly tuned. He’s lonely and at loose ends stuck out there by himself. The mixed feelings Lulu has about her sister seem pretty realistic to me although the resentment can’t be turned to any useful purpose, and Lulu appears to know that. I like her realistic attitude about her job too.

    The moment with Dean was certainly awkward. I don’t know any way to make a situation like that any better and an apology wasn’t necessary but it was thoughtful and I don’t know what else Dean could have come up with. He didn’t do anything wrong by dating her sister but yeah, maybe not the best choice in the world.

    I’m so glad you posted. It’s been a very dark holiday, terribly depressing for several reasons, and this really lifted my spirits!!

    1. Jake and Lulu used to be at one another’s throats, but they are very sweet together now. Best friends, which is sweet. I’m sorry you’ve had a dark holiday, and I’m glad my post could bring a bit of cheer. Thank you for commenting, I hope your year is looking brighter already.

  2. So glad to see Lulu with the relationship with Clayton behind her! And she was such a help to Jake. It was also nice to see that she could even help Rachael out and being an “above average receptionist” cracked me up. Bagelface is a great name for that cat.

  3. I’m happy for Rachael, for her new studio and for her relationship with Dean! It must be going well if she’s brought him over to meet the parents. 😉 And the studio looks amazing. I’ll have to check it out. I always like her lots but I’m not sure if I’ve seen that one.

    Poor Lulu though. That’s got to suck for her but hopefully, she’ll get used to the idea of her sister dating her former crush and it won’t always be something that plays on her mind.

    I can’t believe Jake is ready for college! I loved Lulu taking charge like “okay, we have to get this place decorated!”

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