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august 2031 birthday

august 2031

After a long day under the hot sun, Miriam passes out from heat exhaustion. Dr. Morgan had urged her to take it easy, but it’s difficult for Miriam to not be occupied, especially when there is still so much left to be done.

Quint rushes down to the hospital to find Miriam resting and with an IV to get her fluids back where they needed to be. Dr. Morgan insists Miriam and baby are both fine, but that the dehydration seems to have caused labor, as the machine is picking up on regular contractions.

They won’t be going home until after the baby has arrived, and she suggests Quint get everything in order, because she suspects it will go quickly as soon as Miriam awakes.

Miriam awakes, feeling the urge to use the restroom, but also to stretch. She feels confused on where she is until it all comes back to her. It had been silly to stress about their yard, but it was really getting unwieldy and soon leaves would fall, and then there would be even more work to do.

Quint finished calling all their kids and ex-spouses. Marcus picked up the twins, and Quint’s kids were already at Rebecca’s house, but he wanted to be sure she’d bring them by the next day to meet their new little sister or brother.

He was surprised to find Miriam up, clearly in labor when he returned. He felt the nurse or doctor should have been aware his wife was in distress.

Dr. Morgan gets her back in bed, joking a bit how Miriam was exhausted to the point that she’s mostly slept through her early stages of labor. It doesn’t seem very funny to Miriam right now.

Miriam remembers this feeling well from her twins, even if it was fourteen years before. And she tells Dr. Morgan it is time, right now.

Quint attempts to coach Miriam, but she’s a champ in ways that inspire him. This was what Miriam wanted, this baby, and while Quint has always felt comfortable with it, he can see her strength, and he knows they will be okay, whatever comes to pass.

Dr. Morgan announces the head full of hair, and then she shows them their baby son.

Quint somehow expected a daughter, but he chides himself. He’s always been statistically better at making sons, and he’s so proud and overwhelmed with it all, that he can barely see through his tears.

Morgan brings him over to dote on before they check him over. He has his mother’s brown eyes

They bring him back in the room, all checked out and healthy. Miriam and Quint rejoice.

Marcus brings Shira and Asher to visit the next morning. He works at the hospital, so it’s really no trouble for him to bring them in. He’s not always there for his kids or his ex-wife, but he doesn’t have any resentment either.

Both of the kids adore their baby brother; they never thought they’d have anymore biological siblings, and they’re prepared to spoil him.

After lunch, Scarlett goes to her Mom’s house to pick up her siblings. Everyone fears Rebecca will never get around to it, and Nurse Caroline takes a family portrait.

Baby Noam Siew completes the Dwyer-Siew family, and they couldn’t be more happy.


Paige Lange celebrates her 35th birthday with her husband, Trevor. They miscarried in December of the previous year, and neither of them have felt prepared to face the uncertainty all over again, and so they haven’t tried.

Trevor is supportive of whatever Paige would like to do, and for now, she wants to enjoy him and their life together.


Eileen and Warren Popper celebrate their sixth birthday, and the family celebrates by getting an updated family portrait, since they haven’t had one since the twins were infants.


Lauren Gavigan celebrates her 29th birthday with her son, Cade.

When Isaac arrives home at five o’clock, Lauren is still in her pajamas, and it wasn’t exactly a choice as much as Cade had required constant attention all day.

Isaac arrives with a rose though, instantly lifting Lauren’s spirits.

He also comes with the news of being promoted to File Clerk. He’s still a long way from being president of a company, but he’s closer than he was yesterday.

Isaac has decided that with the birth of his son and recent promotion, that he should get his hair more in line with his ambitions. Lauren is skeptical, and she’s vocal over it, but Isaac goes ahead with his plan.

Grace does a great job keeping his look, but also making him look a bit more professional. Thankfully, Lauren approves too.


Maeve Gavigan enters her second trimester, her and Isaiah are excited, and they can’t stop talking about their daughter, Margot and what their new baby will be like.

They’d both like a son, but Maeve also thinks two sisters would be precious.

If it is a boy, he will be placed in the back bedroom, which was painted blue by the previous owners.

They also have to decide whether to move Margot to a toddler bed or buy a second crib. There are things to do to prepare, but overall, they are most anxious for the new baby to arrive, and February seems too far away.

August Birthdays
Mike Popper – 58 years (pnpc)
Bekah Grimsley – 54 years
Jude Woodfolk – 48 years
Alicia Brewer – 40 years (pnpc)
Paige Lange – 35 years (pnpc)
Lauren Gavigan – 29 years
Willa Grimsley – 22 years
Lulu Grimsley – 21 years
Michael Popper – 21 years (pnpc)
Chaz Holmes – 16 years
Penelope Krouse – 6 years
*Eileen Popper – 6 years (pnpc)
*Warren Popper – 6 years (pnpc)
Irina Schehl – 3 years

August Anniversaries
Walter & Alberta Steele – 48 years (pnpc)
Chris & Emma Holmes – 15 years
Peter & Elise Schehl – 7 years

Erin Pacelli – 8 months; due September
Julia Millett – 7 months; due October
Marta Steele – 7 months; due October
Ginny Pacelli – 4 month; due January
Maeve Gavigan – 3 month; due February

Notes: I thought Quint and Miriam would have a girl, but Noam is such a cutie! I peeked at him as a child, and he’s a great mix of his parents. I love their new family portrait, such a lot of kids!

Isaac keeps rolling wants to be promoted, and I thought he’d want to be a bit more put together for the real world career he’s chasing.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Maeve and Isaiah have for a baby as well. They have a nice three bedroom house, something I wish Oliver and Brooklyn had.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “august 2031 birthday”

  1. I am so glad that Miriam safely delivered Noam. Although obsessing about things being in order is pretty typical in late pregnancy, right? Noam is a name I haven’t heard before! He really does complete the family and it is so gratifying to see how well Miriam and Quint are doing. It’s also a nice bonus that he’s a good mix of them both since he’s the only sibling that is theirs together.

    Awesome to see Lauren, Cade and Isaac doing so well, and his new haircut suits him well. It makes sense he would want to update his look with all the wants he’s rolling to be successful in work.

    1. Obsessing over small things seems like a Mom-trait for sure, especially in the end of the pregnancy. Noam Chomsky is a real life linguist you may be familiar with. I picked it for them as Miriam’s family (maternal side) has always been Hebrew in my head, so all her kids names would have that nod in that direction. Noam I thought also fit with Quint’s taste which always swings toward western. I’m very excited to see him grow up and the family dynamics.

      I really liked Isaac’s new hairdo as well, I thought it fit without taking away his personality. He’s a pretty cute guy, and I’m glad he’s rolling wants to be successful instead of just whinging he can’t buy expensive arcade games.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. Their family is the biggest I’ve had, and I really like all the different personalities. I’m excited to see Noam grow up, and see how he fits in with all the much older siblings.

      Thanks for commenting CT!

  2. Wow, I love that family portrait of Miriam and Quint! Noam makes the perfect little addition to this blended family!

    I’m liking Isaac with the man bun! I’m also liking that he’s doing so well in his very grown-up job. I’m glad his and Lauren’s life isn’t going as disastrously as I thought it might!

    Oooh, I’d forgotten Maeve was pregnant again!

    1. Thanks Carla! I really like how Miriam and Quint’s portrait turned out; I’m loving the huge family. It’ll be a bit sad as the teens grow up and move out.

      I’ve been impressed with Isaac. His fortune aspiration is starting to work in his favor, instead of just being upset he can’t buy nice things, he’s wanting to work, get promotions, and buy new clothes.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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