McCarthy Family

final days of summer

august 2031
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Oliver McCarthy (34 years), Brooklyn (28 years), Colleen (1 1/2 years)

narrated by: Brooklyn

We’ve been trying for a second baby since the previous year. We were hoping to have a baby born in the summer, and now that summer they’d have been born is pretty much at its end. Colleen keeps us busy though with her high-energy. She absolutely adores Roux, and I believe it’s mutual.

The nice thing about being an only child, is she’s pretty good at entertaining herself. She will play, and show us what she’s doing, but it’s all pretty simple for a one year old.

I wasn’t sure how I’d like living in Millwood, despite growing up here, it’s different as an adult. We know our mailman, and Oliver and I carpool together. It’s all very wholesome and surprisingly nice.

School hasn’t started up yet, Oliver and I are setting up our classrooms and dusting off our curriculum.

His youngest sister, Lily-Mae stayed with us for the first week back to work. She was Grace’s babysitter with her kids before she enrolled at EU. Now she’s not around much, and it took Colleen a day to warm up.

By the end of the week they were nearly inseparable. I felt like Colleen wanted us to go back to work so she could Lily-Mae to herself.

She’s a natural with kids, but she told us she isn’t sure if she wants any of her own. She’s set up to take over Zoe-Gen Bridal, but she wants to design dresses globally not just locally. She thinks kids would hold her back, but she hasn’t ruled it out completely. I think part of it is that she hasn’t found anyone she really likes; it kind of changes things when you find someone you can envision spending your life with.

Once Lily-Mae went back to campus, we hired Samantha to be our nanny, she’s great with Colleen, but also tidying up the house.

I believe it’s a bit young to train Colleen to use the toliet, but Samantha says it’s done much earlier in her culture and to trust her. Seeing that it requires little from us, I’m okay with it.

Oliver’s been getting harassed by his Mom, Nicole to help his brother with the upcoming wedding. Even if he says he’s busy, working even, she always has one more point to make.

He isn’t against assisting his brother, Elias, but he’s busy too. This is his first year as teacher plus principal. They are short-staffed, and Miriam is out for maternity leave.

He hired Rosabella Steinman for Miriam’s temporary replacement. She hasn’t ever taught long-term, so Oliver and probably Rosabella are both a bit anxious.

Oliver is hopeful she will make a good fit with the teachers and school, and he’s hoping he can offer her a full-time position for the second semester if there is still budgeting for it.

In the evening, we try to enjoy the outdoors. Colleen loves nature and dogs, and I don’t know how we got so lucky. We’ve heard of people having high-maintenance kids, but Colleen isn’t demanding.

I haven’t been feeling well, and even when I end our playing early for a bath, she doesn’t fuss.

I get Colleen all bathed up, and all the while, I’m counting my days. It seems naive to be hopeful after a year of trying, but it would explain my exhaustion. That or I’m getting too old for my workload with a toddler, which also seems possible.

I tuck in Colleen and then sneak in the bathroom for a test. There isn’t any point in getting Oliver’s hopes when it hasn’t been positive yet.

I find him outside, picking apples off the tree. I never knew apple trees would be such work, but if we don’t pick them, they rot on the ground.

I can’t contain my excitement, and I share the news as I make eye contact with him. He’s thrilled we are expecting!

We head inside to discuss further. I do some quick finger math and feel like I’m due in April. It’s not ideal with the school year coming to a close, but it’s not terrible. I won’t finish the school year, and then I’ll have three months off at home with Colleen and the new baby.

We decide we aren’t sharing the news immediately, especially with Elias’ wedding and baby due soon. As soon as I found out though, it was like the baby decided to hit me with the brick wall of nausea.

I wake from sleeping with the need to puke, which I never had with Colleen.

I’m discouraged to teach this semester, constantly leaving the room to puke, but there isn’t anything to do about it.

When the weekend arrives, we have Elias come out to help with Grandma Mandy’s old garden. We still have leaves on the ground, and it’s soon to be autumn again. Oliver promised to help set up the barn wedding too, so it seems everyone wins.

He makes espresso for himself as I read the paper aloud, sharing the interesting bits anyway. Next year is an election year, and Mayor Kenzie Goss will be finished with her second term. She did build the community center, which was her promise, so I’ve been happy with her. I’m always a bit anxious about new Mayors, but I like to see our communities grow, so I’m hoping we get some good candidates.

I joke Oliver should run, and he practically chokes on his espresso.

When Elias arrives, he immediately starts treating the bugs, which I try to avoid the toxins without being obvious.

He brought some of his own seeds from the farm, Heirloom seeds. He thinks we will have better luck with these then the ones picked up at a local hardware store.

Elias’ fiancee, Julia came by after she finished exercising. She’s trying to keep her figure for the wedding, seeing she only has one month postpartum to fit into her wedding dress. Eva, her boss is designing the dress to be adjustable, which is brilliant. She’d done something similar with mine, but I got married while heavily pregnant.

I went to college with Julia, we were even in the same dorm. So we know one another, even if we weren’t best friends, we get along. I’m pretty happy to have her join the family, so far I’m the only daughter-in-law, and I’m happy to share the title with someone else.

Julia seems to be adjusting to living under Nicole’s rules, which is great seeing they’re pretty much getting married to his parents too. Nicole irritates me though, she’s constantly hounding and needing things from Oliver. I’m glad I’m not in Julia’s position.

She’s pretty sweet with Colleen too, which is always a fast way to a Mom’s heart.

Elias will be a good Dad, he really plays with his nieces and nephews. We all thought he’d marry the Caitlyn girl with her son, Thomas, because he was totally committed to them both. Personally, I don’t think Thomas could have had a better step-Dad.

When the weekend closed, we both were pretty pleased with the amount of work we finished. It’s exciting having a secret of a new baby being due in the spring, just between us. I am excited to tell Colleen though, and prep her for the changes. We only have two bedrooms in this house, so I’m a bit anxious what we will do if we have a son.

In my classroom on Monday, I felt overwhelmed with the all work to do, especially since the nausea wasn’t ebbing yet.

I didn’t go to college to teach Home Economics, but Bekah hasn’t found anyone else to do it. I really enjoy my students, but I would really love to teach literature or creative writing, basically Bekah’s classes. It’ll be a long time before she moves on, I’m sure. She’s younger than Lucy London, Oliver’s previous boss.

Bekah came in to check on my progress, and I decided to tell her about the pregnancy. It gives her time to find my temporary replacement.

She thought I was joking, which was awkward. We both knew summer was our goal for a new baby, but it didn’t work out.

Thankfully she recovered and congratulated us. I told her we hadn’t been to the doctors yet, but my cycle suggests an April due date. That seemed to make her feel more relaxed, it won’t be quite as long as a replacement as Oliver’s dealing with Miriam currently.

Making dinner that evening, I thought it’d be smart to make some freezer meals when I’m in my second trimester.

Oliver laughed when I told him, he’s a better cook than me by at least double. He’s positive he can make dinners and help out with the new baby and Colleen. I still might put a few away, just for lazy nights.

Notes: These two have been trying to get pregnant forever, and I was glad it happened in time for their update. Mandy and George’s house previously had three bedrooms, it’s where Hazel, Finn, and Violet-Adele grew up. I got rid of the third bedroom, making the other two bedrooms larger and a nicer bathroom. I’m not sure if they will add on, since they have property space on the right still, or if they’ll move. I’m a bit disinclined about either option. Their IFS is like 3-4 kids, so it’s okay for now, but not the long run.

Kenzie’s Community Center was her platform promise, if you missed the tour, it’s on tumblr here. I have no idea who will run for Mayor, I still have a good chunk of time to decide.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “final days of summer”

  1. It sounds fun for Brooklyn to have a fellow sister-in-law she was already friends/acquaintances with. I suspected Brooklyn may finally be pregnant when she mentioned being so tired while bathing Colleen. Colleen and Roux, by the way, are so cute. It was also nice seeing Lily-Mae make an appearance and meeting the new nanny briefly. I hope Brooklyn can get to teach English like she would prefer, before too long. And it sounds like they are most likely going to need a bigger house if they can have the family they hope for.

    1. Yeah, I think I’ll have to build them a new one, or I’ll have to renovate one in my hood currently. When I rebuilt my hood this last time, I didn’t fill Millwood with empty houses as I had done, but I do have a few like Morgan Russo’s childhood home. It’s been different having Lily-Mae off at college with Colleen as a baby, she babysat all her nieces and nephews from her sisters, Emma and Grace, but now she’s an adult and moving forward with her life. I suspect she won’t be as close with these kids for a bit until she’s settled herself and moved somewhere closer.

      I really hope the next baby is as cute as Colleen, I need the genetic variety from all these McCarthy’s. 😀 Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. Aw, congratulations to them on the upcoming addition to their family! Colleen is so cute, so I know their next baby will be too. 🙂 It’s good that Oliver was able to hire someone to fill in Miriam’s spot while she’s out. I hope Brooklyn may be able to teach a class that she really loves soon!

    1. I really hope the next baby is cute. Oliver has such strong genetics (the whole McCarthy clan does); I was delighted Colleen looked like Brooklyn. I need some more teachers I think, Simon is a student teacher, so he will hit the work force in about a year, and Rosabella could use a permanent assignment. It’s fun though having the kids grow up and be in teaching positions now themselves. Thanks for commenting Shana!

  3. Nicole! Your son has a job, a wife and a kid! Sadly, he cannot drop everything to help out with his brother’s wedding, lol! That does seem very on-brand for Nicole though, so I’m not super-surprised.

    Teaching with morning sickness can be really tough, as some of my colleagues could confirm! I feel for Brooklyn there but I’m glad she and Elias are expecting again. I hope Colleen’s undemanding nature continues and she turns out to be a great big sister!

    It’s nice for Brooklyn that she’s become so friendly with Julia. My townies who marry in often fall short in that regard!

    It’s hard to allow for expanding families when you already feel like your sims have the perfect house! Worst case scenario, the new baby can share with Colleen for a little while, even if it is a boy. They have a few years before Colleen might object, I’d think!

    1. I had to include it, because Nicole was talking about engagement on the phone, and she is always calling or stopping by Oliver’s house. She doesn’t as much with her daughters, so I take Oliver as being her favorite in some ways, or at the least, the kid she can get along with most easily.

      I couldn’t imagine teaching with morning sickness. It was hard to do anything while pregnant, but I didn’t have to stand in front of 30 kids and then do all the grading afterward. Yes, most of my sims don’t have any friends in the family, it just worked out that Brooklyn, Julia, Rosabella, Hadley, and Alice all went to university together, and for a spell, they all lived in the same dorm too. They hadn’t kept up on the friendship, but I have a few photos of them together, to show they were decently close back in the day.

      I agree with sharing rooms. Mandy and George raised their three kids in this house, but it did have three bedrooms, even if the third was the size of a largeish bathroom. lol Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. Lots of family activities going on – wedding, babies, jobs with people who are having babies, new nanny to potty train the existing baby. It sounds so idyllic (and productive!) even with Nicole hammering away in the background. I wonder that Elias and (or) Julia doesn’t intervene on Oliver’s behalf but maybe they’re not aware of the situation. Whatever you do with the house will be interesting. Redoing a place can be kind of exasperating but easier than attacking a new one. Whatever you do will be lovely.

    1. I feel after all these years, everyone just allows Nicole to do her own thing. The only ones who don’t, are her kids Zilla and Julius, and you don’t see them around much. Zilla moved to the soutwest, and Julius is in the city (on a lot which I can’t get to load), but it fits for him anyway to have dropped off the face of the earth. Julia struggles enough with living with her future mother-in-law, I don’t think she’d say anything to make her life more difficult.

      It is hard to decide on the house front, because I get attached, but I can usually really like the new place too. I just need to have the time to decorate/build, and be in the frame of mind to enjoy it. Which is currently not happening. Thank you for commenting!

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