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september birthdays 2031

Rosemary Schehl celebrates her first birthday with a quiet afternoon at home. There will be a bigger celebration at Meg’s parents with the whole family, including Irina, who has been most anxious for Rosemary to be big enough to play. For now though, Meg is enjoying the downtime with her family.

She is a near spitting image of her mother, Meg, minus a few of his genetics. Jaron thinks it’s very sweet for their daughter to look like Meg, especially seeing their both girls.


Silas Abbott celebrates his fourth birthday. He just makes the cutoff to start preschool this month, and Lainey is sure he’ll make teacher’s pet by the end of the semester.

He still continues to favor his Dad, but he has his Mom’s lips and love for aquatic life.


Erin Pacelli goes into labor after Nico has already left for work. He isn’t answering his cell, so she calls Bethany to take her to the hospital, leaving a message with Nico. The entire drive, Erin is feeling nauseous and terribly anxious.

When they get out of the car, Erin makes for the bushes to throw up. She hopes she will feel better afterward, but the anxiety doesn’t subside.

Before talking with a nurse, she sits in the waiting room chair, calls Nico again. She can’t help but cry. He was supposed to be there, and she hates how his work has terrible reception.

Bethany, suggests they call his actual work, and Erin is relieved that one of them is thinking straight. They call, and the hostess says that Nico is in the basement, getting stuff from the freezer. Instead of having him call back, she tells her she’s having the baby, and he needs to come to South Mercy Hospital.

Finally checked in, Bethany washes her hands at Caroline’s urging, and Erin stares at the bed. It’s a brand new birth suite, Caroline shares. This will be the first delivery in the new suite, and Caroline is more excited about this than Erin.

Erin and Bethany are both starving, neither having had breakfast. Bethany sneaks around the corridor, and finds a nurses snack station complete with a mini fridge and free candy machine.

Bethany feels mildly bad that Erin can’t eat some too. It’s protocol, only ice chips until the baby arrives, and then she’s free to order in takeout if she wants.

Erin is making a list of all the foods she could crush right now, when she gets an intense pain in her stomach. It isn’t like any contractions she’s ever felt, and she’s already delivered babies twice.

Bethany can sense the gravity of the situation, and pushes the nurse call button. She isn’t trained for these type of situations, and she isn’t sure what she can do to be of assistance. She freezes in shock and worry.

Erin collapses in pain, and the nurse immediately calls the doctor in. There are codes being shouted on the intercom system, and Bethany fears for her sisters life, and curses Nico for not being there.

Dr. Hadley Millett is the surgeon, and she comes in to perform the emergency c-section. There’s mentioning of a placental tear, but Bethany can’t focus enough on the words to make any of it out.

Dr. Hadley gets prepped immediately with Caroline’s assistance. It has been three years since her last cesarean, and she’s much more confident in surgery now.

Bethany is allowed in the room, Erin is knocked out, but not heavily sedated. They hope to bring her out of it after the baby is born, and Bethany is there for moral support. Erin’s face grimaces and cringes even while sedated.

Bethany is creeped out by it, and all the noises and smells happening in the room. She isn’t sure where to look or what she’s supposed to do.

Nico arrives during the surgery, but he can’t be admitted until after they’ve closed Erin up. He watches from the window, pacing the hall, and stressing out. He wishes Bethany was on the outside, so he could ask her for more information.

Dr. Hadley announces they are almost done, the baby has a ton of hair, and Bethany knows that it comes from Nico’s side, because Erin was as bald as a baby’s bottom when she was born.

Erin begins to come-to as they announce it’s a baby girl.

Bethany says a silent prayer, hoping Mallory will be okay with a baby sister. Bethany and Mallory are tight, and she’s been anxious the new baby would upset Mallory, a baby brother seemed less likely to hurt Mallory’s feelings then a little sister. She hopes Nico remains a good step Dad to Mallory with his own daughter now.

Dr. Hadley asks Erin if she’s ready to meet her daughter, and Erin can’t believe all that had transpired. She feels confused, especially when she sees that Nico still isn’t with her, but she’s thrilled to meet her daughter.

A baby girl. Erin had thought a boy would be the perfect addition to the family, not worried so much about Nico with two daughters, but Mallory in general.

She’s instantly smitten though when she holds her tiny body in her hands.

She has her daddy’s curly hair and soulful brown eyes.

Finally, Nico can enter the room after Erin’s been stitched up, and the baby girl checked over. He swears the next time, he’s taking the final month off work, restaurant be damned!

He loves her more than he knew was possible, and he can’t believe she’s finally here. Relieved both of his girls are going to pull through.

Back in the room, Erin takes the afternoon off of walking, but is out of bed by the time the sun is setting. Bethany went to pick up the kids and feed them snacks while Erin rested. With a fresh bath, their baby girl, Bianca Pacelli is ready to meet her big siblings.

The Pacelli-Louie family with baby sister, Bianca.


September Birthdays
Matias Martinez – 57 years (pnpc)
Hazel McCarthy – 49 years
Charlie Grimsley – 46 years
Enzo Pacelli – 45 years (pnpc)
Emma Holmes – 40 years
Catherine Popper – 35 years (pnpc)
Clara Sumner – 20 years (pnpc)
Roman Woodfolk – 16 years
Lizzie Schehl – 16 years
Kai Browning – 15 years
Logan Louie – 14 years
Domenico Pacelli – 10 years (pnpc)
Silas Abbott – 4 years
Rosemary Schehl – 1 years

September Anniversaries
Zeke & Morgan Russo-Traver – 18 years
Enzo & Ginny Pacelli – 18 years (pnpc)
Quint & Miriam Siew – 1 year

Julia Millett – 8 months; due October
Marta Steele – 8 months; due October
Ginny Pacelli – 5 month; due January
Maeve Gavigan – 4 months; due February
Brooklyn McCarthy – 2 months; due April

Notes: I thought it’d be fun, relaxing even to have Erin have her baby while I watched some TV with my kids. And it was the opposite. First Erin has a fear of having a baby, then Erin dies, and Bethany brings her back from the dead. I figure a dead Mom should have a c-section, so I went that route.

Then everything starts turning pink and refuses to not be pink… (that’s what I get for screwing around with PC things and updating windows), the baby is born with a freckle skin tone, despite them not having freckles. Game proceeds to crash numerous times. Just a nightmare. She gave birth at least 7 times, all with issue, and they were always girls. I really wanted a boy for them, but it was definitely meant to be a girl.

My daughter picked the name Bianca for the baby, and I thought it fit with Mallory. She looks like she’ll be a good mix of both parents too, so I’m excited about that.

I think pink flashing has been resolved again. Once again turning off automatic updates from windows.

I think Silas and Rosemary are both very cute too. I pretty much forgot they were in this update, by the time I finished adding Erin’s bit in (I write birthdays as I play).

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “september birthdays 2031”

    1. Thank you CT! I always appreciate when gameplay can heavily shape the story. And I’m glad I was able to have everything work out okay for all of them. Thank your for commenting!

  1. Oh what a horrible birthing process, reminds me of my recent drama with Anita Lind who died several times during her pregnancy, miscarried and then got pregnant again through ACR despite awful mood and low bars. The game really wanted her both pregnant and dying.

    Anyway, so happy for Erin and her family. And Rosemary is adorable!

    1. Anita sure had a lot of drama! It’s like the game fixates on certain sims it wants dead. Paloma has died countless times and all of them were really flukey. When I joked to let Erin die, my daughter flipped out! She was adamant that I had to bring her back or not save. I don’t usually beg with the grim reaper, but I thought it was sweet her sister brought her back.

      Rosemary is a little cutie! It’d be fun to see if these two have more kids or get married.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh, Rosemary is very cute! Her colouring would have thrown me off without the comparison and I would have assumed she was more like Jaron but I can see how much she resembles Meg now. Likewise, Lainey’s mouth is such a strong feature that I would have thought Silas looked more like his mum than his dad.

    I was so excited for Erin and Nico’s baby but I was not expecting it to be so tense! I’m glad both Erin and Bianca came through it okay in the end. I like how Mallory looks suitably unimpressed in that family photo, lol!

    Ugh, I’m sorry about all your hassles with the game while trying to get this done! I hope it’s sorted now. One of the reasons I’ve been procrastinating about getting Sims 2 set up again on Windows 10 is because I’m so nervous of all the problems people have had with it! I got pink flashing with no CC at all the first time I loaded and that didn’t make me feel too confident!

    1. I feel like Schehl and McCarthy kids all resemble the Schehl/McCarthy families. I wasn’t disappointed with Rosemary, although I wouldn’t have minded a bit more Jaron in her. Here’s hoping their next kid has a bit more of him.

      Lainey’s mouth is a strong feature, I totally agree. It’s not my favorite mouth in the game either, but I still think Silas is a doll.

      Mallory is such a fun sim to play, she’s regularly scowling and looking unimpressed. I’m looking forward to playing their household to see how everyone is adjusting. Mallory is turning 11 this fall, so one more year and she will be a teen.

      I hope your Windows 10 update continues to go well, it can be such a process to get the game set up where you can actually enjoy it and play. It’s frustrating for me as Win 10 keeps coming out with new updates.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. You are so relentless with keeping your game going! To have put together such a great update after all those difficulties, both the death and the horrible pink flashing. I think it fits too that Bethany saved Erin. I love the name Bianca; I just picked it for my new just-for-kicks legacy first baby born.

    The new birthing suite looked amazing and all the posed shots with the equipment look so good. I like the shot of Nico wringing his hands in the hall too;that looks like a for-real gameplay “worry.”

    1. TS2 requires us players to be relentless! I don’t think I’ve given any game this much time to keep it running. But I do still enjoy it!

      I love the name Bianca too! It’s such a fun name to say and pretty unique with the sound combinations. Nico was worried out in the hall, it was all gameplay, I just moved him closer to the door, because he was off in another wing of the hospital in typical sim fashion. I was very relieved when it was all done and over with! And windows has another update for me, and I’m just not thrilled to do it.

      Thanks for reading Shannon!

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