october birthdays 2031

Marta Steele arrives at the hospital for her scheduled delivery. Nothing has been happening, and Dr. Morgan is concerned Marta’s advanced age may be delaying things in the birthing department.

They wait all day, labor pains coming, but not nearly productive enough. Marta and her Mother begin going stir crazy waiting for the baby to arrive. Marta’s Dad, Walter has decided to stay home as was the custom when Marta was born. He really sees no reason to change custom, so he’s still not come around on his daughter having a baby from a donor. “Whatever happened to meeting a man and settling down?”

Marta cares, but she can’t focus on her crazy parents. She’s having a baby for pity sake!

Her Mom, Alberta isn’t exactly thrilled with the circumstances; it’s all so modern and confusing. However, she is thrilled to have a grandbaby while she’s still alive. She really didn’t think this moment would ever arrive.

Unfortunately, she is getting on Marta’s last nerve, and when she turns the television on to pass the time, Marta snaps.

She can’t understand how her Mom is bored waiting for her coveted grandchild, that she’d prefer to watch the news. The horrible, violent news.

All her life, Marta’s family has been dysfunctional and disappointing. She had hoped to bring her child into the world with love and peace, but it didn’t seem destined to happen.

At first her Mom thought she was merely kidding, but she quickly caught on. She wasn’t exactly leaving the premises as Marta demanded, Marta had always been a demanding and dissatisfied child. Alberta would lurk around, peeking on the nursery, and waiting to see if her only child called her cell to rejoin her for the delivery.

It didn’t seem like the baby would ever come though. Another woman, Julia Millett arrived with her fiance, rubbing their happy love life right in Marta’s face.

Their rooms shared a wall, and they were not as thick as you’d expect for a screaming maternity ward. Two hours later, and Julia’s water broke in the hallway while she began to walk the baby right out of herself.

They rushed Julia back to her bed, and Dr. Morgan never left the room. No one came to check on Marta, because everyone knew she was never going to actually have the baby. It would stay inside forever and ever.

Julia screamed maybe twice, and everyone started shouting the baby was crowning.

Twenty minutes after the water break, and it was announced it was a baby boy. Everyone cheered and cooed while Marta sat in her darkened room.

He had red hair like his Mom and brown eyes like his Daddy.

Julia didn’t like to remember having her firstborn son, Nolan. It was all traumatic and uncomfortable for her to recall, but her body seemed to remember what to do, and it wasn’t nearly as traumatic this time around. She thought her age and having a loving fiance was a big part of the success.

Elias held his son, Grady. It was surprising range of emotions for Elias and all very wonderful.

While the lovebirds next door got cleaned up and ate their dinner, Marta wandered the halls. The newest addition to the hospital, little Jamie McCarthy lay next to another baby. It seemed to Marta she wouldn’t get a baby in the nursery this side of the decade.

It wasn’t until the next morning that things began to progress for Marta, and she finally got the clear to push. Marta’s Mother had gone home, and they had apologized over text, but she didn’t call her when it was time, because it had come on unexpectedly quick.

Another head of red hair, surprising Morgan and Marta a little bit too. She didn’t know what the donor looked like, although it did say red hair in his file.

It was a baby boy! And he definitely had his Dad’s eyes, because no one had eyes so beautiful in all the Steele family.

They spent the day together, learning the other’s face, while she struggled on a name. She really thought she’d have a girl, so this boy business was surprising. She didn’t know anything about boys, and she felt mildly guilty she didn’t have a Father for him. But there was nothing to do about it, and Cesar had rejected her proposal to see one another again.

She decided on their final hospital day to name him Alfred (Alfie) Steele. They were released from the hospital, and they returned to Marta’s parents house, where Marta was now caretaker of both her cantankerous parents and a newborn baby.

Julia, Elias, and their son Grady also went home where they’d be tying the knot in just one months time.


Ginny Pacelli comes in for her six month check up with Dr. Morgan, where she’s told the baby is in position, and everything is looking good.

It’s all great news, but Ginny is suddenly feeling a bit anxious about having a fourth child.

Her eldest, Gemma is such a handful. She was really hoping for another daughter for Antonia to play with, but what if the baby is a hellion like Gemma? She can’t have another Gemma! She’s 44, when this baby is a teenager, she’d be 57.

She isn’t sure how she talked her husband into this, but she’s really hoping this baby is sweet just like Antonia and Domenico.


Brooklyn and Oliver come in for a scheduled ultrasound. Dr. Morgan felt Brooklyn was carrying a bit larger even for a second pregnancy, and she wanted to make sure things looked good.

She wasn’t terribly surprised when she discovered twins. They run in Oliver’s family after all, and all the puzzle pieces seemed to fit for Dr. Morgan.

Brooklyn however was surprised to hear the news. She also had concerns about the delivery, premature births, bedrest. She was a full-time teacher which the high school depended on. She really couldn’t deliver before April, it was hard enough for Bekah to find a substitute for that last two months of school.

Dr. Morgan insisted they’d tackle each problem as it arose, and she promised that she knew what she was doing. This wasn’t her first set of twins, beside she’d had twins herself, so she could empathize with all the emotions.

Oliver was still a bit surprised, but Brooklyn felt better about the situation. After all, they’d always wanted three kids, and now they’d be there without having to plan and hope for another pregnancy and scheduling with schools. It did bode a problem for their two bedroom house though.


Alice was celebrating her last year in her twenties, and she felt a bit apprehensive about the jump to thirties. She was absolutely struggling with finding a roommate to replace Julia. She could afford the apartment on her own salary, but it was lonely even with her kitty, Wilfreda.

Martin promised to take her out the next day for an unforgettable birthday celebration.

They went to the island, and thankfully they didn’t go to her parents’ house. She loved them, but they weren’t exactly who she wanted to spend her birthday with. They’d do a dinner over the weekend if her Dad didn’t have a case eating up his freetime.

All day Martin seemed distracted and serious, so she pulled a few pranks on him to pull him out of himself. None of her siblings were fond of pranks, but she’d grown up with her Grandpa doing them on her all the time, and it always made him feel close when she did them.

She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have such a cute, sweet boyfriend.

It helped to lighten his mood, and they spent the day wandering around the harbor and museum.

The farmer’s market, the end of the season. Soon it would be winter, and there wouldn’t be any fresh produce for months.

Later in the afternoon, Martin pulled her out toward the beach, dropping to one knee to ask what had been on his mind all day, and for many days prior.

This was a moment Alice had hoped for in a way, but she hadn’t ever dreamed she’d have such a kind man as the one before her.

She knew her parents would be wary. She received her trust fund when she turned 30, but she knew her Dad would lock it all up with a prenuptial, and she really didn’t believe Martin was after the London family funds.

Neither of them could have been more happy when she said yes.

They sat on the beach, having a picnic and watching the waves come in and surfers fall. She half-expected to see her brother, Milo surfing since he was always running away from campus to hit the waves.

When he asked if she had an idea for when she’d like to get married, she really didn’t. She hadn’t thought about weddings in a bit of time, she’d just gotten to the point of enjoying herself and life.

They dismissed the talk, knowing her parents would have strong enough opinions for them both, which she also knew would help reveal their own opinions.

They goofed around on the beach, and she was glad she’d found someone who felt comfortable with her, and who was also not incredibly serious. She wanted to enjoy life, and she felt confident she could with Martin.


October Birthdays
Randall Sumner – 58 (pnpc)
Zeke Traver – 48
Morgan Russo-Traver – 47
Marshal Krouse – 42
Reed Welsh – 41 (pnpc)
Brooklyn Lange – 29
Alice London – 29
Rosabella Steinman – 29 (pnpc)
*Luke Steinman – 21 (pnpc)
*Peter Steinman – 21 (pnpc)
Bea Woodfolk – 20
Elodie Siew – 15
Molly Welsh – 15 (pnpc)
Colleen McCarthy – 2

October Anniversaries
Corbin & Barbara Gray – 28 (pnpc)
Marshal & Lorelei Krouse – 11
Adam & Paloma Brindley – 3
Trevor & Paige Bowen – 1 (pnpc)

Ginny Pacelli โ€“ 6 month; due January
Maeve Gavigan โ€“ 5 months; due February
Brooklyn McCarthy โ€“ 3 months; due April

Notes: TWO redhead babies! I haven’t had a redhead born to me in my game since Lewis in 2009 (to me specifically, my daughter has a sea of redheads with the Popper grandchildren). It has been a seriously long time. I knew there was potential in several of my couples currently, but I wasn’t even thinking of it when it was time for these two to give birth so I was very excited to see red! It would have been nice to have a redhead girl, but I’m not complaining.

Martin’s had the want to marry Alice for a bit of time, but she hasn’t had the want. She always seemed a bit wishy-washy with him, but when I loaded the lot for her birthday, she had engagement and wedding wants. They are both a bit goofy, which Alice got from her paternal Grandpa, which is also where she got her height.

Ginny rolled a fear for having a baby, which it’s too late now, crazy pants.

Marta and her Mom kept bickering, clearly her Mom is bordering aspiration failure. Which baby Alfie helped fix, because she desperately wanted a grandbaby and for her daughter to get married.

I saw Brooklyn was having twins, and I’m not sure what I’ll do about their house. Probably move them, but they can have the twins in their bedroom and with Colleen for a spell as well, I think.

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “october birthdays 2031”

  1. Welcome to all the new babies! It’s funny that you mentioned Lewis in your notes because when the baby was born with red hair I was wondering if he was the donor!

    1. I actually could see Lewis donating for money, however, I don’t really want more of his genetics in my game. Like he can have his own kids, but I wouldn’t spread his gene pool. I try to get a nice mix, so I went with a university townie.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Yay, welcome babies! And redheads! I love when a hood gets a sudden injection with a rare colour, lol. My hoods tend to go all black-haired very quickly. Loved that they gave birth at the same time, it reminded me of that episode of Friends when everyone gives birth except for Rachael who waits, and waits, and waits. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes, black-haired quickly takes over the game. I’m struggling to recover from reckless breeding. XD I don’t have regrets per say, but the McCarthy clan really got taken over with black-hairs from townies, so it just spread the dominant genes out.

      I was thinking of Friends when I wrote this. So when I have sims due to deliver, I move them into the hospital to give birth, and it took Marta longer for the game to acknowledge her pregnancy and her being a family member and not a visitor. So I couldn’t do anything for her until the lot recognized her as living there. So she got stuck waiting, and hearing baby Grady being born. I had something similar happen to me when I was having my son, my Mom’s coworker was actually occupying the doctors, that I had to wait for her to finish!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. What an update, so much happening! (Except for Marta; that was so funny with her dire assessment that everyone knew her baby would stay inside her forever and ever.) It was quite a contrast between her and Julia, next door. I hope Marta will be happy with Alfie, and be a good mom. Those family sim grandparent wants drive me crazy and it seems like half the time they are broken and don’t get fulfilled anyway for some reason. Perhaps I have a mod conflict.

    As for Ginny’s fear of having a baby, crazypants is right, in a way ๐Ÿ™‚ but also totally understandable at her age for a sim or just for anyone. While playing Pleasantview this time I got to the point where Brandi Broke was within a few days of aging to elder, and she rolled the fear of having a baby too, which I thought I’d never see. But it is funny, after Ginny wanted another baby so badly, so late in life.

    I’m looking forward to Oliver and Julia’s wedding – will it be outdoors at the farm? And I’m so happy for Alice that she finally found someone, it seems like she’s been a bit lonely for a long time. Martin is very cute, and very sweet.

    I’m not twin crazy, but have to admit, Brooklyn’s a good mom to be able to handle it and it’s true, it is sort of a quick way to finish their family. Do they live in Millwood or downtown?

    1. I hope Marta will be a good Mom too, her Dad is very smitten with Alfie, so I know he’s happy to lend a hand. And yes, those wants are glitchy! They did work this time for her parents which is a relief, because they were cranky before this.

      Brandi makes sense too with her baby fear, it’s a scary thing to do at any age, but increased risk as an elder, plus the game likes to kill elders off rather quickly, especially in TS4, so even more risk of the kid being raised by relatives. I am excited for Ginny to have this baby, because Antonia and the new baby will be close in age to Erin’s newest, Bianca. I imagine the cousins growing up together, and I think that’ll be fun to play out.

      Julia and Elias’ wedding is coming this weekend, I just wrote it up today. It’s inside the McCarthy barn. I’m happy Alice found someone too, especially being in the wedding, I think she would have felt mournful at Julia’s wedding with no one at home for her. Especially since Julia was her roommate until she got pregnant, which is exactly how Alice lost Lainey as a roommate too. She’s kinda been screwed over by her friends’ fertility.

      Brooklyn lives in Millwood at the edge of town, its his Grandparents Mandy and George’s house where they raised their kids, Finn, Hazel, and Violet-Adele, with heavy renovations. I actually removed the third bedroom in favor of a larger bathroom and bigger bedrooms. I wouldn’t have enjoyed playing the house with that tiny third bedroom though, so it wouldn’t have stayed anyway. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them still, I get attached to houses, so I’m a bit disappointed to move them out, but I don’t see a realistic way to add on to the house either. Like it has to make sense in my head in a real world type of way.

      Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  4. Aw, two red-headed boys! I’m thrilled! I didn’t realise you’d had so few redheads born. Wow!

    “Too late, crazy pants” cracked me up! Too late indeed, Ginny!

    Let’s hope Brooklyn can keep those twins in the oven for as long as possible! Finding a substitute for a long period can be challenging, so I don’t blame her for fretting.

    So happy for Alice! I’ve been hoping she gets her happily ever after and I think she might get it now with Martin!

    1. Yeah red head sims and boy/boy twins are really rare in my hood. I’m very excited to have some red heads sneaking in! I have a few others with potential too, like Brooklyn’s sister Paige and her red husband, Trevor. But they never even try to get pregnant, they always roll really high so who knows.

      Ginny is being forced to stop having babies after this, I can just imagine her rolling the want for another baby as soon as this one pops out. It will be fun for Erin’s daughter, Bianca to have cousins to grow up with and play with though.

      I have no idea who I’d have fill in for her, my game needs more education sims for sure!

      I’m with you, I’ve been hoping Alice would find the one for her, and I think Martin is the guy. I hope it works out.

      Thank you for commenting Carla!

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