Abbott, Grimsley Family

raising silas

october 2031
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Michael Abbott (31 years), Lainey Grimsley (29 years), Silas Abbott (4 years),

narrated by: Lainey

Michael works the weekend shift, putting in his time being the lower ranks while my Uncle Charlie and Dad have the weekends off. They never did when I was growing up though, and I do hope Michael will eventually have weekends off before Silas has grown up entirely.

I do enjoy my time with Silas alone though, without having to be concerned over Michael’s opinions and wants. Silas and I can bond on our own terms, which I appreciate. Whenever I think I’m not so great at the relationship aspect, I can see the way Silas looks up to me, and I feel like I’ve got the Mom part down.

We usually take it easy on our Saturdays, playing with some toys, making french toast.

I’m trying to teach him chess, which Michael thinks it’s way too soon, however my Dad taught me when I was young. He’s a smart kid, even my Mom sees it, and she’s also a high school teacher.

Mostly though he wants to play and make friends. He’s incredibly outgoing, which I think is great, but sometimes it means he requires a bit more attention from peers than I can give him.

He’s in preschool with Percy, and they actually live just down the road, but for whatever reason, Percy doesn’t seem to like Silas.

I’ve talked with his Mom, Alicia about it a few times. We’d both really like them to get along, they are the only boys in their class.

With some persuasion, we can usually get Percy to play near to Silas, but he’s not really interacting.

Mostly, I work overtime to make sure he isn’t lonely by being extra involved when we play at the park. Most parents don’t even come to the park, let alone push their kids and interact.

Maybe in time, I will be more lax, but for now, I enjoy these moments with him.

While Silas plays in the afternoon, I think again about having another baby. I know Michael wants marriage, but he also wants a baby. We’ve tried before, but we hadn’t exactly talked about it before we did. Thankfully, we didn’t get pregnant, but I do think Silas should have a sibling.

I call my parents to come over, my trash compactor broke again, and I’m not handy with mechanical repairs.

Silas also wanted to have a lemonade stand; he doesn’t understand that October isn’t the prime time to sell lemonade, so I ask my Mom to bring change with her.

I was pleasantly surprised though when a neighbor bought some from him before my Mom could, so she was his first customer.

Silas is very attached to his grandparents, and he’s always happy when they visit. It’s nice they enjoy being active in his life.

Willa is usually very involved with Silas too, but now that she’s graduated from EU, she’s busier than ever. She hasn’t been able to babysit Silas like we need and he prefers.

Unfortunately I had to stoop and ask my coworker, Avery if her daughter would babysit for us as my best friend, Alice is engaged!

I explained his routine, and I gave her some tips to help her out on winning him over. Eden is a very nice girl, and while I get on with her Mom a bit more this past year, we aren’t anywhere near friends.

Silas was majorly disappointed when he realized I intended to leave him with Eden. I suppose he thought it was a joke where Willa would pop out and yell psych. I wish it were, because I prefer my sister watching him than a teenager, but it’s too big of an announcement from Alice to dismiss it.

Michael came out and cheered up Silas in the way Michael does best. He really is a wonderful father and a good partner too.

He wants another baby too, but he’d really like it to come with a wedding, and I’m just not there. I don’t want him to take me for granted, expecting me to fill a traditional wife role. I like the way things are, and I don’t feel any desire to change them.

It is wonderful to see Alice engaged though, as she’s wanted the whole family, wife, baby life since we were in college. She would have ran away with any boy who promised her a happy life; I’m just glad it didn’t happen until she was older and more settled with herself.

We all really like Martin, including Michael. We talk about taking family trips together up to the mountains, and having kids at the same time, well the last one is Alice. I think two is enough for me, and I’m impatient to start before Silas is driving a car.

When we get home, I talk to Michael about trying for another baby. We both said we wanted two children, and I feel like its time to add one, before we enjoy our freedom with Silas being in school. The longer we wait, the more I think we won’t want to go back to diapers and sleepless nights.

Michael is eager to agree. He would have liked to have one when Silas was only two, but I enjoyed spending the one on one time with him.

I hope Michael stays happy being with me without getting the ring on my finger. He says our family means more to him than a wedding, but I know it’s something he greatly desires.

We decided to get family portraits taken, just in case we do get pregnant, we thought it’d be nice to have one with just the three of us.

We also got individual photos of Silas for the family, as my parents constantly ask for photos. I’m sure the school will take them this year, but I know from experience, they aren’t usually cute photos.

Mom arranged for a higher learning counselor to come and see Silas. My Mom is adamant that Silas is gifted, and while I feel like he may be, I’m probably bias.

He asked to come and just meet Silas, see him in his natural setting, and just converse. There wasn’t any tests or such, and he asked that we not tell Silas about it.

He’s been in a weird habit of wearing his raincoat I bought him, and I thought it would be off-putting to Alan, but he said genius often manifests itself in peculiar ways in the young and the old.

He agreed with my Mom’s assessment, and he’s to have a period each day in a special group at school.

We decided we didn’t want to make a big deal about it with Silas, so we aren’t saying anything.

Keeping with our normal routine, and while students may ask about it, we are hoping they don’t.

His first day in the new class happens to land on “Take your Father to Lunch” day. So Michael will be able to assess the situation and see how Silas does with the change.

Silas loves preschool, they have a guinea pig, which Silas is enamored with. He’s been begging for a pet of any kind, but I’m not really into pets.

His teacher, Miss Rosabella says he’s very caring and attentive with Chili.

He’d rather play with Chili than do worksheets though.

He’s been making friends with classmate, Clio Browning. It’s nice seeing him able to make some friends, because he’s struck out so badly with Percy and even Clio’s twin sister, Thea.

When Michael comes in early for the lunch, Miss Rosabellla fills him in on how Silas has been doing, which is great. She also asks if he’d come and do a safety meeting in the gym for October, which Michael happily agreed to do. He really enjoys doing the school tours and talking with kids.

Michael got to see Silas interact with his peers too, which helped to ease Michael’s conerns.

He can’t tell why Thea and Percy don’t like him, because Silas is very polite and inclusive.

The lunch went well though. He even began to make friends with Thea, she even picked to sit next to him.

It was only the preschoolers in the cafeteria, which made it much quieter for conversation. Which Thea filled with conversation quite easily.

The twins’ Dad, Luca was in good spirits. He shared stories with how he’s an artist, which made a few of the kids really excited.

Percy’s Dad, Dave did some law work on a lower level, and the kids were not interested at all.

They all loved Michael though, he was forced to wear his uniform, since he was going back out on the streets afterward, and the kids were impressed.

While I’m not ready to get married, now, maybe not ever. I am happy to be with Michael, he’s fantastic with Silas and just people in general. Miss Rosabella called later to inform me that Michael was a hit, and so kind to all the kids, I could tell she had a bit of a crush on my boyfriend.

I’m not worried though, we make a good team.

Notes: Still no marriage wants from Lainey, but they did TFB again this round. I like that they can TFB without being married, it’s nice to see where her head might be, even if her wants to follow. Michael wants marriage and a baby, but he’s rolling enough smaller wants, that he isn’t in aspiration failure. They both IFS of 2, so I suspect when they do have the next one, it’ll be it for them.

Lainey’s wants are mostly selfish and Silas. She wanted him in private school, and he got in so easy! I was shocked, because I couldn’t get the Russo-Traver twins in! So Silas is in private school, which in my game is just advanced classes. Seeing he’s four, I’m pegging him as gifted.

I’m kinda hoping when they do have another baby, that it’s another boy. I think Lainey does fantastic with Silas, and I can see her being a Mom to two sons. We will see.

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “raising silas”

    1. Nope, she doesn’t roll wants for Michael. I think they’re only together because she got pregnant with Silas. They seem to make it work, she is affectionate for him, but her wants are for Silas and work. Thanks for commenting Starr, it’s good to see you!

  1. That’s so cool that Silas is gifted, and in an advanced class. I enjoyed seeing him at school. And the Dad’s day at school was a neat idea, too. I liked hearing Lainey’s perspective. She’s really enjoyed being a mom but still not interested in marriage, although she really appreciates Michael. In that early picture, which house is it that’s barely visible from their back yard through the trees? Millwood is so developed now, I noticed from the map, with lots of new or young families.

    1. I liked having the Dads come to the school, I’m always trying to find ways for my sims to meet and mingle. Especially since I’ve had to rebuild since these adults were in school together, so they lost those acquaintance relationships. I rebuilt the best friends and such.

      I’m glad Michael and Lainey seem to make it work, she is affectionate with him, just no space for him in her wants panel.

      Millwood is getting more developed, it’s less developed than where it was in the past, but it’s more occupied. As in I deleted some filler houses that I was never going to use.

      Hmm, I’m not sure which picture you’re asking about with the trees. If it’s this park picture, then it’s the Collier house peeking through. If it’s this one, then it’s the Travel Agency/Real Estate office where Marta works. You can also see Clayton’s house in some of the pictures with the lemonade stand.

      In the hood map, they live in the top right corner, at the corner of Noble Fir and Silverweed, you can see Lainey’s red bug in the photo. The park is dead center of the map, on Silverweed, so walking distance from their house.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon! It’s fun talking about the hood, gets me itching to play/build in the hood. Despite being at home and sheltering, we are still working to get things done like painting and yardwork, so I haven’t had as much time to play as I first suspected!

      1. I thought I would have so much time to play but with working on the computer, it is too much to then play sims after hours. It was the picture of Lainey and Silas playing chess :-). Millwood is just so pretty I always love peaking out the windows and through the trees of your shots.

        1. Aww thanks Shannon. I’ve had fun building Millwood up for sure. I feel you on the computer time. I played most my scheduled posts back in March. I’m not really feeling the computer time, especially now that I spend a good portion of my time job hunting, resumes, zoom calls. It’s not as relaxing to sit at the computer any longer than necessary. I do hope you get time to play when you feel up to it, how will your work schedule look when school is over? Ours is ending early, so Friday is the last day, and then I’ll have a lot less zoom calls! Hope you and yours are staying well.

          1. Maisie, I hope your job search goes well. To me it is obvious that you are a competitive candidate in the working world so hopefully a good match for you will come along soon. I played a few times starting about two weeks ago and finally posted again today. Our last day of post-planning is June 4 and I think my schedule this summer will be pretty relaxed and I shouldn’t have a lot of work that requires the computer. Looking back over this school year I’ve barely played so I am hoping to play regularly (& blog) this summer. We are well and I hope your family is, too.

            1. Thanks Shannon, it was my husband who was let go, he’s our primary breadwinner, but we are managing. It’s been a surreal time, but we are both feeling optimistic about the future. He’s been contemplating a career shift, and now there’s no choice in the matter. He’s doing some classes right now, but already has a job lined up once he finishes in June. Thank you for your kind words.

              I feel you on the summer being relaxed, we had a jampacked summer, and it’s all been erased. I hope you are able to have time to enjoy the computer and outdoors this summer, and get back into your hood. I hadn’t been on my PC much personally, because I was spending so much of it looking for jobs and helping my husband, that I didn’t have any creative energy. So I can totally understand why you aren’t on yours much after working on it. I’m glad you are well too. ❤

  2. That’s a good idea to integrate private school. I tend to just let whatever sims want to apply apply and then ignore it, storywise!

    But anyway, when I saw Silas playing chess with Lainey, I was going to comment that a few of the really bright 5-6yos I’ve taught have known how to play chess and I wondered if Silas was heading that way too. Obviously, I guess!

    I’m glad Michael and Lainey seem so happy, despite Lainey’s lack of marriage wants! I had to check her aspiration to see if she was maybe a Popularity sim, because the two sims of mine who took forever to roll marriage wants (Zaria and James) are both Popularity. Some sims are just like that!

    1. Yeah, in a perfect sims’ world, the private school would always be AP classes, but I often forget about it myself. I appreciate reading and seeing photos of players who create actual private schools and use default uniforms, but it’s just not something I’ve felt inclined to do.

      Yes, chess is hard to teach young kids! We bought the No Stress Chess for ours, and it was pretty useful for the kids, it was stressful to the adults! It would have been nice to learn to play with it when I was a kid though.

      Right, I remember Zaria didn’t roll a marriage want for a very long time, and then they had a simple wedding, I believe a backyard wedding, but I could be wrong on that detail. I thought of Zaria immediately when Lainey wasn’t rolling marriage wants, but she seemed happy to be with Michael. It keeps the game interesting for sure.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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