Dwyer, Siew

november birthdays 2031 – dwyer twins

The twins’ fifteenth birthday arrives, and Miriam feels overwhelmed to help them celebrate it in a large way with a three month old at home.

Shira insists she doesn’t mind, spending the evening with Noam and family is exactly where she wants to be.

As the day progresses, Asher isn’t feeling good with the changes. He isn’t asking for the moon, but a nice dinner would have been appreciated. He starts a fire because his step Dad, Quint asked him too, and he feels disgruntled Quint couldn’t do it himself.

Miriam intended to make her first born children a nice dinner, but Noam was fussing all day, and so Shira volunteered to make it. Miriam doesn’t know how she got to be so blessed with her twins, but she really feels it in that moment.

Asher invites his “almost” girlfriend, Molly over without asking. He really wants to be with Vivienne, but she’s a senior, and he’s only a sophomore. Molly is in his grade, and he has a better chance with her, so here they are, not quite dating, but experimenting.

Miriam didn’t call her ex-husband, long ago she stopped trying to help him be a good father, but here he is on the twins’ birthday, uninvited and unwelcome. At least, he’s unwelcome to Miriam, but she’d never send him away. She will always long for her children to have a good relationship with their Dad, but it seems the twins have let go off that wish.

Miriam stays upstairs with Noam, who is having another tantrum. He requires so much more energy than she ever remembers the twins needing, which she feels has to be impossible. Perhaps its her advanced age, maybe she doesn’t have what it takes after all these years. Whatever the reasoning, she is tending to Noam, when Marcus arrives.

Marcus went in for a hug, after praising Shira on how mature and grown she looks.

“Much prettier than your Mom,” he means it as a compliment, or so he tells himself.

Shira steps back, shirking him, which instantly brings a rise to Marcus. No matter how he tries, his exwife surely poisons his only kids against him.

He’s exhausted, having worked a double shift at the hospital, performing emergency surgery while desperately tired, and yet, he cleaned up and came to see his children on their birthdays, and his son glares at him from across the room, while his daughter openly shuns him.

His anger gets the best of him, and he regrets it immediately. He knows this isn’t winning any favors, but it seems no matter how he tries, he can never win.

Before he can apologize, Asher has run across the room and is shoving him against the door. Asher is screaming how Marcus is unwanted, a disease, that he should just die already, because they wouldn’t care.

Shira gasps in surprise, wanting to immediately rewind time, to accept the hug even if she wasn’t comfortable with it.

She runs upstairs to get her Mom, wishing her step Dad was home, because then he could separate her brother and Dad before anyone got hurt.

Asher is still screaming, mildly aware his sister has run off, and knowing his Mom would likely kick his Dad out, just as she did when she was fed up with all his cheating.

“Quint is a better man than you could ever be!” All the years of upset and hurt have peaked, and he can’t contain them anymore.

He’s taken aback when his Dad steps forward, scowling deep.

Marcus could take many abuses, but being called a lesser man than a terminally ill, wanna-be detective was far past the line of acceptable.

Marcus saw his son’s face of shock mixed with fear, but his own temper couldn’t easily be contained this time. He didn’t shove Asher back, although he greatly wanted to, because the twerp needed to learn who was the boss, but he knew his ex would be down soon, and he didn’t need anymore time in court.

Instead he menacingly glowered at Asher until he knew the message was received, then he stormed out the door.

Asher made sure Marcus left in his fancy sports car, then locked the door before going up to check on Shira. His Mom was on the phone with Quint, who was working a case with his assistant, Kevin.

He was going to be in trouble, but Asher couldn’t be bothered. His sister was being threatened by their loser Father, and he couldn’t just stand there and allow it to happen.

Stepping into her room, he wanted to offer her comfort, let her know it wasn’t her fault, but she was shockingly livid.

“How could you! He’s our Father, you can’t just punch him!”

“If you care about him so much, then why don’t you live with him? Why didn’t you hug him back? Because you’re just a confused little girl!” He screamed back, taking Shira by surprise, his words cutting deep as she shoved down her own insecurities and doubts about her Dad and actions.

“I’m going out tonight! I can’t stand this family right now!” He screamed as he stormed down the stairs.

She ran down after him, begging him to stay home to reconsider. It was too dangerous to wander the streets at night, he could get abducted or hit by a car.

“I’m going out with Molly, and I’ll be fine.”

Whether or not she should turn him in to their Mom, warred inside Shira as he called Molly to make arrangements. It was dangerous, but there was the twin code to consider. He may never forgive her, and she couldn’t stand fighting with him, especially on their birthday.

She watched, saying a silent prayer he’d be okay and come home less angry with her.

After he left with Molly, she came downstairs and began nervously cleaning the kitchen. She knew her Mom would appreciate it, and she needed to distract her mind. There was zero chance she could sleep until he was back home, and she worried about him going too far with Molly. They were only just fifteen, it all seemed like such a sudden change since yesterday when they were fourteen.

When it turned four o’clock, she woke up her Mom, who instantly called the police and the Welsh family.

When he snuck home at five o’clock, both Miriam and Shira thought he was for sure dead, and they were both beside themselves when he came strolling down the sidewalk.

Instantly she began shouting at him as adrenaline sparked with relief, she was beyond happy he was home and safe, but terribly upset he’d ran off at all.

When she let on how worried she had been, Asher began to soften. Feeling terrible for keeping his family up all night while he’d been out kissing his “almost” girlfriend. He’d wanted a good birthday, but instead he’d managed to only anger his family.

He apologized before things could escalate further.

Forgiven, Asher went up to bed feeling relieved and exhausted. He had school in three hours, and he didn’t know he’d make it through the day.

Miriam snuck into her bedroom, intending to sleep if she could, but Noam woke up, wet and hungry.

She brought him down to feed him so Quint could get his sleep. She was supposed to return to work after Christmas break, but currently, she couldn’t fathom having a baby who woke up regularly to feed, and being chipper for her preschoolers. She couldn’t exactly quit her job though, with Quint’s health, she needed a steady income for when he could no longer work or when he was no longer with her.

She sung to Noam, who drank even after he’d fallen back to sleep. He was the baby of her dreams for this second half of her life, and she could never be upset waking up with him and taking care of his basic needs.

She was exhausted though and disheartened when she heard the newspaper being delivered. It looked like a day without sleep lay ahead for her and the twins.

Before school, Asher went and grabbed Noam, changing his diaper, and giving him some affection as his Mom rested on the sofa.

He vowed to be a better man than his Father, which he realized might be tricky, since the same temper seemed to race through their blood, but he owed it to himself and his baby brother, Noam.

Notes: This was supposed to be in the birthday post, but a whole lot happened, I decided to give them their own mini update.

Asher and Molly aren’t going steady, but they have mutual crushes and they’ve shared a first kiss together. Asher had the want to sneak out, and I was worried, because I have risky sneak out installed. I’ve only had one sim get pregnant to my remembrance and it was Cara with Rachael, many years ago.

Marcus showed up on his own accord, which surprised me, because he never shows up! Needless to say, his kids don’t really care for him. He was a big time cheater when he was married to Miriam, and their relationship panel hasn’t really recovered. I worried Asher might take unwise risks after that fight with Marcus and Shira, but no risky woohoo, thank goodness.

I’m looking forward to playing this family in the upcoming months, I feel like they have a lot going on, and Quint’s kids weren’t even there. However, I found out the culprit who keeps kicking the trash can over and getting them infected with the flu…

Quint’s daughter, Elodie who should have been at her Mom’s and not her Dad’s house, infecting her entire family with roaches. Her anger bubble is for her step sister, Shira too although I have no idea why.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “november birthdays 2031 – dwyer twins”

  1. First of all, the Dwyer-Siews are becoming one of my favorite families. I’m just happy that Quint and Miriam finally have a spouse who appreciates them.

    Marcus will never change. He decides to show himself and expects everyone will roll out the red carpet for him. Asher was right. Quint is way more of a man than Marcus ever will be. Marcus is still hot, though, not gonna lie, and Asher and Shira were blessed with good genes from both parents. But that doesn’t make up for Marcus being a jerk.

    I hope Elodie and Shira can work out their issues too.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Dwyer-Siew family! They’re becoming one of my favorites too! I really adore Quint and Miriam together as well, they deserve one another.

      I think Asher will be a great man one day, because he has Quint helping him. LOL Marcus is hot! He’s slept with all my hospital staff too, so it seems they all agree as well.

      I hope the same with Elodie and Shira, I don’t know what caused the rift between them. I’m looking forward to delving into that the next time I pop in with them. I remember they both liked the same boy, so it might be part of the issue.

      Thank you for commenting, I hope you and your family are staying well!

    1. Right, it was a lot more drama than I expected when I popped in for them. I hope you and yours are well too, thank you for commenting!

  2. Wow, not the happiest of birthdays for the Dwyer twins! Really not cool of Marcus to show up uninvited at this point in his kids’ lives. If he wanted a relationship with them, he should have been a better dad all along. If he wants to change things, he needs to be a little more contrite.

    I’m glad Miriam wasn’t too upset at Asher. He was very emotional when he left and clearly wasn’t thinking about anyone else at that time. Just needed to get out.

    I don’t think you had anything to worry about with the risky sneakout, btw. I’m pretty sure Molly couldn’t have got pregnant unless you were playing her lot…unless you had her selectable?

    1. I was surprised Marcus showed up, he’s really not the most social guy in the hood. He’s pretty elusive. Terrible timing on his part to just pop in.

      I think Miriam is much more forgiving and kind than Marcus ever deserved. I think you are right about the pregnancy, it’s been a while since I’ve played with the sneaking out. I always have sims s selectable with woohoo, just in case they would get pregnant, but I don’t with sneaking out, because I always feel like it’d screw with the code.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. This was a painful birthday for the twins and I know how I feel when I go into a lot for a birthday and then so many things happen. You can’t ignore it and sometimes it can’t wait either, to process what happened and continue the story. I feel pretty strongly that Asher won’t let his temper get the better of him like his dad as he matures.

    1. I agree with you, I think Asher is going to be a much better man than his Dad. Quint is a good role model for him for sure. It was such a big birthday for these twins, I felt bad it all had to unload on their birthday, but I always love delving in with them too.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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