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january birthdays 2032

Zilla’s wedding is an intimate affair, with only their parents flying down to attend. Zilla didn’t want the attention, but her Mom was adamant she must be in attendance, and Zilla finds she is okay with it.

The wedding is in their own backyard, both Pete and Zilla are in the desert, searching for signs of life on other planets, signs they’ve visited this planet.

It doesn’t exactly pay well, but they’re both happy.

It’s nice to have their parents attend too, to support them in their commitment to one another.

Even if Zilla didn’t know she’d be happy being a wife, she is very happy with Pete. He’s followed her to the desert, dealt with all her mood swings, and still kept her smiling.

She can’t imagine not having Pete by her side.

Pete and Zilla with their parents.


Gideon’s heart is heavy with a bittersweet happiness as his only biological daughter, Dahlia celebrates her twelfth birthday. Him and Eva had tried for years to conceive a second time, to give Dahlia a sibling in the home to grow up with, but it had never come to be.

He is proud of the young woman she is beginning to become, he just wishes time moved slower.

Eva knows how suddenly children grow, her eldest two daughters are grown, and she’s already a grandmother. She doesn’t get caught up on the emotions of all the things that could have been, instead focusing on the pleasant life they actually live.

Dahlia isn’t aware of all the mixed emotions growing up has for her parents. She’s thrilled for this next stage, she loves her older sisters, and she doesn’t consider what life would have been like having a baby sibling that never existed.

Dahlia is perfectly content with the family she has currently, and she’s looking forward to the next stage.


Lainey hits her three month mark for the pregnancy, and she feels huge. Dr. Morgan insists the uterus isn’t as strong after a first baby, and that it’s all completely normal, but Lainey isn’t terribly impressed with it.

Michael doesn’t mind in the least, he foolishly believes the baby is much larger than it actually is, and Lainey refuses to tell him the truth.

Silas is feeling fine about the ordeal, he’s becoming more social at school, mostly through the internet, which Lainey isn’t thrilled about. And he quietly judges her for stuffing her face on junkfood, because she has always told him junkfood wasn’t healthy.


Brooklyn is six months pregnant, due in April with the twins. She’s glad they don’t get to choose if they’re boys or girls, because her and Oliver can’t decide. They have one boy name, and are up in the air for any other names.

When Colleen pushes on the tummy, the babies push back, and it delights Colleen.

Brooklyn is exhausted, staying up late to grade assignments.

Then being rudely awoken at five am by Roux, who suddenly decided to take a walk in the very early hours of the morning.

Brooklyn is ready for spring break, and she just finished winter break.


Ginny goes into labor while the kids are at school, forcing her to bring Antonia to the hospital. She can’t leave her home alone, and her inlaws are up at the Cascade mountains for a long weekend. This baby wasn’t supposed to arrive until after they returned.

Antonia is hungry and fussy, and she doesn’t understand why she can’t eat candy off the floor or push any of the buttons.

Ginny was happy with her decision to never have anymore kids, being in labor while Antonia cried on the floor was enough to make her have regrets. Thankfully Gemma came by after school to entertain her baby sister.

Late in the afternoon, Ginny gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Lucia.

Their family is complete with three daughters and one son, and while Ginny wouldn’t admit it, she hopes Antonia, Bianca, and Lucia grow up to be close as cousins.

January Birthdays
Angie Dennis – 83 years (pnpc)
Alberta Steele – 81 years (pnpc)
Corbin Gray – 51 years (pnpc)
Ginny Pacelli – 45 years (pnpc)
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 42 years
Erin Louie – 39 years
Adam Brindley – 35 years
Trevor Bowen – 34 years (pnpc)
Itzel London – 24 years
Marisol Carver – 14 years
Manuel Carver – 14 years
Dahlia Prince – 12 years
Thomas Traver – 5 years
Otto Krouse – 3 years

January Anniversaries
Matias & Isabella Martinez – 30 years (pnpc)
Isaac & Lauren Gavigan – 8 years

Maeve Gavigan – 8 months; due February
Brooklyn McCarthy – 6 months; due April
Lainey Grimsley – 3 month; due July

Notes: Dahlia is growing up to be so pretty; she’s family girl. Eva is 58, so she will have her elder birthday soon, and I think it worked out well that they only had one child together. Gideon definitely wants another baby, but all the times they’ve tried, it never worked out.

Zilla’s husband, Pete has a twin brother, and I kinda wonder if they will have twins, seeing it is on both sides of their family.

I’m really excited about Ginny’s daughter, her two littlest with Erin’s daughter, Bianca, growing up as cousins! I look forward to it!

I’m also looking forward to Brooklyn’s twins and Lainey’s baby. I kinda hope Lainey has another boy. I think this will be her last pregnancy, and two little boys would be pretty cute for her. I also haven’t had twin boys in a long time, so I wouldn’t be upset if Brooklyn had two boys. We will see!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “january birthdays 2032”

  1. LOL I sympathize with Ginny laboring away as she remembers thinking how content she’d be without kids and there’s the first one trying to punch buttons and eat candy off the floor. I remember my own mother telling me that while in deep labor she told the OB/GYN ‘I’ve changed my mind’ and she was serious – loopy at that point but serious.

    Dhalia is so pretty! And yes, she probably won’t mind being the only one, and I hope Eva and Gideon don’t grieve too many more years about failing to have another child.

    Zilla is so lovely in that dress and the desert background works perfectly, both for the wedding and for that couple.

    So many babies! Brooklyn with the baby pushing back when Colleen pushes on her belly and Lainey with the belly that doesn’t really indicate HUGE babies, so cute!

  2. The pose for Brooklyn and Colleen is adorable (Colleen is adorable!) and Roux is always so cute too although even when my dog gently nudges me at 5 AM it doesn’t seem cute at the time.

    Dahlia is beautiful and as the only child of older parents I suspect she will be very successful.

    It was fun checking in with Zilla and Pete. it would be cool to see them have twins. Does Zilla have the extreme alien personality? Seeing how that plays out with their kids will be fun too.

    Poor Ginny! Did she roll another fear of having a baby during labor?! That last part of labor is so overwhelming and disorienting and to have a toddler to think about too, is a lot!

  3. Every time you show Zilla in her desert exile, it makes me want to add a desert subhood to Sullivan! It’s a part of the game I really like but don’t really get to use. BTW, I give my sims a slightly higher chance of twins if it runs in the family. It’s how Rebecca and Nathan got theirs. 🙂 I think? It was so long ago, lol!

    Aw, Dahlia’s so pretty! She looks a lot like Gideon, at least in that picture.

    Also, up until about half an hour ago, I was wearing those exact PJ pants Lainey has on! But I’m much more excited about the new baby. I’m getting girl vibes this time (though I’m always wrong, so it’ll probably be a boy)!

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