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a pacelli christmas *mini*

january 2032
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With baby Lucia’s arrival, Ginny prepares for an early January Christmas. It’s untraditional to celebrate after the holiday, and Gemma was upset to delay the holiday, but Ginny had zero intention to lose her standing as the host for Christmas. Besides, she had the nicest house out of any Pacelli, with the most space.

Lucia and Bianca played on the floor, with Silvana spoiling them both equally. She was thrilled to have two granddaughters only four months apart, she was certain they’d be the best of friends. They would even be in the same classroom, so a built in friend when they started school.

Silvana adored Bianca’s brown eyes, because they were just like Nico’s, and only one child got the Pacelli eyes out of Ginny’s four kids.

The big kids played outside in the snow, Domenico loved having his cousins over. He wasn’t sure why his Mom didn’t like Mallory and Logan very much, but he appreciated having built in cousins. Before his Uncle Nico married Erin, holidays were boring, because they were the only kids.

Carmine made the traditional Italian food, as Ginny wasn’t quite as accomplished with much outside of tiramisu. Carmine was also the chef at Pacelli’s Ristorante, so everything was guaranteed to be delicious.

Gemma approved of Mallory’s snowman skills, and for the first time, Mallory didn’t transform the jolly snowman into a devil.

Everyone came in to eat, finding a seat wherever they could. For the first time, Erin felt comfortable not sticking directly to Nico’s side. His family still wasn’t her favorite, but she felt like she could hold her own with them. Ginny wasn’t being as terrible with her backhanded compliments as she used to be either.

Nico sat with his Dad and the kids out in the living room. He was close with Gemma, she usually called him to talk about sports and friends. But she was in a mood, sets out on being disruptive, digging in with comments she knew would get an up-rise from the adults.

Logan and Domenico ignored the conversation, neither of them had patience for Gemma’s antics. Logan mostly thought about how he preferred his cousin Kai on his Dad’s side over any other cousins.

When gifts were exchanged, Gemma wasn’t impressed with her gift, and she wasn’t shy to share her disappointment. In the past, she had been the only granddaughter, but now she had two little sisters and an actual girl cousin, Bianca. It seemed the adults were less inclined to entertain her attention-seeking behavior.

Even Mallory was in good spirits, she voluntarily picked up the dishes from dinner, and it wasn’t something she even did at home. Everyone complimented her, which made her feel even better.

She lost the limelight though when she complained Antonia was making a racket. Everyone laughed, telling her Bianca would be just as noisy in another year.

Antonia thought her big cousin Mallory was hilarious, and while Mallory suffered, Antonia began to look up to her cousin.

All in all it was a good holiday for the family, the first of many to come.

Notes: I wanted to get all the cousins together in this little blended family. I think Silvana preferred Bianca over Lucia, she kept tending to her needs the most. Gemma had a little tantrum, and got a bit disruptive near the end, but at the beginning she was pleasant too.

I like that Erin married into a pnpc family of mine, so they have family on both sides to visit and grow relationships with.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “a pacelli christmas *mini*”

  1. Well…Mallory almost shone so that was a great Christmas gift for the gathered family. Gemma not so much at the end. Mallory is so pretty! They all are including the boys. Erin got to be at ease at the holiday table, good gift for her too. I always think it’s funny (but positive thinking I guess) when adults think babies in the same family are going to grow up to be good friends. Maybe, but having someone related to you in the same grade, if you don’t like them and can’t ever get away from them even at school, can be unpleasant and isn’t all that rare. Hope it doesn’t happen with these children because they are adorable!

  2. 6th January would be a perfect day to do an early January Christmas, without straying too far from tradition. 🙂 I think some European countries still save gift exchanging until then or they do a smaller gift exchange on the 6th.

    This was a sweet little update! Even Mallory behaved herself…mostly. I agree with Skyburned too, Mallory is really getting to be so pretty. I’m really curious to see what she’ll look like as a teen.

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