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april birthdays 2032

The morning has arrived for Brooklyn’s induction; they arrive as the sun rises, and they’re both excited and nervous to welcome their twins.

Head Nurse, Caroline welcomes Clara Sumner to the floor. She graduates EU with her nursing degree in one month’s time, and she’s been hired prematurely with her 4.0 GPA. Caroline is thrilled to have another nurse helping with the rounds.

Clara takes the lead while Caroline oversees, she welcomes Brooklyn to the second maternity suite, while Brooklyn works out a kink in her neck.

Caroline goes over everything with Oliver, refreshing his memory and letting him know how they expect the process to go. They’re going to start Brooklyn on pitocin, and they don’t expect it to be too long of a wait once they get her hooked up.

Brooklyn is feeling good about this day, and she doesn’t have any questions. She can’t wait until she has her body back, and all the odd things happening to her go away.

Oliver gives her backrubs as the contractions come in waves.

It’s nearing lunchtime, and all Brooklyn can think about is eating, but Caroline and Clara have both banned eating. Just in case they need to do a c-section, it’s best if her stomach is empty. Brooklyn is feeling like they’re ganging up on her, after all people eat without knowing they’re about to go into labor, and sometimes they need c-sections too.

By mid-afternoon, Brooklyn is waning in energy. The contractions aren’t being as productive as everyone assumed, and she’s utterly spent. Oliver comes back in the room after sneaking a bag of M&Ms out in the hall to find Brooklyn crying.

“I’m fine!” she insists, wiping her tears. They both know its hormones and exhaustion.

Caroline comes in for the next check up, and finds the couple discussing possible ways to move the babies along. Its irrational, but Brooklyn is suddenly missing Colleen like crazy. Oliver has talked her out of calling her Mom to bring Colleen to them. They’ll bring her in once the babies are born.

Caroline checks, and there’s very little progress.

She’d been worried the twins would come early, and now they won’t come out at all.

Eventually, Brooklyn falls asleep. Caroline insists its the best thing to do if she can; she’ll need her energy when its time to push out both the babies.

Oliver takes the freetime to call his his mother-in-law, Trish and update her. He encourages her to put Colleen down for her nap, no reason for her to suffer when the babies don’t seem to be in a hurry.

A few hours later, Trish arrives with a pizza for Oliver. She feels bad not feeding her daughter, but she promises Brooklyn they’ll leave her some slices after she delivers.

Brooklyn has never been so happy to see Trish, and not for the last time, he feels blessed to have such great inlaws.

They step out of the room to eat the pizza to not further torture Brooklyn. Everyone really thought the babies would be here by now, and they’re keeping Brooklyn bedridden with a constant stream on the babies’ heartbeats and stress levels.

Dr. Morgan arrives, she had spent the day with her girls who graduate from high school next month. She meets Clara and welcomes her to South Mercy. Her team is really growing, and she’s pleased about it.

She checks on Brooklyn, and everything is moving toward delivery, but at a slow rate. It’s not until 2:30 the next morning when she’s fully ready to deliver.

Brooklyn’s Mom stays for the delivery, off to the side while Oliver paces and waits anxiously for the first head.

She delivers the first baby, and its a boy! They name him Cillian, and he (like his big sister Colleen) has big brown eyes from his Great Grandpa George.

Caroline takes Cillian to clean him off, and Brooklyn pushes for the second baby.

And its another boy, with his Daddy’s big blue eyes. They name him Rory, and they’re completely smitten.

Brooklyn feels complete and happy with her three children, Colleen, Cillian, and Rory, and she’s excited for summer break to spend with her kids and husband.


Lainey Grimsley starts her third trimester feeling larger than a house. She inhales everything she can find, and she’s really into the buffalo chicken pizza. She’s on her fourth slice while Silas talks to his Uncle Holden about his Mom’s enormous appetite. Lainey is too hungry to even care.

She naps at odd times during the day, and Silas has started following suit. So when Michael gets home, everyone’s asleep so he quietly exercises while he waits for them to wake up.

Overall the pregnancy is going well, and Lainey’s spirits are brightened when Alice pops in for a visit. Lainey misses work terribly, so her company is pleasant surprise.

Lainey is due in July.


Nadia Browning arrives for her appointment with Dr. Morgan. She’s officially in the second trimester, and they can finally find out if she’s carrying twins.

Dr. Morgan appears too cheerful for such a mundane meeting, and Nadia feels guarded. Can she really handle twins again? Where on earth would she put them? Are they going to have a move a third time!

Dr. Morgan announces immediately that its only one baby. A very healthy looking baby, but only one.

For the first time this pregnancy, Nadia feels like she can breath again, and maybe now she’ll feel like celebrating.

Nadia is due in October.


Cade Gavigan is turning one, and the lucky birthday boy shares his birthday month with both his Grandma Delaney and Grandma Mary. While Delaney offered to host the party, being a five-star chef and all, Lauren decided to have the party at her inlaws house, because they had a larger lawn. Delaney is perturbed over losing her first grandson’s birthday, because she smartly went for a smaller piece of land for her upcoming retirement years.

At the last minute, Lauren cancelled a joint party, claiming her inlaws didn’t have the seating space.

So Cade, celebrates his first birthday with the Gavigan side of the family. Maeve puts Howie in his swing to watch the events unfold.

While Lauren and Isaac prep Cade for the big celebration.

Maeve is obsessed with Cade. She abandons her own son to dote on Cade constantly.

Isaac feels bad, and pulls out his nephew, Howie to play with him. He seems to be a pretty happy-go-lucky little guy.

Isaac is heading over to take Isaac to his first birthday cake, and Maeve does the honors for his celebration on her own accord.

Cade turns one without any fanfair because his Aunt decided she had the rights to his first birthday.

Lauren is feeling pretty disgruntled, wishing she’d just had a party at her family’s house instead. It doesn’t help the rift between Lauren and Maeve.

Cade is quickly crawling over to play on the slide with his cousin Margot. He’s lucky, because he has cousins near his age on both sides of the family. They’re all girls, but when Howie ages up in February, then he’ll have a boy cousin to play with too.


Cousins: Margo and Cade

And Cade’s comparison. I’m thinking Cade only got his Mom’s mouth and perhaps her chin. He looks very Gavigan, which I’m fine with, and he actually looks similar to his half-brother, Nolan.

Nolan as a toddler:

April Birthdays
*Delaney Schehl – 69
*Kenzie Goss – 69
Mary Gavigan – 65 (pnpc)
Trisha Lange – 64 (pnpc)
Barbara Gray – 51 (pnpc)
Gideon Prince – 50
Quinten Siew – 42
Matthew Picasso – 41 (pnpc)
Henry Popper – 38 (pnpc)
Janice King – 34
Maeve Gavigan – 32 (pnpc)
Jaron Castellanetta – 31
Scarlett Siew – 22
Lily-Mae McCarthy – 20
Hatty Andersen – 10
Cade Gavigan – 1

March Anniversaries
Tim & Bekah Grimsley – 33
Enzo & Ginny Pacelli – 19 (pnpc)
Eva & Gideon Prince – 13

Lainey Grimsley – 6 month; due July
Nadia Browning – 3 month; due October
Paige Bowen – 2 month; due November
Meg Schehl – 1 month; due December

Notes: I’m pumped Brooklyn had twin boys, I haven’t had any in the game since Julius and Elias, and they’re 26 years old. They’re gonna have to move at some point. I built this house with them in mind, but I haven’t revisited it since I built it to know if it’s gonna happen.

As for Cade, I think he’s adorable, and I’m super perturbed that Maeve had the audacity to age him up! It was literally in Isaac’s queue! She would not leave Cade alone the entire party. Other than his meddling Aunt, he’s a pretty lucky kid, he has Irina, Rosemary, Margot, and Howie as cousins all near to his age with Irina being the eldest (she turns 4 this August). I realized with this update too, April is a huge month for this family with both his Grandmas, Aunt Maeve, and Cade having birthdays this month.

I’m as relieved as Nadia she isn’t having twins. Thank goodness!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “april birthdays 2032”

  1. Oh god I feel for Brooklyn! Everybody handled a wretched wait the best they could it seemed although I would have kept the pizza completely out of sight 🙂

    All these babies and birthdays are pretty cool. Nadia’s relief I can understand (she’s looking really good by the way). Lainey and the buffalo chicken pizza…LOL. She really does look huge too. What happened with Lauren and Cade? I don’t blame Maeve for being more than a little bit annoyed that Lauren stepped up in the middle of Cade’s birthday moment. (That outfit Cade aged into is so cute.)

    Judging from the photos Cade definitely does look a lot like Nolan. The resemblance is striking.

    Thank you for these!

  2. Aw, welcome Cillian and Rory! Poor Brooklyn with that labour though! I hope the boys are well-behaved to make up for it. 😉 Excited to meet Nadia and Lainey’s babies too! And I’m glad Nadia’s just having the one – twins again would be a LOT!

    OMG, Cade! He’s really sweet! He reminds me a bit of my sister’s nephew, actually!

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