july birthdays 2032

Lainey drives herself to the hospital, calling Michael en route. He arrives in uniform, excited it’s finally time for the newest Abbott addition to arrive.

Lainey feels like a bus, and her son, Silas has often referred to her as a huge beach ball.

Dr. Morgan gives her the go-head to push just an hour later.

Lainey looks at Michael accusingly. She didn’t remember this part being so traumatic.

Dr. Morgan announces it’s a beautiful baby girl, and she hands the little one over to Lainey.

She has her Mama’s big blue eyes just like her brother Silas.

Caroline bathes her while Dr. Morgan finishes with Lainey.

Together, Michael and Lainey decide to name her Eloise.

Lainey’s parents bring Silas by after school is over, and he’s enthralled that he went to school without a baby sister, and he got off school and now he has one!

Eloise seems equally enthralled with her big brother, watching him carefully.

Lainey notes they’ll have to move, as they’d already decided to not have Silas share a room if it was a girl. Silas is okay with this as long as they move closer to the park and not farther away.

The Grimsley-Abbott family introduces their baby girl Eloise Abbott.


Caitlyn is sick without any fever, and she decides to take a test to be sure.

A positive result, and she’s calling Brandon over. She needs to share the news with someone, while she comes to terms with the results. Her first thought was to put the baby up for adoption, but she knows she couldn’t do that.

She’s in a better place now then when she got pregnant with Thomas on her high school senior trip. She handled it then, she can now.

Brandon has his son, Rocco so pregnancy isn’t new, but he’s not sure why he keeps landing in these situations. Caitlyn just gives him a good stare, as they both know how they ended up here.

Like Caitlyn, he’s survived this before, and now he’s with someone he truly cares about. Unlike his ex, who cheated on him and played around, he believes Caitlyn might be the one.

He pulls her into his arms, promising this will work, and he’ll be there for her and the baby.

Caitlyn is due in March.


Nadia visits with Dr. Morgan for her 6 month check up. Everything looks good, and the baby didn’t duplicate into twins, so she’s happy. She stops by the nursery before heading back to the bookshop, and for the first time this pregnancy, she can’t wait to meet baby number five.

Nadia is due in October.


Julius McCarthy celebrates his 26th birthday by taking a flight to visit his sister, Zilla in the desert. He shows up on her doorstep in the early morning hours, and somehow she isn’t surprised to see him.

Out of the seven McCarthy kids, Julius recognizes Emma and Zilla as the other screw-ups in the perfect family. He would have gone to Emma’s house, but she lives too close to Dallas Rafferty.

He’s spent an entire decade being on the wrong side of the law. He started dabbing in thievery when he was only sixteen, using the money to deck out his bedroom he shared with his twin brother, Elias. His parents got robbed because of him, and he never told them the truth.

He’s turning over a new leaf, and he needed the safety of space. Zilla lives out in the desert country, if any car came for him, he’d see them miles away. He looks through the newspaper to find a standup job.

He’s not exactly inspired to work, he prefers to stay home more often than not. However his sister’s house is filled with cats, which makes him more inclined to find his own place which requires honest work if he’s not going to make the same bad decisions.

He isn’t sure he wants to stay in the desert permanently either, perhaps things will cool down back in South Port, and he can head back home. Only time will tell.

July Birthdays
John Russo – 80 years
Miriam Dennis – 49 years
Marta Steele – 42 years (pnpc)
Grace McCarthy – 42 years
Nico Pacelli – 40 years
Nadia Browning – 36 years
Meme Blackshire – 36 years (pnpc)
Michael Abbott – 33 years
Bethany Louie – 35 years
Hadley Millett – 31 years
*Julius McCarthy – 26 years
*Elias McCarthy – 26 years
Rafael Martinez – 24 years (pnpc)
Alex Welsh – 20 years (pnpc)
Nolan Millett – 14 years
Stevie Blackshire – 2 years (pnpc)

July Anniversaries
Grant & Leah Millett – 37 years
Etienne & Violet-Adele McCarthy-Bernard – 5 years

Nadia Browning – 6 month; due October
Paige Bowen – 5 month; due November
Meg Schehl – 4 month; due December
Rebecca Siew – 2 month; due February
Raina Bowers – 2 month; due February
Tamika Wright – 2 month; due February
Caitlyn Traver – 1 month; due March

Notes: I’m excited about baby Eloise, and Silas seemed happy to have a baby sister too. I built them a new house, so they’re getting settled in.

My ACR is throwing tons of risky woohoo pregnancies my way. It had seemed like a while since I’d had one, and now Caitlyn is another victim of lazy contraceptive use. I am not sure Brandon is her perfect match, but I imagine they’ll try to make things work. I do think Brandon cares about her more based on wants.

Julius rolled the ROS – Florida sure sounds nice, check it out and see if you want to stay. I don’t have Florida in my game, so he went to stay with his sister. I’m not sure where he will end up, but I can see him liking the heat and being away from everyone.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “july birthdays 2032”

  1. Aw, congratulations to Lainey, Michael, and Silas!

    I’m glad Brandon isn’t trying to run off and not have any responsibility in this situation. Hopefully things can work out between them and they can be happy with what the future holds.

    Julius’s thoughts on his sister’s place being filled with cats made me laugh because my house is too! 😀 Cats like to show up in my backyard and move in, lol. But maybe Julius really can turn over a new leaf and start a new life in this journey into a new place.

    1. I’m pretty excited about Lainey and Michael having one of each. I don’t know if they’ll have more, and Eloise looks like she will be a doll.

      I’m glad Brandon isn’t running off either, however I was disappointed for Caitlyn. Poor girl can’t get any breaks.

      My house is filled with kitties too! I love my cats, and I love them in the game too. How cool that you get cats in your yard! My Mom’s farm gets them, but from people dropping them off. Two of my cats are kittens I took from her barn years and years ago. They’re both 15+ now. I hope Julius turns a new leaf, it’d be nice to see him make better choices.

      Thanks for commenting Shana!

  2. I know babies are all identical…but Eloise’s features really make her stand out! Can’t wait to see she looks like as a toddler. I’m glad Silas is happy about the new addition – what a sweetheart!

    Oooh, Caitlyn – probably a good thing she’s had that recent practice with Rocco then, if she’s having another baby! Happy to see Brandon took the news well.

    I think I was just asking about Julius a while back! Like you, I can see him making a move away from Millwood. 🙂

  3. Lainey and Michael seem really happy and settled and ready for this little girl, and she looks like a beautiful doll! Sympathize with Lainey – she does look enormous, like twins.

    So…Brandon’s not sure why he keeps ending up with pregnant girlfriends. Amazing biological discovery! He thinks Caitlyn might be ‘the one’ but she doesn’t seem as enthusiastic about him, or anything about the situation.

    Nadia and baby number five…it’s understandable that she wasn’t overwhelmed with the thought of meeting another one but nice for her that it’s turning out to be a birth she can look forward to instead of dread.

    Julius and Zilla. Okay. At least she doesn’t have to worry about supporting him and living with him for very long if her cats freak him out. (I love cats. I’m sure they’d know their job and do it enthusiastically but with cat cool. Bother the man.) Julius seems motivated to find something legal which is a really good sign. Zilla’s place feels like a desert too, and yes, the view out the window and the window itself are beautifully chosen and used!

    Wow lots of babies! And cats! I’m not going to say which I’d choose….

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