october birthdays 2032

Grady McCarthy celebrates his first birthday with his parents and grandparents. Elias and Julia are both proud of themselves for surviving this first year of change, opening a farmer’s market, farming, living with inlaws, and having a newborn while making it through the first year of the marriage.

The Grandparents come downstairs to celebrate Grady’s first birthday. They’ve enjoyed having a baby in the house again after all these years.

They aren’t ready for a new baby, not until they’ve officially set up Grady in his own bedroom. Even then Julia is hesitant to have two children in one room without knowing if they’d be granted a second bedroom by the time the kids were teens, especially if one were a girl.

Grady McCarthy.

He looks a good deal like his Dad, but he didn’t inherit the dominant McCarthy nose.


Further down the road in Millwood, Marta’s son, Alfie is celebrating his first birthday, also. The only thing that pulls Marta’s parents together is her son. They unite in the kitchen to celebrate their only grandchild’s birthday, and if one didn’t know better, it’d look like a pretty picture.

Marta assists Alfie with his candles, all the while thinking she’d like to have one more via invitro, the same way she conceived Alfie. She’d like him to have a sibling, preferably a brother to grow up with. Unfortunately she is her parent’s caretaker, and there isn’t enough bedrooms for Alfie, let alone another baby. While she could afford a larger house, her parents wouldn’t settle easily into a new place given their advanced age.

Alfie Steele.

Marta didn’t receive a photo of the donor nor his name, but seeing her son grow up, she feels pretty certain Alfie takes after his Dad in more than his coloring.


Nadia arrives at the hospital in the evening, when she’d given birth to the twins, she’d vowed to be done with babies, and yet here she was in the same familiar place. However the birthing suites had moved to a new wing in the hospital, and they were much finer rooms than her other babies had been born in.

Her and Luca find calmness as the early morning hours set in, this is their last baby without a doubt. It feels like this little one will complete their family, and Luca is on board with this. He raises her son like Kai was his own, and he’s a wonderful father to their three daughters together. Nadia doesn’t mind what gender the baby is, because she knows Luca will be the perfect Dad for them.

Out in the hall, Clara Sumner has been called in to get her required experience of watching a delivery. Caroline talks to her about the process and how messy it can be, which Clara thinks is an exaggeration, but Caroline’s expression doesn’t give.

As the hours tick on, Clara is running out of energy. She’s been studying hard for mid-terms, and it’s left her with little reserve.

Caroline sends her in to check on Nadia and the baby’s position. Everything is moving right along, and Clara believes it’s time to call in Dr. Morgan.

She tells Caroline, and she tells Clara to just make the call herself. She’s hesitant calling in a doctor, especially one she is going to work with one day. It feels intrusive and rude to disrupt her sleep, but it has to be done. Caroline insists Dr. Morgan knew Nadia was in labor, and she was expecting the call.

Clara prepared some coffee to get her through the next half of the night, while Caroline insisted she wouldn’t need it once things started.

Dr. Morgan came in to find Nadia walking laps around the room and her husband in the bathroom. She expected the delivery to go smoothly, and Nadia didn’t have any qualms.

After four in the morning, Nadia climbed back into bed; it was time to push.

No matter how many times Nadia has given birth, it always makes Luca nervous. He tries to remain calm and focused, but Nadia is in the zone, and she isn’t paying him any attention.

At 4:34 am, Nadia gave birth to a baby girl. This makes four daughters for Luca, and he couldn’t be happier. He thinks of Kai as his son, and he doesn’t feel like he’s missed out on anything, he absolutely loves his sassy, darling, bookish daughters.

Clara takes the baby girl to be measured and looked over. She’s absolutely smitten with this baby girl, and she can’t wait until she’s in a place in her life to go through this miracle herself.

Once the baby girl is all cleared, she hands her over to the expecting Dad, who is over the moon.

All their kids come in to meet the newest sibling, and they all coo over her. If Luca is a great Dad to daughters, Kai is equally a great big brother to all sisters.

They’re happy to announce the arrival of Sybil Browning.

October Birthdays
Randall Sumner – 59 years (pnpc)
Zeke Traver – 49 years
Morgan Russo-Traver – 48 years
Marshal Krouse – 43 years
Reed Welsh – 42 years (pnpc)
Alice London – 30 years
Rosabella Steinman – 30 years (pnpc)
*Luke Steinman – 22 years (pnpc)
*Peter Steinman – 22 years (pnpc)
Bea Woodfolk – 21 years
Elodie Siew – 16 years
Molly Welsh – 16 years (pnpc)
Brooklyn Lange – 30 years
Colleen McCarthy – 3 years
Grady McCarthy – 1 years
Alfred Steele – 1 years (pnpc)

October Anniversaries
Corbin & Barbara Gray – 29 years (pnpc)
Adam & Paloma Brindley – 14 years
Ethan & Cynthia Traver – 6 years
Marshal & Lorelei Krouse – 12 years
Trevor & Paige Bowen – 2 years(pnpc)

Paige Bowen – 8 month; due November
Meg Schehl – 6 month; due December
Raina Bowers – 5 month; due February
Tamika Wright – 5 month; due February
Caitlyn Traver – 4 month; due March
Bea Woodfolk – 1 month; due June

Notes: I’m super stoked about Nadia having a baby girl. Luca only has daughters, so I’d say the girl-gene is strong with him. I think it’s special that Kai maintained being the only son, and Luca doesn’t act like he’s a step-son at all, which I really love too.

I’m pretty smitten with little Grady! What a cutie! And he didn’t get the McCarthy nose, so I’m pretty about that. I could use a break from it. They both want another baby, but they’re only getting one bedroom, and I feel like Julia would be hesitant to have another baby with them possibly being stuck sharing through their teen years.

Marta wants another baby, and with her advanced age, I think she’d do it sooner than later. Unfortunately for her, my birthing calendar is MAXED out until the next school year, so she needs to just wait. I can only accept accidental pregnancies at this point until after January, then those babies will be in a new class. It’s really blown up this year that’s for sure! I imagine it will be the same donor Dad… but that happens to be the father of Bea’s baby… so the dude is gonna be like 22 with 3 kids. When I do donors, they have no knowledge of their offspring, and they don’t pay child support. So it’s not exactly making him sweat. It’s just interesting to me, that he came out of the woodwork after InSim with Marta. I never saw him on lots previously, which is why I picked him, plus he’s a college student who could use some coin.

Elections are going up next week! Be sure to vote, I’ll have it linked here and on tumblr.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!


7 thoughts on “october birthdays 2032”

    1. I am on winter break! I actually queue all my posts, because my playing time is intermittent. I’d built up a bit of a surplus (I don’t like to be too far out in game vs blog), so I threw up a few extra during break, thinking I’d be playing a lot! Instead I’ve been working on my book edits and playing TS4 on my laptop. lol! I appreciate your kind words on it being a bonus post! I never know if it’s too much to post more than once a week. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

  1. Aww, look at those babies age up into adorable toddlers! 🙂 Luca gets to have fun being the dad to all those girls. He’ll be busy protecting them from people who come by to try to date his daughters one day, lol!

    1. Haha, so true on Luca having to protect his daughters! I’d been so excited when the Andersen’s had only girls, I didn’t even realize Luca was lining up for that until the baby was about to be born. Alfie and Grady look so different, I mean they aren’t related, but their features are pretty much opposite! Thanks for commenting Shana!

  2. I think I say this about all your toddlers but my gosh is Grady adorable! He looks very much like Elias, I think, save for the nose and maybe face shape? And the red hair, of course! Alfie is cute too but I think he’s really going to make a handsome sim as he gets older. He’s got really distinct features.

    I loved Clara’s Halloween scrubs! I noticed them and had to scroll back up to see if it was October!

    I love that Nadia and Luca had another baby girl. ❤ Sybil really fits in with the other girls' names too. 🙂

    1. Alfie has very strong features for a toddler, but I do agree, I think he will be very handsome as he grows up. Grady is a really cute toddler, I think he has some of the best features of his parents. (I am really over the McCarthy nose, I want it to snooze a generation before I see it again). 😀

      Yes, I posted the scrubs up for Simblreen. Someone requested the ones I made for Caroline, and I decided to make a few more for variety now that I have a couple nurses.

      I was excited for Nadia and Luca too! And I absolutely love the name Sybil, so I was happy to use it for them. Thank you for commenting Carla!

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