december birthdays 2032

The youngest Brewer, Elliot turns four this December.

His Dad, Dave is disappointed he didn’t win the Mayoral Election, but the boys had mixed feelings. Their Mom said she’d try for a daughter if he had won, because they’d have enough money to buy a bigger house. Seeing they liked being two brothers, they were happy to not worry about a baby sister.


Luca and Nadia invited the entire Traver clan for Christmas, but only his younger siblings, Aidan and Caitlyn were able to make it. Erin and her family had plans with her husband’s family, but she promised to spend New Years with them.

Aidan surprised the family by bringing a new girlfriend over; he had broken up with Rhea and started dating Perla Martinez. His best friend, Julius had been dating her, and they’d all lived together. But they’d broken up a few years earlier, and now Julius was living in the desert… so Aidan thought why not!

Perla went out of her way to talk with everyone, and she doted on baby Sybil.

Caitlyn snuggled with Sybil as much as she could. She couldn’t believe in a few months, she’d be having another baby. She’d forgotten how small they could be, and she hoped the babies would be best friends as they grew up.

Nadia watched the kids play, and Caitlyn was happy her son, Thomas got along so well with his cousins.

Once Aidan saw his girlfriend was fitting in, he went outside to build a snowman with his niece.

Nadia was the hardest to win over, but even she came around to Perla. Nadia had earned the place of being the maternal figure for the Traver family since both the parents had passed, and Nadia took this position very seriously.

Nadia didn’t let on to Perla that she found her acceptable.

It was a very Merry Christmas for the Traver family.


Aidan and Perla rented a new apartment together, since Julius had moved away. Aidan explained to the landlord that they were just dating, and they weren’t married. The landlord couldn’t have cared any less as long as they paid rent on time.

Perla felt like she just absolutely loved Aidan for his dorky ways.

And he carried her into their first apartment together, that they picked out without Julius whinging over everything. Aidan vowed to himself soon he’d buy her a real house to live in together.


Bea graduated a semester early. She called her Grandma Mandy, and she told her everything. Mandy promised she wouldn’t tell Bea’s parents, but she did urge her to come out with it.

Bea didn’t know what she’d do about the baby, and she couldn’t handle everyone asking her. She asked her Grandma to set her up in the Cascade Mountains, and she told the rest of her family she was doing an internship in LA for acting.

By the end of the week, Bea was on her way.

The house her Grandma had set her up in was isolated and cozy.

The snow came down hard, and Bea felt safe inside with the fire warming the home. She aspired to live in the city, be a famous actress, and always be surrounded by bustling. So she found the peace and quiet surprising but also restorative.

Her life hadn’t been going the way she’d dreamed, from heartbreak to heartbreak. She was supposed to graduate and move in with her best friends, Willa and Evie. Instead she was hiding away in the mountains and feeling like she didn’t fit in with her friends anymore. They’d talked recently and Willa only talked about the men she was sleeping with. Bea couldn’t relate, and sure, if she told Willa, she’d probably be supportive. But Bea wasn’t ready to tell anyone.

She spent the time alone, thinking about the baby and what was best for it. She didn’t feel prepared to be a Mom, yet or ever, she wasn’t sure. She hadn’t spent her life dreaming of being a parent, but of being a star. Now she was facing the decision, and she wanted it to be her own, without being swayed by any family or friends and their well-intentioned beliefs.


Caitlyn enters her third trimester, and Thomas is feeling tentatively more excited about the new baby. He’s hoping for a brother, and that they will be best friends.

He’s even helping with chores around the house so his Mom can rest more.

Caitlyn couldn’t be more proud of her sweet son.


Meg leaves Rosemary with her parents while they head to the hospital to have the baby. There’s a blizzard, and the roads are slick, but they arrive safely.

Jaron vows to Meg, they will be married this upcoming October. Nothing can keep them from having their Halloween wedding.

But then they find out, they’re actually having twins. This is something that was a risk, seeing Meg is herself a twin and they run in her family, but they are not prepared! She really expected to know this information before she was delivering.

Dr. Morgan apologized, insisting the pelvis was backward, and it hid behind the other baby. Meg isn’t interested in this information at the moment, she’s preoccupied.

Meg swears she is absolutely DONE with babies. She thought two was a nice number.

But she softens when the first baby is born, a little girl.

She has her Daddy’s bright eyes, and Meg is smitten.

Second baby arrives while they clean up her baby girl, and this one is a boy.

He has his Mommy and big sister, Rosemary’s green eyes. And Meg is pretty sure all the children have her eye shape.

Rosemary comes in to meet her siblings, and she is just as surprised as her Mom at their being two babies, but one baby would have surprised her too. She hadn’t really understood what they were telling her about being a big sister.

Meg and Jaron with their kids, Rosemary, Emily, and Victor.

December Birthdays
Lucy London – 67 years
Tyler Goss – 67 years
Eva Prince – 58 years
*Colin Traver – 37 years
*Luca Traver – 37 years
Isaiah Gavigan – 35 years (pnpc)
*Meg Schehl – 34 years
*Peter Schehl – 34 years
Bobbi Sommerfield – 33 years (pnpc)
Lewis Traver – 26 years
*Flint Picasso – 23 years (pnpc)
*Jett Picasso – 23 years (pnpc)
Monroe Woodfolk – 19 years
Wyatt Siew – 13 years
Toby Welsh – 13 years (pnpc)
Tyson Siew – 11 years
Jagger Blackshire – 5 years (pnpc)
Elliot Brewer – 4 years (pnpc)

December Anniversaries
Jude & Hazel Woodfolk – 21 years
Dave & Alicia Brewer – 7 years (pnpc)

Raina Bowers – 7 month; due February
Tamika Wright – 7 month; due February
Caitlyn Traver – 6 month; due March
Bea Woodfolk – 3 month; due June

Notes: How the heck did I miss Meg was having twins! And WHY is my game throwing so many twins at me! I get that there is a family gene for some of these families, but still!? I don’t have the family trait for multiples selected for any sim at all. Crazy pants.

I had 10 babies born in 2032, and 3 were sets of twins. Plus Tamika’s twins are coming up soon too. This beats my previous record of 7 sims born in the same year.

Elliot Brewer turned out cute. The boys have a nice mix of genes. Alicia would like another baby, but they’re in a two bedroom house, plus she’s advanced maternal age.

Meg and Jaron are also in a two bedroom house, and this was supposed to be one baby, not two. So I don’t know if they’ll get that Halloween wedding, because they might be buying a new home.

Aidan and Perla have started dating. He had feelings for her way in the past, and he rolled some wants for her again. With Julius out of the picture, now was the time for him to make his move. I think they’re pretty adorable together.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “december birthdays 2032”

  1. The twins are stunning! Wow, what eyes. I think I’d sue the doctor or something though!

    Bea is doing the right thing to get away from everyone’s expectations and opinions. Women are humans before they are mothers.

    Aidan and Perla are adorable together. Kind of funny to see Nadia taking on the matriarch role!

    This was a good one. Lovely shots, sweet situations, Thomas helping around the house, and what a great mod you have for the realistic babies! They don’t come out wearing diapers or sweaters that’s for sure!

  2. Love the resemblance between Percy and Elliot without them being identical! I’m a sucker for gene variation.

    Aw, the Christmas portrait! The Browning twins look so darling in their dresses! Nice to see Perla making every effort to fit in with the family too! I was wondering who that was in the portrait – I couldn’t place the face!

    I’m so curious to find out what Bea will do…though it doesn’t seem like she knows that herself yet. At least she doesn’t have to worry about college now.

    Aw, boy girl twins for Jaron and Meg! Emily and Victor really work as sibling names for a Rosemary. I love it!

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