round 13 summary; round 14 ROS

Round 13 Story Index

Births: 14 (Noam Siew, Bianca Pacelli, Alfred Steele, Grady McCarthy, Lucia Pacelli, Howie Gavigan, *Cillian McCarthy and *Rory McCarthy, Eloise Abbott, Sybil Browning, *Rupert Bowen and *Philip Bowen, *Emily Castellanetta and *Victor Castellanetta

Deaths: 0

Engagements: 1 (Alice London and Martin Fenwick)

Marriages: 2 (Julia Millett and Elias McCarthy, Zilla McCarthy and Pete Steinman)

Break-ups: 2 (Cicely and Chaz and Dean Goss and Rachael Darling)

High School Graduations: 4 (Eden Fink, Holden Grimsley, *Vivienne Russo-Traver, *Cicely Russo-Traver)

College Graduations: 4 (Milo London, Scarlett Siew, Lulu Grimsley, Simon Millett)

New residents: 3 (Riley Gray, Quinn Gray, Jaron Castellanetta)

New PNPC status: 1 (Julius McCarthy)

*denotes twins

^Total Playable Population: 127 (57 males, 70 females)

Babies: 6
Toddlers: 11
Children: 11
Teens: 17
College: 9
Adults: 64
Elders: 9

^(Total Population doesn’t include PNPC population, but I do include them at the top)

Round 14 ROS:
1. Mini Mid-life crisis! Change your secondary aspiration, roll to see what it is.
2. Uh-Oh! Your family pet is in the family way, have puppies or kittens with household or neighborhood pets.
3. Grumpy Day! Use only negative interactions.
4. BFF doesn’t always mean forever after all, fight with best friend.
5. Slackin’:Sim skips class for 3 days and cannot do any studying or classwork.

Round 14 Medical ROS
1. SURGERY – Ear Tubes (aged 11 and under)

Notes: I actually really stink when it comes to tracking new relationships and break-ups. So I doubt that’s accurate.

I started this round November 2019… so just over a year to finish a round. For the immense amount of households I have, I believe this is the fastest I’ve completed a round. I’m discounting when I started, and I only had like 8 households.

The ROS has a good amount of possible negative outcomes. I think the only positive for sure is the puppies/kitten! I never breed my pets, so I’m actually excited to give that a go, or use the statue and cheat it. Regardless, it’ll be fun, because I have those cute puppy/kitty colored coats.

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, and liked my posts over the years; I appreciate every single one of you!


2 thoughts on “round 13 summary; round 14 ROS”

  1. I am taking much longer to finish my current round, so just over a year is pretty good, I reckon!

    Some interesting ROS this time around! Hopefully the flu is not a fatal one and everyone gets through the round alive!

  2. When you look at the dates and think about how much time we’ve all been able to spend on that one round…I think it shows how complete and how thoroughly you both understand the families you’ve created and watched grow, or fall apart, or move on. It’s been a pleasure for me to follow them and enjoy the places you create, the beautiful visuals. Time slides by pretty fast doesn’t it? I’m very glad you haven’t stopped!

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