january birthdays 2033

On a snowy Sunday afternoon, Otto‘s grandparents come over to celebrate his fourth birthday.

His big sister, Penelope is pretty excited her baby brother will be going to school with her in the fall.

She will miss bossing him around and carrying him around the house.

Otto isn’t as outgoing as Penelope, but he makes up for it with his activeness, just like his Mama.

Lorelei and Marshal feel good with their family size and raising one of each.

While they look like siblings, Otto takes after his Father a bit more than Penelope with his Dad’s lips.


Corb and Barbara head to their daughter, Riley’s house to celebrate his 52nd birthday. They adore spending time with their granddaughter, Quinn, and Corb likes to assist Riley with any house repairs beyond her skill level.

Riley prepares chicken fettuccine which is one of her Dad’s favorite dinners. He lingers in the kitchen, lending a hand when Riley has questions. He can sense she’s stressed having them over, but Corb feels it’s important for Riley to host dinners or events in her new home as a step toward being a mature adult.

Riley doesn’t burn the dinner, and Corb is in a fantastic mood. While Quinn’s arrival was a hiccup for Riley, and as her parents, they wanted only the best for Riley; they are absolutely smitten with Quinn. To the point, they bought Riley a house so Quinn could have her own yard and bedroom.

Barbara eats her dinner quickly so she can attend to Quinn’s needs, and Corb can enjoy time with their two children.

Corb asks if Riley is up for a promotion at Zoe-Gen, and Riley answers by taking in a big gulp of white wine. She is the newest employee, and the chance of her getting a management position is zilch. She wishes her Dad would just be happy she has a job at all. She flunked out of college, and she is never going to be a Fashion Designer like she aspired nor will be she be a Lawyer like her Dad.

Caleb helps his twin sister out by announcing, he’s considering getting a job.

It only makes their Dad more upset, because his son’s college degree is completely going to waste while he sponges off Riley. Quinn wanders by, distracting Corb, and brightening his mood.

Caleb continues pressing his thoughts on career though, adding his motivation. He’s considering the idea of proposing to Jill Popper. She’s a career-woman in the making, and everyone knows she won’t put up with a bum. Although Caleb hopes one day to be taken off by a future wife, and perhaps raise the kids.

Riley’s shocked he’d even consider marrying Jill. When Riley was in college, Jill had been a huge help with caring for Quinn when Riley was still attempting to attend classes. She absolutely adores her, but she knows Jill can do better than her lazy brother.

Jill pops over as they’re finishing up dinner after her shift at the office. Corb and Barbara aren’t sold on any of their children’s choices. They think Jill is too career-motivated, and their son lacks it too much. Likewise, as much as they liked Jett originally when their daughter suffered with post-partum depression, they’ve grown weary of him, because they know he’s bouncing between their daughter and Clara.

All in all, Corb would have been happier if Jill didn’t come to his birthday dinner.

Barbara reads to Quinn while Riley and Corb clean up the table.

After her parents leave, Riley jumps on the computer, telling herself she’s hoping to find a man to date on one of the apps. Instead she ends up chatting with Jett, just the person she was hoping to see online.


Lauren and Isaac Gavigan celebrate their 9th anniversary by staying in and sending their son, Cade to his grandparents house for the night.

No one thought they’d make this long, but they’re feeling pretty happy with life. They’ve been saving to buy their first house, and they’re planning to have one more baby once they’re able to purchase a home. Lauren is hoping her Dad will assist her on the sly, like he’s always done.

January Birthdays
Angie Dennis – 84 years (pnpc)
Alberta Steele – 82 years (pnpc)
Corbin Gray – 52 years (pnpc)
Ginny Pacelli – 46 years (pnpc)
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 43 years
Erin Louie – 40 years
Adam Brindley – 36 years
Trevor Bowen – 35 years (pnpc)
Itzel London – 25 years
Marisol Carver – 15 years
Manuel Carver – 15 years
Dahlia Prince – 12 years
Thomas Traver – 8 years
Otto Krouse – 4 years
Rocco Addler – 3 years (pnpc)
Lucia Pacelli – 1 years (pnpc)

December Anniversaries
Matias & Isabella Martinez – 31 years (pnpc)
Isaac & Lauren Gavigan – 9 years
Zilla and Pete Steinman – 1 year

Raina Bowers – 8 month; due February
Tamika Wright – 8 month; due February
Caitlyn Traver – 7 month; due March
Bea Woodfolk – 4 month; due June

Notes: Lauren and Isaac have been married 9 years! I’m seriously shocked they’ve made it work. Although, twisted romance, Isaac always cheated on his past girls WITH Lauren, I guess always preferring her over everyone else, all the way back to their high school days. I can’t say the same about Lauren, but she seems decently settled.

I’m a little sad, Quinn turns 4 in June, just a few months away in the game. She’s such a cute toddler.

As for Otto, I’m pretty pleased with his age-up. I’m glad he has Marshal’s lips. I wish one of them would have gotten Marshal’s nose, but maybe in the next generation, lol.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “january birthdays 2033”

  1. Yes, Otto looks a lot like his dad, minus the nose! I love that sort of genetic variation where they’re different but you can still tell they’re siblings.

    Poor Riley. She’s got a lot of pressure on her from her dad. He may have to adjust his ideas for her to fit in with what’s actually going on in her life.

    Lauren and Isaac have totally outdone my expectations for them!

  2. Aww, Otto is adorable! He does look a lot like his dad.

    It is nice that Quinn is around to distract Riley’s parents from those hard questions to deal with. I couldn’t help laughing at Quinn thinking about Jill having a chance to do better than her lazy brother, lol! But it’s sad that their parents don’t really approve of her for Caleb.

    Happy anniversary to Lauren and Isaac!

  3. Well, parents can be pushy about those two topics: jobs and partners. Corb needs to accept Riley’s situation and encourage her where she is and not where he wants her to be. Shoving Caleb a little bit is understandable: not going to be productive but understandable. Hard places to be in – wanting the best for your children, anxious, in denial, and frustrated. Hard for the children too though.

    Quinn is adorable, and so are Penelope and Otto. Laren and Isacc seem to have found where they should be even if it took kind of a twisty road to get there. They look great together!

    This was really a pleasure to read!

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