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heartbreak and romance

january 2033
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Milo London (22 years), Simon Millett (22 years)

Simon and Milo graduated EU at the same time, and somehow Milo sweet talked himself into being Simon’s roommate. Milo left all the work of finding a nice 2-bedroom apartment up to Simon, which annoyed him, but he also wanted the responsibility to pick.

Simon’s a High School Science teacher, and Milo is a Paralegal, which is below his abilities. After his Father had to bribe the Dean to accept his son to Law School, Mr. London decided to make his son earn his living.

Milo stays up late into the evening, working on his coursework. His least favorite is administrative law, which he’s struggling to maintain a passing grade in.

Simon is in bed early, goes for a morning jog, and returns home to make omelets for himself and Milo.

Some days, they only seen one another at breakfast time. This is where Simon butters Milo up with fresh, healthy food, and then gives him a list of chores which need done. Simon isn’t interested in doing all the crummy adult responsibilities, and while Milo fusses, he agrees.

Simon heads to work earlier than Milo, leaving him to clean the toilets before he heads into the office. Being a Paralegal is beneath Milo, and he’s not enjoying the step down in duties. He feels emasculated and fears the employees will never respect him now when he eventually takes over the office.

After work, Simon’s girlfriend, Cassia comes by to sleepover on some nights. During university, they broke up after Cassia cheated on him, and when Simon wakes up to find her texting, he feels uneasy. He fears he’ll never be able to fully trust her, and at the same time, he fears if he does, that she’ll hurt him again.

Over the weekend, he invites her to visit their favorite Asian Fusion restaurant off the college campus, just to revisit some a nice place where they’d shared fond memories.

They’ve discussed traveling overseas to visit different countries, and Simon’s mind is filled with possibilities as they settle down for tea.

He smiles to himself as he imagines taking her to Asia to travel around, and Cassia presses to know his thoughts.

She feels uneasy as they settle down at their table, and Simon believes she’s feeling nervous he might break up with her. That’s the last thing on his mind though, as he planning an engagement then honeymoon in Takemizu.

He explains how much he loves her, all the years they’ve spent together (passing over their time apart and her infidelity). They’re both graduated from EU, and they’ve both got their careers started.

He feels this is the time to make the next step toward their mutual future together. He’s thinking a year long engagement, because he did just sign a lease with Milo.

As much as Cassia cared for Simon, she wasn’t ready to settle down with someone for the rest of her life. She was still sleeping with another man, Callum as well as Simon. She intended to one day break it off with Callum and only be with Simon, but thus far, it’d been too hard to cut the ties.

Simon anticipated several outcomes, but he hadn’t truly believed she’d reject him.

Several people had paused in their dining to watch the proposal, and now it seemed none could look away from the train wreck of Simon’s life. His family didn’t like Cassia, they’d all spoken out against her, and here, they were right all along.

Everyone’s eyes and watching Simon openly cry out, distressed Cassia.

They went outside to escape everyone’s eyes on them, and Cassia tried to apologize. She didn’t want to break up, she just didn’t forsee herself settling down, at least not in the foreseeable future.

She tried to smooth talk Simon, console him. But he wasn’t interested in it. He felt like his eyes were finally opened over the woman he believed he loved.

After their breakup, Simon lounged in his pajamas, yet still managed to pay the bills his roommate continued to forget on the counter.

He still jogged, but then he stayed up later at night, playing video games.

While Simon dealt with his broken heart with self-care, Milo suffered from having feelings for a girl who wasn’t right for him at all. He’d found Ella Carver to be such an opinionated, out-spoken woman, and she’d never been interested in him. He’d been intrigued.

Ella’d been inexperienced with men, and in a photo-booth, Milo had the most exhilarating time with her.

But immediately after she’d become distant, and that wasn’t enticing. It felt like rejection, and Milo didn’t want to get caught up with a girl, wondering if she liked him, or if he’d done something wrong. He wanted easy and Ella Carver required work and severe-introspection, which was uncomfortable for Milo.

He dealt with those emotions by terrorizing all the female neighbors.

One in particular seemed to despite him, and then the next day, she’d be in his apartment.

He built up a reputation around the complex, which made it impossible to score a quick lay.

Milo didn’t understand how he’d lost his touch with charming women. Logically, he knew it couldn’t be Ella’s fault, but a piece of him blamed her nonetheless. If any of the girls he slept with had voodoo powers, it’d be Ella Carver.

Milo arranged a double date with his hairdresser and her friend, obligating Simon to finally get dressed outside of work and leave their apartment.

Talitha and Louise discussed the two boys, and Talitha seemed undecided on Milo’s merits.

After the game, Louise and Simon went to throw darts and spend time getting to know one another. Hearing he’d just gone through a break-up with a longtime girlfriend, dampened Louise’s excitement at first, but then she found Simon charming.

Milo was more interested in experiencing Talitha than getting to know her.

Before he knew it, Louise was visiting and staying for days on end. They never discussed their relationship, instead just focusing on the newness and excitement.

They worked well together and goofed around with ease.

The more time he spent with Louise, the more he realized him and Cassia never had a healthy relationship. Him and Louise slipped into theirs without issue or fighting; she spoke honestly and didn’t cheat on him.

He hadn’t considered asking Cassia to move in with him, wanting to postpone their wedding until his lease with Milo was up. A fear that Cassia would sleep with Milo haunted the recesses of his mind, but with Louise, he didn’t have any such concerns. Milo and her also gelled well too.

Meanwhile, Milo tried focusing on his law classes as sleeping around wasn’t exactly panning out for him. All the studies wearied him, and thinking of Ella brought distraction whenever his mind wasn’t filled with preoccupation.

Near the end of the month, he came into the building’s laundromat to discover a woman teaching her son how to walk. Milo hadn’t seen her before, and he inquired if she were a new resident. Mostly, trying to figure out if all the other nasty women in the building had already warned her about his ways.

She lived in a different building down the road, but she sneaked over to use their free machines when it wouldn’t be busy.

Milo sat down with her while her laundry dried, and he promised to not tell her secret.

They got to talking, she shared how her husband cheated on her, and he didn’t treat her well. A piece in Milo woke up to this distress, and the more they spoke, the smaller Ella shrunk in his mind.

Ines was an actual woman; she even had a few years over him. Her toddler son didn’t annoy him either, which was an absolute first for Milo.

A tenderness grew between them, as they met more regularly, always in the laundromat.

Until one day, they found themselves in his bed while her laundry dried and her son played in the living room.

She was a stay-at-home Mom, and her flexibility meant they could sneak time together even without the guise of laundry, and they started spending more time together.

While she couldn’t stay the night, they’d take afternoon naps while her son snoozed on the sofa.

Ines started discussing leaving her husband, looking for a job to support her and her son.

And none of it made Milo feel anxious. He wondered if he’d finally grown up.

Notes: These two ended up being roommates out of necessity, but their sisters (Alice and Julia) were actually roommates previously. So while they’ve never really been friends, they’ve known one another for years, not to mention attended school together their entire lives.

Cassia didn’t want to marry Simon, but he wanted to marry her. Every time I’d begin trusting her, she’d cheat on Simon all over again. He really did adore her, but he fell super hard for Louise Rutherford. So I don’t think he’s too upset over their break-up.

Milo on the other hand, he spent most of the round pining over Ella, who is still at EU. He even rolled the want to get engaged with her, and he is not a family sim. By the end of the round though, he had fallen pretty hard for Ines as well as remembered he’s a fortune sim, and he wanted lots of new toys. Ella still has a huge crush on Monroe Woodfolk, who is still happily dating Vivienne. So it’s just a big circle of hormones here.

Thanks for reading if anyone still comes around; I’ve been forced into hiatus often this year! Here’s hoping summer allows for some downtime playing sims!


5 thoughts on “heartbreak and romance”

  1. Great update… really enjoyed reading it! It was nice to see Simon find unexpected love (and trust) with someone again.

    As for Milo, just when I thought he might be maturing, he starts having an affair with someone who clearly has some issues they need to be dealing with. Not seeing how their affair could possibly have a happy outcome, but… who knows. 😀

  2. Poor Simon! Well, this should force him to slam the door on Cassia for good. Having Louise walk into his life and turn things around so he can relax and enjoy dating instead of constantly worrying if his girlfriend is cheating on him is a mercy too.

    Milo’s obsession with Ella was both sweet and just not ever going to work, and it’s sad to hear she is still pining for Monroe. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out falling for a married woman but he seems smitten, and if he gets along with her toddler too that’s gold. Worrying about his status in his law firm…well trouble with a married woman wouldn’t be good for his reputation, that’s for sure, but he’s definitely taken with himself a bit too much.

    It’s good to read a post from you again!

  3. Aw. I think Cassia rejecting his proposal might turn out to be the best thing for Simon. He was never sure about her anyway, since her infidelity…and now he’s met Louise, who seems like she could be a better match.

    Yikes with Milo, lol! I was about to think it was so sweet of him to be hooking up with this single mum…and then it turns out she’s married. That could get messy! Though if Ines is already thinking of leaving her husband, maybe things were already heading south in her marriage.

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