sunny days

june 2031
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Elise Schehl (33 years), Peter (31 years), Irina (2 1/2 years)

narrated by Elise

When Irina was first born, there was a struggle for balance, and I feared returning to work would add even more chaos to our life. Thankfully it hasn’t been the case, as Irina grows, it’s become easier. I was promoted to Events Manager with the agency, and it’s been great being the boss. I was exhausted trying to find my position in the company after maternity leave, and I’ve finally earned recognition.

Peter works less hours than me, so I come home at five o’clock, and I find them in pajamas.

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june birthdays 2031

Trent Lange celebrates his 60th birthday this month. He was hoping one of his daughters would announce they were pregnant, but it isn’t the case. His eldest Paige hasn’t tried since she lost her first pregnancy, and while Brooklyn is trying, she’s also trying to schedule it around school breaks, which hasn’t panned out yet.

He loves having Colleen as a grandchild, he’d just like a few more before he’s too old to enjoy them. He isn’t planning to retire from his career, as he’s president of the company, he can have the time off he needs.

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Round 12 Summary; Round 13 ROS

Round 12 Summary (Woo woo!)

Round 12 Story Index

Births: 7 (Hugo & Odessa Brindley, Antonia Pacelli, Stevie Blackshire, Rosemary Schehl, Noémie Bernard, Cade Gavigan)

Deaths: 1 (Ethan Traver)

Engagements: 3 (Quint Siew & Miriam Dwyer, Zilla McCarthy and Peter Steinman, Julia Millett and Elias McCarthy)

Marriages: 2 (Quint Siew & Miriam Dwyer, Paige Lange & Trent Bowen)

Break-ups: 3 (Lulu Grimsley & Clayton, Dean and Evie, Bea and Sam)

High School Graduations: 5 (Ella Carver, Lily-Mae McCarthy, Alex Welsh, Jake Grimsley, Monroe Woodfolk)

College Graduations: 10 (Itzel Cruz, Linnea Barthelet, Rafael Martinez, Caleb Gray, Jill Popper, Oliver McCarthy (Masters Degree), Willa Grimsley, Dean Goss, Evie Jitmakusol, Jett Picasso)

New residents: 5 (Nico Pacelli, Miriam Siew, Shira Dwyer, Asher Dwyer, Evie Jitmakusol)

Total population: 124 (50 boys, 62 girls) (+20 growth)*

Babies: 3
Toddlers: 6
Children: 13
Teens: 17
College: 9
Adults: 58
Elders: 9

*(does not include pnpc families, it’s not exactly +20 in this round, as I was short in my counts previously)

Round 13 ROS:
1. Horse Face + 3 drinks = Hottie: Order 3 drinks at the bar, then scan room, ACR woohoo with whoever accepts, starting with lowest attraction score.
2. BBQ party
3. String of Burglaries (3)
4. Big Holiday Party, invite family.
5. Wrongly Jailed
6. Florida sure sounds nice, check it out and see if you want to stay.

Notes: Yay me, I finished this round 5 months faster than my previous round. I’ve been remiss to get this thrown up as it has been prepared for more than a month. I’m looking forward to starting a new round! Lucky 13!

I’m okay with a sim moving to “Florida” as my population is pretty high, especially since I have a nearly equal population of pnpcs. They’ll likely end up in my desert hood though, as I don’t have a Florida in my game. I’m looking forward to this upcoming round, it always feels good to start a new one.

Thanks to everyone for commenting and liking; it’s fun to have people to share in this wonderful pastime of ours!

never too old to dream

may 2031
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Eva Prince (56 years), Gideon (49 years), Dahlia (11 years)

Most of our days are routine, Gideon is working on a new research grant letter. His previous horticulture project at the university has completed, and he’s ready to tackle his next big questions. He loathes this part of the job the most. I can’t say I’m terribly fond myself, as he stays up late into the night, and I don’t like going to bed alone.

I usually spend my evenings with Dahlia. Even though she’s eleven, she still enjoys cuddling with her Mama, and I’m not complaining.

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may birthdays 2031

The youngest Pacelli grandbaby, Antonia celebrates her first birthday surrounded by family. She won’t be the youngest much longer with Erin due in four months. She enjoys the limelight in the meantime, and everyone is sure she will be fast friends with her newest cousin in due time. Besides, Ginny knows Erin’s little pride and joy won’t be the youngest for long, as she’s expecting again, due in January. It wasn’t quite the Christmas surprise she was aiming for, but January will do just fine.

She has always found her son to be the most easy child to raise, but she enjoys dressing a daughter in dresses again. She’s hoping for another girl this time so Antonia has a sister to grow up with, especially with Gemma turning sixteen in the fall.

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