deserve this

september 2016
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Benjamin Andersen (29 years), Grace Andersen (26 years), Ainsley Andersen (3 months)

narrated by: Grace

Mom and Dad invited us over for a grill out on Labor Day weekend. Originally, Mom wanted to throw it in honor of Emma and Chris getting hitched, but they said they already had plans.

It was nice seeing Oliver, he’s such a goofball of a little brother. He’s lucky that Paloma thinks all his geeky, sci-fi talk is adorable.

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all over me

june 2013
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Benjamin Andersen (26 years), Grace Andersen (23 years),
(Emma McCarthy – 22 years, Lily-Mae McCarthy – 1 year)

They visit her sister, Emma and her live-in boyfriend, Chris, on a regular basis. Emma lives in the lower end of South Port, and though they don’t own a vehicle, and public transportation is sketchy to Millwood; Grace doesn’t find it a bother.

Benjamin doesn’t mind ether, him and Chris go way back to their grammar school days, and is how Emma even met Chris to begin with.

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yes, i’ll love her all my life.

june 2012
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Benjamin Andersen (25 years), Grace McCarthy (22 years)

Months of preparation went into Grace and Benjamen’s “low-key” wedding and reception. After Nicole had made a new bridal gown for Grace, a bridesmaid dress for Emma, and a flower girl dress for Zilla; she felt pretty spent. The day before the wedding, she stayed up til early morning baking Hawaiian Pizza’s for the reception. Grace had thought it would be fun to have a fun food for the dinner, after all, who didn’t enjoy pizza and cake? Grace and Oliver did the yard work together while Finn and Benjamin built the canopy, and set up the table and chairs for the event.

The morning of June 2nd, and it was a muggy eighty-five degrees, and climbing. Weatherman had been surprised by the sudden heat hitting the metro area, and prattled on about record high-temps, and how he’s never seen such temperatures in the beginning of June. Nicole forced Grace to turn the radio off, as she finished getting Zilla’s dress zipped. There really was nothing they could do about the heat. Grace gazed out the window, all the pretty umbrellas, and canopies, in case it rained. It always rained in Washington when events were planned. She didn’t have any back up plans for heatstroke.

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