january birthdays 2033

On a snowy Sunday afternoon, Otto‘s grandparents come over to celebrate his fourth birthday.

His big sister, Penelope is pretty excited her baby brother will be going to school with her in the fall.

She will miss bossing him around and carrying him around the house.

Otto isn’t as outgoing as Penelope, but he makes up for it with his activeness, just like his Mama.

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december birthdays 2032

The youngest Brewer, Elliot turns four this December.

His Dad, Dave is disappointed he didn’t win the Mayoral Election, but the boys had mixed feelings. Their Mom said she’d try for a daughter if he had won, because they’d have enough money to buy a bigger house. Seeing they liked being two brothers, they were happy to not worry about a baby sister.


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november birthdays 2032

Mallory Louie celebrates her 12th birthday with her immediate family before the school bus arrives. Life is pretty chaotic these days with her Mom and step-Dad both working full-time, and a one-year old sister running around. Mallory is in good spirits on her birthday, and she’s happy to celebrate quickly before school, because she wants to hang with her friends in the evening.

Mallory believes now that she’s a teenager, she will have the ability to seek out her Dad, Colin without relying on her Mom. He’s changed his cellphone number, and she can’t find him online. She knows someone in his family knows his whereabouts, and she intends to hit the pavement and find him.

Mallory is conflicted between wanting all the money and finer things in life, and staying home in her pajamas. She wants nice things a bit more than pajamas, so pleasure is her secondary.

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Births, Bowen, Lange

twice as sweet

october 2032
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Paige Bowen (36 years), Trevor (34 years)

Paige schedules her c-section at the urging of Dr. Hadley. She doesn’t tell Trevor, she allows him to go to work without knowing the babies would be arriving that day. She’s still not over the affair, and she’s used him these past months so their babies wouldn’t die like their last one did. She needed him to be successful at resting, and she isn’t sorry.

But sitting on the bed, with Nurse Caroline being cheerful, she feels lonely.

Her Mom is with her though, and she moves to her side to try and provide comfort. Trish had two daughters, and she never expected her confident daughter, Paige to be going through this. Comparing her own life to her daughters, and Trish feels hers has been unfairly easy. She’s still happily married, she had the exact amount of children she wanted, and she never experienced loss. She wishes she could trade places with her daughter, to protect her from these hurts.

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october birthdays 2032

Grady McCarthy celebrates his first birthday with his parents and grandparents. Elias and Julia are both proud of themselves for surviving this first year of change, opening a farmer’s market, farming, living with inlaws, and having a newborn while making it through the first year of the marriage.

The Grandparents come downstairs to celebrate Grady’s first birthday. They’ve enjoyed having a baby in the house again after all these years.

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