Brindley, Creelman Family

making time

october 2032
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Adam Brindley (35 years), Paloma (34 years), Hugo (2 years), Odessa (2 years)

Chilly days arrived and the leaves began to fall, which made it more pleasant to be outside. The twins were two, and they always seemed to be getting into something. They had some delays, Hugo even more so, and on afternoons off, they tended to their twins’ needs.

Odessa looked to Hugo for encouragement with walking while Hugo wasn’t scared as much as he just didn’t have the skill.

Hugo struggled with speech and movement, and Paloma worked with him the most as Adam felt inept.

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Creelman Family, Prince

art of compromise

july 2032
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Eva Prince (57 years), Gideon (50 years), Dahlia (12 years)

Gideon has never stopped wanting another child, previously he worried Dahlia would be lonesome without a sibling, but she’s flourished. She looks up to her big sisters, and she never complains about being the youngest.

It’s summer break, and Dahlia is happy being with her friends or capturing butterflies, which she instantly releases.

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Creelman Family, London Family

celebratory weekend

february 2032
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Itzel London (24 years), Linnea Barthelet (24 years)

Linnea is still working at her sister’s bakery, Love + Flour, something she hadn’t anticipated this far past graduation. It had started as a way to help Paloma while she was pregnant with the twins, then while they were infants, but they’ll turn two next month, and she’s still working the six am shift.

Her Mom had warned her an art degree was a tricky path, and something her Father would have chosen. It’s not the first time her Mom has considered her a dreamer like her late Father, but he isn’t here to give advice on what to do now that she’s grown with a degree no one seems to care about.

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Creelman Family, Prince

never too old to dream

may 2031
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Eva Prince (56 years), Gideon (49 years), Dahlia (11 years)

Most of our days are routine, Gideon is working on a new research grant letter. His previous horticulture project at the university has completed, and he’s ready to tackle his next big questions. He loathes this part of the job the most. I can’t say I’m terribly fond myself, as he stays up late into the night, and I don’t like going to bed alone.

I usually spend my evenings with Dahlia. Even though she’s eleven, she still enjoys cuddling with her Mama, and I’m not complaining.

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Creelman Family, London Family

new at adulting

august 2030
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Itzel London (22 years), Linnea Barthelet (22 years)

Once Itzel and Rafael had decided to wait on living together, there was no other option than to live with Linnea. They’d been best friends since forever, this was a natural choice. Itzel’s Dad, Cole helped them find a nice second floor duplex. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, Itzel even had a fireplace in her bedroom. It was a very nice find.

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