downloads: ceramic rainbow backsplash

I needed some more simple backsplashes for my kitchen recently, and made these. I posted them on tumblr already, just took me longer to get up over here.

These use the talido mesh(included), along with a swatch and all files are clearly labeled.



wishing you glad tidings ~ download ~

Marisol and Manuel want to wish you a …

Okay, not Manuel so much, he’s horribly camera shy, and rather moody, but Marisol has enough cheer for all.

If there is one true thing about me, I am absolutely smitten with toddler pajamas both in the sims and in real life. My youngest is receiving four pairs of pajamas this Christmas, because I have no willpower when it comes to cute, warm, little things. In fact, the pink bunny ones that Dahlia is modeling, are wrapped under my tree right this minute.

Aren’t these just cute as heck?!

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Downloads, HumanSpeak

download: 2 lots and a tour

this is picture intense, 2 shared lots, and 1 tour; you’ve been warned.

Spring break is here, and it has been nothing but running and chaos, and of course loads of fun. My eldest had her flip-flop on the news (running behind the person being interviewed), that is the type of excitement going on here. It was deemed “the second best day ever!” So to add to the fun, and the fact that I haven’t played in over a week (how did I think I’d play, and write this week?!), I have a couple of downloads available and a tour of Myra’s Farmer Market, requested a while ago by Tanja.

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i’ll be home for christmas (downloads)

Merry Christmas!

How about some nifty gifties for Christmas?
I miss Steve Carell on The Office.

Tim and Bekah Grimsley got a new house, and it was requested at N99, and I also have some kids clothing that’s been hanging out in my game that I thought others might like. I’m not awesome-professional clothing creator. I also had to upload clothing pictures to photbucket, and they made them ugly and pixely. Grumble.

First up, 3 pairs of jammies for the boys, modeled by Jake, Monroe, and Simon:

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