Grammar School Tour

In 2010, Mayor Steele gave a small budget to add a preschool to the primary school, then proceeded to rebuild Jefferson High School in a better part of town. Principal of the Grammar School, Lucy London fought to have a new grade school built this tax session, but it was denied, instead $50,000 was allotted to extend the cafeteria, classrooms, and rebuild the library which included a new computer lab.

Main Floor includes:

Lower Level Class (Pre-k thru 1st)

At the back of the class there’s a drawing table, spare desk/chairs not in use, and the class pet, Super Gerbil.

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download: brownstone living

Ethan Traver and family needed a home (they’ve been waiting patiently in my bin since December) as I hadn’t found what I wanted, I had to make it myself. Since I went to all this trouble to make it, I thought I’d share it.

    ::the scoop::

Rent: $2000ish
2 Units – a 3 bedroom and a 2 bedroom unit
each unit has a balcony for grill or what-have-you
2×2 lot

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