Hollow’s Eve Shindig

Loads of people, really. Schehl’s, London’s, Goss’, Traver’s, and Darling Households, then Emma McCarthy, Rosabella Steinman, Hadley Millett as friends who came alone.

Right before the clock flipped to 7:00 am, the phone rang at the Schehl residence. Delaney was busy cracking eggs for eggs and bacon, while the twins screamed, bang! at one another for cops and robbers, and Lauren whined that she was hungry. In agreement with her, was Seoul who whimpered on the floor and wagged his tail, hoping for a bit of bacon. “Oh you guys, quit! Go in the living room until breakfast is done, and someone feed the dog!” Delaney turned to wave them away as she made her way to the phone in the hallway.

“Hello?” Lauren had walked back to her with sad eyes, and Delaney waved her away again, and mouthed, “Not now.”

“Delaney? OHH Good! I’m so glad you answered!” Meredith shrieked loudly into the phone.

“Meredith? What’s the matter?”

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