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Schehl Household II

Peter and Elise Schehl Household

Elise and Peter

Peter was raised by his parents Jared and Delaney. He has a twin sister Meg, and two younger sisters, Lauren and much later in life, Lizzie joined the family. He was short and overweight while growing up, and suffered from a low esteem during his younger years. He was often quiet and absorbed in his art while his sisters were constantly causing a commotion. This led him to be often overlooked in the family dynamics.

He was raised in a historical home in the prestigious Audubon Shore neighborhood, which his parents sold after him and Meg were accepted to Eastborough University. There they moved to Millwood, and he went on to study Art, and did extremely well.

Peter always exhibited a preference toward the older girls. In high school he dated Paige Lange, who dumped him when she went off to college, and then again after she graduated college.

Elise didn’t really know Peter until university even though they had gone to the same high school. She was too busy dating Isaiah Gavigan, and trying to get Oliver to cheat on his then-girlfriend Paloma. She insists that she was just a hormonal kid back then, and is slightly ashamed of her behavior.

She continued dating Isaac until she broke up with him when she was twenty; she never gave a reason. During that time, she went after Peter though he was still dating Paige at the time. She had intended on making the short freshman her rebound, and to make Isaiah extremely jealous, but they wound up falling in love.

Elise fully acknowledges that her college self was emotional, and unorthodox. Peter would have never known her mood swings if it weren’t for the fact that she had to share a dorm room with his twin sister, Meg. She had a way of being blunt and without enough finesse, that she disgruntled Peter’s entire family when she came over for dinner.

Peter feared that Elise would dump him as soon as she graduated, just as Paige had done twice to him. But surprisingly, she had found she loved the short freshman, and they continued seeing each other despite the distance.

After graduating, Peter got an apartment in South Port, and tried to make money selling his paintings. It made him extremely poor, and if it weren’t for his parents blatant assistance, he would have been moving back home with them. They paid for his rent and his furnishings.

Peter’s first apartment in South Port

Things quickly escalated with career-driven Elise, despite his lack of employment. His parents tried convincing him to slow down the relationship, but it only made him more determined to get himself in better shape financially. He inquired of a Graphic Design position with his Uncle Zeke, and once he had a real career, he proposed on his apartment’s rooftop.

In August of 2024, Elise and Peter were married. They had an intimate wedding at The Red Mill, saving their funds to purchase their first home.

They were able to purchase their first home in 2025, in the historical neighborhood of Lincoln Park. It had been gutted for renovations, making it more affordable, but even still, they’d had to accept money from Peter’s parents.

Elise has great hopes of raising their family and living in their new home for the rest of their lives. She’s hoping to have two children, though Peter would be quite pleased to have three, with the stipulation that they are not prone to tantrums and drama like his sisters, Meg and Lauren were when they were growing up.

Households, Profiles

Holmes Household I

Chris and Emma Holmes Household

(Left to Right) Emma, Chaz and Chris

Emma was the second born of Finn and Nicole McCarthy, just one year younger than her older sister Grace. Even though she was always incredibly close with her older sister, she was often lost in her sister’s shadow, the stellar student, good daughter, great at everything.

Emma struggled to find her identity, and being discouraged when she tried things but it didn’t come easy. She played violin through the seventh grade, and was good, but not excellent. She gave up on dreams, and settled for a mediocre life. She got into private school, then bombed with a steady D-, while her younger brother Oliver was studious and an excellent student, and rejected from the private school. Everyone blamed her for Oliver being unable to get in, and she didn’t intend to go to college until Grace begged her to go to the community college with her.

In May 2010, Grace was graduating college, and had invited her over to her boyfriend Benjamin’s new apartment. It was there that she met Chris, long-time friend of Benjamin.

It was that summer that Emma decided she could not return home and help care for her younger siblings, though it was expected of her. She realized that it was her choice to make, and she went to her grandparents instead. She also decided that college was not for her, and she would not be returning in the fall. Her Father was livid with her, but her Grandparents stood up for her, and it was decided that Emma would make her own decisions.

She moved in Chris shortly after, he made her feel good, and not pressured to make up her mind on what she wanted to be. But in February of 2012, Emma found herself in jail despite being innocent. A riot had erupted that she happened to be passing by as it occurred. After her jail time she hooked up with a guy from the next cell over, named Chuck.

August 2013, they had made friends with the apartment below them, Colin and Luca and it was there, during a party that both Emma and Chris were beyond drunk, and Chris proposed. Emma considered it a fake engagement and never talked about it.

Shortly after she started gambling and having a relationship with the owner of Peanuts. She found herself unexpectedly pregnant, and unable to deal. At the time Grace was trying for a baby, and found herself jealous of Emma’s ease in getting to that state. Emma was uncertain who the father of her baby was, having been sleeping around with many men.

They fought constantly during her pregnancy, and often she shut down, just going through the motions. She searched desperately for a passion, a dream to pursue. She was happy working at Salon Sisters with Grace, but it didn’t drive her. She decided that she would leave her baby behind with Chris, and that she wasn’t set out to be a parent, maybe have Grace the baby. She intended to leave for Philadelphia, reside in a small apartment and live out the rest of our days.

But then Chaz was born, and everything changed. Her parents, Nicole and Finn do not come when Emma goes into labor, just her sister, Benjamin, and her grandparents, Mandy and George.

second apartment, raised Chaz here until he was seven.

When Chaz was a year old, Emma decided she did want to marry Chris. They were set up in a nice apartment, funded by her grandparents, and she felt ready to commit herself to one person. They eloped in Vegas with Chaz staying with Grace.

It wasn’t until Chaz was two and a half that she started enjoying Chris again, and finding peace with herself. She felt like a misfit among other parents, and a person without a dream, a fraud. Things turned around after that, they made plans to buy a repair shop for Chris, and a house for them. And for the first time ever, Emma had hope that things were going to go well in her life.

First house they bought together.

Households, Profiles

Russo-Traver Household I

Zeke and Morgan Russo-Traver Household

(Left to Right) Zeke, Morgan, Cicely, Vivienne, and Lewis

Zeke was born to Kenzie and Colby while the two were still in high school, his Dad was a red-headed basketball player, and stopped visiting Zeke once Kenzie and Delaney went off to college, bringing Zeke with them. Zeke has no memories of his Dad, and spent the earlier part of his life angry over this injustice.

Zeke threw tantrums, and acted out, often chasing away any prospects Kenzie had for a future spouse. He was unable to deter Tyler though, and he became his step Dad. The relationship was rocky, and Zeke was a ticking bomb, always quick to anger, that Tyler often left him to Kenzie.

He dated Brynn in high school, skipped college, and got an apartment with her. He was angry with his biological Dad, and his Mom for remarrying, but he was in love with Brynn. His Mom did not approve of her, after they were pregnant, they got married, and Lewis was born, he found Brynn cheating on him with another man.

All of his childhood anger switched gears, and he put all that focus on her. He still loved her though, and many times went back to her, in hopes that they could reconcile. She later died giving birth to Dean, another man’s baby. Zeke held onto this anger for years, having no closure with Brynn.

Meanwhile, Morgan was raised by John and Regina Russo, in a very strict household. Her Father was in the military, and her Mom the Chief of Staff in the hospital, excellence was not just taught, it was expected. Her room was tidy, a strict schedule was kept, and boys were not allowed.

They had one child, so that they could put all their focus on her, and did not have children until they were well settled in their line of work. They were traditional and strict, and Morgan did not pull away from her parents until she was out of college. She moved in briefly with her best friend Hazel in an apartment. The adventure was cut short when Hazel found herself unexpectedly pregnant with Bea.

Zeke met Morgan during Lewis’ four year check up. Kenzie took care of Lewis while Zeke worked the night shift, leaving Tyler at home to care for newborn Dean, whom they adopted after Brynn’s death. Zeke bumped into Morgan at the pool that August of 2010

Zeke might not have ever proposed to Morgan, but she started wanting a marriage and a baby, and it became clear to keep her in his life, that he would have to propose. In July 2012, Zeke proposed in his pickup truck, and Morgan accepted.

He went to night school for Computer Science to afford the wedding, and be better prepared for the future, after all, he had married a doctor, and needed to pull his own weight. This was a honeymoon period for Morgan, her and Lewis were pals and got along well, he was still a child, and appreciated the bond that was forming.

They were married in September 2013, up in the Cascade Mountains at the Russo cabin. They conceived the twins on their honeymoon, and came back to town to buy their first house. Cicely and Vivienne were born June 2014 with Vivienne needing time in the NICU incubator for a short period.

Russo-Traver’s first house on W. Prospect Avenue

It was after Lewis became a teenager that him and Morgan were at odds with one another. He began to be like his father, and be hurt by imagined offenses. He felt insecure in his place with the twins in the house, and felt jealous over the happy family dynamics that his sisters had. He lashed out, and sulked and pegged Morgan as the enemy.

They are still working on those issues, and how to parent Lewis, as Zeke and Morgan do not always agree on that subject.

Russo-Traver’s second home.

They recently upgraded to a newer, larger house, with Morgan well on her way to being the next Chief of Staff at Metro Hospital.

Households, Profiles

McCarthy Household I

George and Mandy McCarthy Household

George and Mandy

Mandy was raised by her Dad, Greg as an only child. She went to Eastborough University and studied Political Science. Her eyes were set on landing a good career, and taking care of herself. She bought a small two bedroom house in Millwood, and lived their happily with her cat, Basil.

She met George when she was twenty-five, and they dated for over a year before getting married. Once she adapted to being a wife, they started their family. Finn was born when they were in their late twenties. They bought a slightly larger, three bedroom house in Millwood, and nine years later Hazel joined their family.

House they raised their family in Millwood

Mandy was a homemaker, while George was an executive at a large business in South Port. It wasn’t until seven years after Hazel’s arrival that they decided to adopt Violet-Adele thus completing their family.

When their son, Finn got is high school girlfriend Nicole pregnant, they allowed her to move in with them to finish their high school education. Family has always been a high priority for George and Mandy, and helping them out when they are in need is one area that they excel in.

They helped their granddaughter Emma when she dropped out of college, and when she needed a nicer apartment when she was expecting her son Chaz. They are happy to help with no strings attached, which cannot always be said for their son Finn.

They had a falling out with Finn when they aided Emma in not returning to college, he thought they were meddling and out of order to go against their wishes. Mandy and George understood where he was coming from, but felt that Emma was the highest priority and not a forced education. They later reconciled with Finn but it’s been touch and go since.

They aren’t always able to connect with their youngest Violet-Adele, as their greatest wish for their family is that they find someone to be happy with, and it is no priority of hers. They’ve been happily married all these years, and they hope for everyone to find that companionship. They relish the role of being grandparents, and are very active in their lives, as much as they are welcomed to it.

Households, Profiles

Grimsley Household II

Charlie and Cara Grimsley Household

(Left to Right) Rachael, Lulu, Jake, Charlie, Cara

Cara was raised by her Mom, Meredith, without ever knowing who her biological Dad was. Her step-Dad, Ethan came into the picture just before her fourth birthday, the marriage was quick, and soon Cara found herself with twin brothers, Luca and Colin.

Growing up, Ethan worked as a lowly legal assistant, being unable to pass the bar, and his Mom worked random jobs from record store clerk to librarian. They lived above their means, and none of the kids were particularly happy nor close.

Cara started dating a boy Stephan in high school, and got pregnant at sixteen with her daughter Rachael. Her Mom was already three months pregnant with her second set of twins, and did not have time to deal with her daughter’s problems, so she sent Cara to live with Ethan’s Mom Milla. Cara hated Milla and living with her.

Shortly after Rachael’s birth, there was a house fire, which took the lives of Milla and Rachael’s Dad, Stephan. Cara stayed in the house until family members got upset that a step-grandaughter was inheriting it, then her and Rachael were forced out.

Cara joined the military, believing it would provide her with an income, and give her the ability to afford an apartment. In November 2009, she started dating Charlie Grimsley.

Cara got pregnant with Lulu, and when labor pains started she decided that she wanted to be married before having her second child. They were married at the courthouse and gave birth to Lulu later that afternoon.

In August 2011, Cara went off to training to be a Flight Operator, making Charlie take fire safety classes before she felt safe leaving him with the girls. She became friends with Annie Carver at training, and was the one who encouraged her to move to South Port when Annie was dishonorably discharged.

They bought a house in Millwood, a small two bedroom one across from the park. Rachael struggled with her academics, and they found that ice skating lessons motivated her. This gave Rachael a love for ice skating, ballet, and anything dexterous.

They welcomed a son, Jake in November 2013, completing their family.

In 2014, Charlie joined the police force at the encouragement of his big brother Tim, Cara and Annie began to lose their friendship, as Annie was still having an affair with Matthew, and Cara could not support it.

House in Millwood, paid for with $60,000 lottery winnings

Charlie and Tim had the tendency to pick up lotto tickets when bored on patrol, and Charlie had a winning ticket. They were able to move out of their now too small house, and into a larger home still in Millwood. Cara and her Mom were estranged, and at the hearing of the lottery win, came poking around the house for hand outs, this resulted in a complete death of their relationship.

Cara’s Mom had divorced her step Dad, so she found herself without any parental figures in her life. And while Rachael was best friends with Cara’s half sister, Caitlyn, Cara avoided most of the time except for her brothers Colin and Luca. They were both rough on the edges, and grew up enough together that she could empathize with them.

(side note: Cara got pregnant all three times without intimacy. Rachael came from sneaking out, then Lulu and Jake were both ROS pregnancy rolls, and all out of her hands.)