Siew Household I

Quinten and Rebecca Siew Household

This family divorced in April of 2029. They are currently living in separate households, with primary custody belonging to Rebecca.

(Left to Right) Quinten, Wyatt, Rebecca, Scarlett, and Elodie

Quint and Rebecca attended Community College together in 2007-2009, and ended up dating for the majority of that time. On their graduation day, Quint popped the question, and they were married that summer, in August 2009. Fellow classmates and friends, Grace, and Violet-Adele were the bridesmaids.

They found out that they were already one month pregnant with their first, Scarlett, and she was born in April 2010. They owned a small house in Millwood, Rebecca dreamed of opening her own pottery store, but worked at Hazel’s diner in the meantime, while Quint eventually worked as a Paramedic.

Rebecca and Quint’s first house together.

They struggled to make ends meet, to be a stable influence on Scarlett, while battling their young ages and own desires. They were the first of their friends to settle down, and found themselves having a difficult time staying connected.

They were successful in getting pregnant when Scarlett was in preschool, but sadly, lost the baby at eight weeks. This led Rebecca to stop trying for babies, and to have fears of pregnancy. During this time she constantly had the conversation bubble to adopt, and so they paid off their debt, and bought a larger, three bedroom house, staying in Millwood as they fell in love with the parks.

Their new three bedroom home.

Quint was stuck as a Paramedic with only a 2 year Biology degree, and so he quit, and started working construction, building homes for Violet-Adele‘s Architect Firm. Rebecca wholesaled her pottery to Myra to sell at the Millwood Farmer’s Market, where it is a big success. They were able to pay off their college debt, and the new home, and are a steady middle class family now.

They adopted Elodie when she was two years old, in the spring of 2019. They had been considered to adopt Nolan but the Millet family decided to raise him themselves. They immediately got pregnant that spring, and Wyatt was born in December 2019. They were all thrilled to have a son join their family.



Krouse Household I

Marshal and Lorelei Krouse Household

Marshal and Lorelei

Lorelei Krouse is the middle child of Tyler and Kenzie Goss, ten years younger than her half brother Zeke, and sixteen years older than her adopted brother Dean. She was nearly raised as an only child because of the large age gaps, and as the only daughter, has always held a special place in her Dad’s heart.

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Gonzales Household I

Cesar Gonzales Household

(Left to Right) Ella Carver, Marisol Carver, Cesar Gonzales, and Manuel Carver

Cesar was raised in an ultra-conservative household by his parents Juan and Maria. His Dad owned two car dealerships, a used one and new automobiles. Cesar grew up working in both and learning the ropes to one day take over.

He met Annie Carver in the spring of 2015, she came to buy a used car, and ended up with a date. When Annie finally introduced him to her daughter Ella, Cesar instantly felt an attachment towards the three year old.

They started dating, Cesar entertaining thoughts of proposing, and making it permanent. He loved Ella, and with her own biological Dad (Matt Picaso) out of the picture, he wanted to fill the role officially.

In the spring of 2017, Annie got pregnant with twins, Cesar immediately proposed marriage. He had been waiting and this seemed like the perfect time to make the leap. But Annie had other ideas, and rejected his offer, and began drinking heavily.

Cesar and Annie reconciled to date on her terms, live separately, and raise the kids together in this fashion. She was too afraid to commit, even if she desperately wanted to in the deepest parts of her heart. She was sick at the idea of the twins having a real Dad like Cesar, while Ella had never met her Dad at that point. She didn’t want Ella to be replaced, and as much as Cesar promised it wouldn’t happen, they both were uncertain what the birth would bring.

In January 2018, Marisol and Manuel were born. It was one of the most inspiring days for Cesar, and Ella warmed up to the twins quickly. His parents still wanted their to be a marriage, but Annie was not prepared and Cesar did not broach the topic again.

The birth of the twins was an opening for a new beginning as a family, but Annie didn’t rise to the new situation. She allowed herself to fall into despair, drinking more, and never cleaning up the house. Cesar was devastated to see this turn of events, and felt helpless. He struggled with being strong with her, and sympathetic, neither resulted in change, only fights and distance.

His Mom was very demanding that he should file for full custody of the twins, especially after Matt won partial custody of Ella. Maria was positive that Cesar could win full, and he was too, but it was not the path he wanted to take. In the end, he wanted Annie to fulfill her role, and fearing that she would be worthless to Ella if he took the twins permanently.

He tried staying with her, helped pay for her court costs to fight Matt, but in the end, Cesar felt he had to withdraw from the relationship. He found out that she had been with other men the entire duration of their time together, except the very first year, and he was heartsick over it. He kept partial custody of the twins, and included Ella whenever Annie allowed.

Carver Household I

Annie Carver Household

(Oldest to Youngest) Annie, Ella, Marisol, and Manuel

Annie Carver grew up in the New England area of the country, raised by an abusive Dad, she joined the military to escape. She was in boot camp with Cara Grimsley, becoming semi-friends at the time, both having a rough upbringing. But Annie started a relationship with a higher up officer, Matt Picaso, who was married at the time, and got pregnant. She was dishonorably discharged from the military.

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McCarthy Household II

Finn and Nicole McCarthy Household

(Left to Right) Zilla, Elias, Nicole, Finn, Lily-Mae, Julius

Finn was born the oldest of three to George and Mandy McCarthy. He has two sisters Hazel and Violet-Adele that his parents adopted when Finn was seventeen. He isn’t close with his sisters or his parents in his adult life.

Nicole and Finn were high school sweethearts, and found themselves unexpectedly pregnant with Grace when they were seventeen. Nicole moved in with the McCarthy family and finished high school from their home. They both left for college the following year, bringing Grace with them. Without parental supervision, and living in the same rental home, they ended up pregnant, having a second daughter Emma.

They were able to graduate college with two toddlers that were just a year apart. They got a small house downtown South Port, and after Emma was six years old, they welcomed their first son Oliver to their family.

They saved money and when the girls were upper elementary, they bought a nicer house downtown, still small and without a yard. Nicole wasn’t happy in the house, but made the best of it. Finn was getting his foot in the door in the Natural Science field, and thought it necessary to live downtown, near the facilities, while Nicole was a stay at home Mom.

They found themselves pregnant with twins around the same time that Grace had been kidnapped (ros), and Nicole put her foot down. She did not want to live in the city a moment longer, feeling unsafe and dissatisfied with the atmosphere. They moved to the orchard in the outskirts of Millwood just as Grace left for Business College.

McCarthy Orchard just outside of Millwood limits

It was after Grace left for college, that Emma began to feel lost in what was expected of her, and what she wanted, feeling overshadowed by Grace. They were best friends, but Grace was the shinier one. Everyone else thrived out in the country, Zilla joined the family, then shortly after the twins Julius and Elias came along.

Nicole threw herself into the apple orchard on their property, and built a greenhouse. She began to be sufficient, and took up sewing for the kids, any means to save money, because the property had required a loan. In 2011, she decided to take her sewing abilities to the next level, and opened her own business, Zoe-Gen Bridal Boutique.

Finn was not on board with the opening of the business, but all the kids were in school so he didn’t say anything. But then in 2012, they unexpectedly welcomed Lily-Mae, and he was displeased to have a baby at home without a Mother there to take care of her. Nicole brought Lily-Mae to work with her often, including her son Oliver. She was great for luring guests in, but it was a difficult time in their marriage.

Finn had some flirtations and a kiss exchanged with the grade school teacher Miriam, who was engaged with Marcus Dwyer at the time. It was a very brief relationship that did not develop, and neither told their spouses nor were they found out.

In 2016, Nicole and Finn began to work a relationship with Finn’s parents, and being more appreciative of them. In the past, they had been closed off, and even argumentative, when they interfered with Emma dropping out of college. They had taken Emma’s side, when Nicole and Finn were adamant that she had to finish a college education.

It was that same year that Finn was discredited from the Natural Science field, finding himself unemployed, and with a college degree he could no longer use. He started taking care of his granddaughters while Grace went to work at Salon Sisters. He thought it was temporary, but found that he enjoyed the quiet time out in the country, watching the girls play.

Oliver went off to University, and their oldest daughters, Emma and Grace had gotten married, leaving the youngest four children left at home with Lily-Mae bringing up the rear still in grade school.

Browning Household I

Luca and Nadia Browning Household

Luca Browning, Nadia, Kai, Mavis, Clio and Thea

Luca was born a twin to Colin, from the start Luca was quieter and more emotionally driven while Colin was determined and strong-willed. Luca spent his childhood and most of his twenties following his brother’s lead. They skipped out on college together, rented an apartment, and were flying down a dead end. It was at the first apartment that they made friends with their neighbors Chris and Emma.

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Prince Household I

Eva and Gideon Prince Household

(left to right) Dahlia, Gideon, Eva, and Linnea

Eva was born the youngest of three to Abby and Sean Creelman. They lived in a moderate home with a sufficient earned income. When Eva was in grade school her Father and older sister Ella got sick with pneumonia, and both passed away. This began a downward spiral for the Creelman family, Abby lost the house, and was forced to downsize to an apartment to raise her remaining two daughters, Eva and Eliza. When Eliza graduated high school, she moved to her own flat downtown, and went missing after a shift at the restaurant, and was never seen again.

Eva and Abby were the only remaining survivors in their family, with Abby’s father dying in a leaf burning accident while she was in college, and her own mother, a mistress, being electrocuted while fixing the computer when she was just a baby. As an adult, Eva began to date a man named Nicholas from another country, he illegally moved into their small apartment, and their oldest daughter Paloma was born.

Eva and Abby worked hard to save the money for a proper wedding, and to pay Nicholas’ immigration fees. When Paloma was nine years old, they had saved enough, and had a simple evening wedding down at the sound. On their wedding night, they conceived Linnea, but Nicholas was not to see her born. He died in the late hours of the night on their wedding day.

First house in Millwood on Englewood Ave

The wedding and immigration fees had been spent, and they struggled in the tiny two bedroom apartment to make it work. Finally Abby was able to save enough to buy a house in Millwood, where the cost of living was less, and a yard was included with the price. They lived in that house for the remainder of Paloma’s childhood, and most of Linnea’s as well.

Eva worked as a barista at The Red Mill until she was let go to make room for an owner shift, then she worked at the Mini Sprout, a local baby boutique. Abby worked in fast food. Many items were repossessed over the years, they went without a television or sofa for many years after being robbed, and many times the kids had to eat at school or at a friend’s house.

Eva dated Gideon for a short period of time, then called it off because of their age difference. She was afraid that Gideon would feel resentment towards her, and her advanced age, being uncertain if she could have more children, or if she even wanted to start over. They did get back together in time, and on their first ever family vacation, Gideon proposed to Eva. At the end of the trip, Abby drowned in the lake, but had been thrilled at her daughter’s engagement.

Eva and Gideon were married in April 2019, and had found themselves pregnant with Dahlia on the morning of the wedding.

New home, farther down on Englewood Avenue.

They purchased a new house, staying in Millwood, but wanting a fresh start in a house that Abby had not lived in with them. Paloma moved out to live in downtown South Port in an apartment, and Eva quit working at Mini Sprout to give stay at home parenting a go. Gideon works hard in the science field down at Eastborough University, and is a botany project leader there for several years now.