Round 8 Summary; Round 9 ROS

Round 8 Summary

Round 8 Story Index Here.

Births: 3 (Mallory Traver, Tyson Siew, and Hatty Andersen) – plus 2 pnpc babies – Domenico Pacelli, & Diego Martinez

Deaths: 1 (Annie Carver)

Engagements: 0

Marriages: 1 (Marshal and Lorelei Krouse)

Break-ups: 3 (Oliver and Meg, Erin and Colin, and Hadley and Chad)

High School Graduations: 1 (Julia Millett)

College Graduations: 2 (Meg and Peter Schehl)

New residents: 2 (Marshal Krouse and Cesar Gonzales)

Total population: 90 (39 boys, 51 girls) (+4 growth)

Babies: 2
Toddlers: 4
Children: 17
Teens: 16
College: 5
Adults: 37
Elders: 9


Round 9 ROS
1. Bonus for a job well done: Add d100x10 ($600)
2. Teen Rebellion- Have a teen play plenty of pranks and give them a drastic makeover. Have them pick a fight with a sibling or parent. Sneak out past curfew at least once.
3. “White Wedding”- For 2 sims, they’ve gone and done it now, 2 unmarried sims of Going Steady relationship level or lower are now expecting and her family is insistent that he do right by her. They have to get married before the baby comes.
4. Pneumonia
5. Adult Education: Adult Sims must go to college. Deduct from funds for tuition.
6. Can I keep him – Sim Kid brings home a new puppy/kitten
7. Field Trip: All the students are going to visit a community lot or work place.

Notes: The White wedding was very serendipitous, excited for another wedding! Really excited for some of that teen crowd to join the college kids, seven of them are juniors right now, so very soon! No planned deaths for this round, so hopefully everyone can manage to come out alive. Round 10 will begin a wave of deaths though unfortunately, will lose 6 sims in the span of 4 years, so enjoy the quiet. I’m pretty excited about the Adult Education too! I don’t know that they will change careers, but maybe go to learn more about their chosen profession.

Thank you to everyone that has read and those that take time to comment, means the world to me! Can’t believe we are about to embark on round 9! This June will be 5 years of blogging Millwood, and that is all thanks to you guys for encouragement and inspiration over the years. So thank you to each and everyone of you!

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how about a status update?

So I suck at posting things like, hey, I am going to be missing for a while. Mostly because I never plan these things. They just sort of sneak up on me, and then I realize that I’ve been gone for months (oh hello November), and while I have shared on twitter, you don’t all follow me there, you could though if you wanted. I thought it was about time that I posted something here.

Onto the announcement, same old sort of one really, but basically I am taking a break, if it weren’t blindly obvious, but more importantly, I will return. I think the latter is always important to emphasize, seeing so many fall off without a single word. That is not the case here.

Long story of it, is that the move here resulted in chaos, heavy hearts from loss of friendships, and then a broken wrist, that’d be mine. I am now out of a cast, and into a brace, and able to type slowly, but I’m using all my muscle flexing abilities on NaNoWrimo as I often do in this glorious month. I am starting to play again though, so I aim for December to be back to updating and reading blogs.

Until December though you can catch me on twitter, or if you are doing NaNo, add me, and I’ll cheer you on too!

2020 elections for mayor

Finally, after years of waiting, I feel prepared to open up some polls and hold an election for the next Mayor of South Port and Millwood. Drawn heavily in inspiration from Carla, let the campaigning commence!

The first candidate is Finn McCarthy. He is married to Nicole and together they have seven children, and four grandchildren. Previously he worked as a Botanist at Eastborough University, but is currently providing childcare for his three granddaughters.

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Round 7 Summary & Round 8 ROS

Round 7 Summary

Round 7 Story Index Here.

Millwood & South Port Census Here.

Births: 3 (Wyatt Siew, Dahlia Prince, and Tillie Andersen)

Deaths: 0

Engagements: 1 (Lorelei Goss and Marshal Krouse)

Marriages: 1 (Gideon Prince and Eva Barthelet)

Break-ups: 1 (Luca Traver and Cassidy Banks)

High School Graduations: 4 (Lainey Grimsley, Hadley Millett, Lauren Schehl, Alice London)

College Graduations: 1 (Oliver McCarthy)

New residents: 2 (Gideon Prince, Erin Louie)

Total population: 86 (37 boys, 49 girls) (+6 growth)

Babies: 3
Toddlers: 6
Children: 17
Teens: 11
College: 6
Adults: 36
Elders: 7

Round 8 ROS
*Hobby Obsession. Sim gets sudden desire to craft obsessively from any three of the crafting.
*Wild Camping: Spend a week-end on a community lot, with a tent (couple, family… up to you…) (ATSSANDY)
*String of Burglaries: Burlgar comes (d4) nights.
*Week-end for two: You won a week-end in Champs-les-Sims, for two.
*Teen Slumber Party- Your teen suddenly wants to have friends over for the evening. Invite (1-5) sims over, convince them to stay the night, have mom or dad make snacks and if there are other siblings, allow them to be rude to or prank their sibling’s guests.
*Travel Around the World. It’s time to see the world. Travel to each vacation destination and earn all vacation rewards before returning home.

Notes: So happy to finish this round, started it June 16, 2012, and finished it a year later! Longest round yet, sheesh. June 20th, 2009 marked my FOUR year anniversary of blogging Millwood, and I want to say thanks to everyone who has read and commented over the years, your comments, blogs, and interaction have kept my passion for the game alive. ❤

Looking forward to sharing round 8 with all of you!

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Jefferson High School Renovations *lot tour*

Back in 2010, I was really impressed with my ability to build a high school, but it wasn’t long afterward that I started to really dislike it. Suddenly I found myself going from 5 students to 15, and the rooms were too small, and it was blatantly obvious that South Port/Millwood had outgrown their brand new high school. But I was discouraged at the thought to start over, and even more uninspired to renovate, until now that is.

I did not want to start over, but have been inspired by many of the high schools I’ve seen by Carla, and other simmers in passing, and more that I can’t recall who, so I doubled the size of my old high school lot and went to town.

Before (wow this was like ten terrains ago!)

And now: (I left the right side as it was)

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progress update

I have gotten all of my sims and lots saved from my corrupted neighborhood, and am working on cleaning them right now in the throw away hood. I ended up removing relations and memories in my corrupted hood, which made it possible to save sims in their houses, otherwise it kept crashing. The only thing I’m finding to clean up in the throw away hood is all their family ties, which I had not thought to remove.

I would say that I’ve hit the half way mark on this process, and I am hopeful that this next part will go quicker. I have to say though that unchecking family ties in clean installer is the most tedious thing I’ve ever done, as well as picking through custom content. If my problem in all of this is the downloads, and not the sims then I may have to remove downloads and start back over, but at least I will have clean copies of my sims, so it wouldn’t take as much time… but I would be devastated.

I am considering switching my schedule around, setting up Millwood, and starting there again. That way I can start playing and be back to blogging quicker. And after a month of bronchitis, I actually feel up to actually playing, so I’m going to try and make this process go quickly. I just hate that I wasted the 3 week Christmas break being sick, disappointing.

Here’s to the next post being a sim one!

Crashing Millwood and Cleaning it Up

I had grand plans of playing the sims during my 2 weeks off this month, and getting a lot of updates done. But it’s been wrought with crashing. It’s like a virus is just spreading amongst us TS2 simmers. I have gone through my downloads, and did fix an item that was causing crashing, but I am still having an issue.

I can put in folder Asparagus, and it will crash, take it out, and it won’t crash, put it back in, and it won’t crash, then a day later, crash. I can’t start new lots without crashing ether, but then it’s fine.

So I am done trying to solve, and am going to just clean it out and restart like I did when I got my last old computer. I had considered doing this back in October, just to keep it all clean and neat, but felt lazy. Now I regret that decision.

I’m going to work on extracting my lots and sims, and will likely drop all my unused downloads at that time too (kept in on my portable HD just in case), to clean out the files that I don’t use nor see. In my separating of downloads, I have found a few that had very questionable names that I have no idea what they even are.

So there’s my update, and these are the steps I’m taking again. I did this last time and these steps were from someone at N99.

Saving Sims on their Lots Safely
1, Package them on their lot.
2, install them into the throw away hood using clean installer (making sure you only install the family and the lot – no one that isn’t living on the lot)
3, use Simpe or Pescado’s Lot debugger (ffsdebugger) to clean up their memories (or use both).
4, re-package them on their lot.
5, install in your new hood.

I’m sort of grumbly over this, I had great plans of doing tons of reading on my sofa this week, and playing sims in there too… not time sucking saving and tweaking. Some days I sort of just hate the sims.