Births, Bowen, Lange

twice as sweet

october 2032
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Paige Bowen (36 years), Trevor (34 years)

Paige schedules her c-section at the urging of Dr. Hadley. She doesn’t tell Trevor, she allows him to go to work without knowing the babies would be arriving that day. She’s still not over the affair, and she’s used him these past months so their babies wouldn’t die like their last one did. She needed him to be successful at resting, and she isn’t sorry.

But sitting on the bed, with Nurse Caroline being cheerful, she feels lonely.

Her Mom is with her though, and she moves to her side to try and provide comfort. Trish had two daughters, and she never expected her confident daughter, Paige to be going through this. Comparing her own life to her daughters, and Trish feels hers has been unfairly easy. She’s still happily married, she had the exact amount of children she wanted, and she never experienced loss. She wishes she could trade places with her daughter, to protect her from these hurts.

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Births, Lange, McCarthy Family

april birthdays 2032

The morning has arrived for Brooklyn’s induction; they arrive as the sun rises, and they’re both excited and nervous to welcome their twins.

Head Nurse, Caroline welcomes Clara Sumner to the floor. She graduates EU with her nursing degree in one month’s time, and she’s been hired prematurely with her 4.0 GPA. Caroline is thrilled to have another nurse helping with the rounds.

Clara takes the lead while Caroline oversees, she welcomes Brooklyn to the second maternity suite, while Brooklyn works out a kink in her neck.

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Births, Lange

march birthdays 2032

Trish and Trent Lange celebrate their fortieth anniversary at home with their daughters. Trish goes out back to pick spring blossoms to display in the house while she waits for the girls to arrive.

Brooklyn and her family walk over, being neighbors to them. Instantly Colleen runs to Moose to strangle him with love.

Trent checks in with Brooklyn, she’s due with twins next month, and she’s over the entire pregnancy. Her ankles are swollen, she’s too big for some maternity clothes even.

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Lange, McCarthy Family

final days of summer

august 2031
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Oliver McCarthy (34 years), Brooklyn (28 years), Colleen (1 1/2 years)

narrated by: Brooklyn

We’ve been trying for a second baby since the previous year. We were hoping to have a baby born in the summer, and now that summer they’d have been born is pretty much at its end. Colleen keeps us busy though with her high-energy. She absolutely adores Roux, and I believe it’s mutual.

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Bowen, Lange, McCarthy Family, Wedding

toddlers and vows

october 2030
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Oliver McCarthy (33 years), Brooklyn (28 years), Colleen (1 year)

Brooklyn and Oliver were immensely busy with their teaching positions, and also Oliver’s masters in education. He would graduate in May if things went accordingly, and he really intended them to as he couldn’t imagine having to repeat a single semester; he was completely done with the higher education system. There just wasn’t time for all the things he wanted to do when he had to keep his head in the books.

Colleen was crawling around on a mission to befriend every single animal on the street. Mostly she stuck to Roux, but they were certain if a skunk wandered on the lot, she’d definitely try to hug it.

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